Timeless Love starlife update Tuesday 12 December 2023

Timeless Love 12 December 2023: The Episode starts with Vidhi going from Balghar, while Dev coming there. He also goes from the gate. Amba searches for Vidhi and thinks where you are going. Dev comes inside balghar and asks the warden to call him if Vidhi comes inside. Tanhayi song plays….Vidhi recalls Divya’s words. She recalls Dev’s words that he likes Yamini. Amba finds Vidhi on the road and says thank god, I found you. She sees vidhi walking in trance. She walks to Vidhi and calls her name. She sees a biker about to hit Vidhi, and pulls her to side. She asks if you can’t see the bike and asks why you are in this condition,

Timeless Love 11 December 2023

and says I will drop you home. She says did you see this area, and says if anyone does something then you can’t show your face to anyone, and if anyone sees you with me, then the bill will be on my name. She says being Chitra’s mother in law, I will drop you home. She asks her to think about her parents and come with her. Vidhi sits in Amba’s car. A guy sees Vidhi and runs behind the car to stop it. Amba leaves with Vidhi.

Satyavati thinks of Vidhi and cries. The guy calls Vijay and tells that he has seen the girl with a lady. Vijay asks him to be there. Chitra comes to Raichand house. Satyavati asks her to see that Vidhi has kept gift for her birthday tomorrow and says she thinks a lot about us, cleared things with Amba to bring you home. She says I am worried, if she is in some trouble.Amba asks Vidhi to come inside. Vidhi says I can’t come to your house. Amba says I know we don’t like each other.

She says even I am human, and tells she attacks the person who is equal to her, and says she will not hurt broken person. She says ok, I will ask driver to drop you to Raichand Mansion. Vidhi says I can’t go there. Amba thinks congrats Amba. Dev is searching Vidhi on the road. Vijay comes to Hariprasad and tells that his man saw her on the road. Hariprasad calls dev and makes him talk to Vijay. Vijay says he will send her location. Amba asks Vidhi if she will go to her parents’ house. Vidhi says I can’t go there. Amba asks her to decide.

Vidhi says I will stay in your house for sometime, but don’t tell anyone. Amba says I will not tell anyone.Dev meets the man who saw Vidhi. The guy tells Dev that he saw Vidhi going with a lady. Dev asks for car number. The guy says he didn’t see. He says I saw your wife only and shows her photo. He then says that he ran behind the car, but couldn’t stop it. Dev finds the bracelet which he made her wear it. He picks it.

Satyavati cries and her condition deteriorates. Priya blames Vidhi. Chitra goes to get her medicine. Satyavati calls Vidhi and cries.

Amba tells Vidhi that she is like Chitra to her, and asks where you was going barefeet alone. She says you didn’t have phone or bag with you, if it was stolen. She is combing her hair. Priya calls Amba. Amba asks if Vidhi is found and asks about Chitra. Priya says Chitra is with Satyavati. She says Mummy ji’s BP is shot up due to Vidhi. Amba asks if she is fine? Priya says it is a height of shamelessness and says just now Dev came to know that Vidhi went somewhere with a lady and Mummy ji is crying badly. She asks Amba who could be that lady.

Abhi and Dev are searching Vidhi and enquiring with people on the road. Amba says don’t know and ends the call. She asks her to keep updated her and says hunt came to me and requesting me to chew her. She says nobody will be doubtful that you are with me, now my game will begin.

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