Anupama starlife update Saturday 13 January 2024

Anupama 13 January 2024: Dimpy argues with Samar that she didn’t do anything wrong by giving statement against Anupama in media. Samar asks her to accept her mistake. Dimpy says at least he should support her when his family criticizes her.

Samar says she always does wrong and can’t expect him to support her. Family hears their conversation from living room. Leela says she will go and interfere before Dimpy breaks Samar’s head. Hasmukh stops her. Toshu says Dimpy is always troublesome. Vanraj says as if he doesn’t create any problem. Hasmukh says whatever happened has happened. Leela says Vanraj was right that Malti Devi/MD and Anupama’s issue will affect their family. Dimpy refuses to accept her mistake and continues to argue with Samar.

She then diverts topic and asks why did he return from Mumbai. Samar says sponsors said they can let him perform but can’t pay him. She asks if he took travel expenses at least. He says no. She shouts how can he leave his right just like that. He asks shall he beg then. He gets a call, looks shocked, and rushes away.

Anupama finishes her surprise party for CA and feeds her cake and juice. CA spills juice on her dress and goes to clean it. Anupama says sorrows come uninvited, but they have to invite happiness repeatedly. Anuj says they will do something or the other to bring happiness home. Barkha asks if they read today’s news paper. Anupama tries to divert Anuj’s attention. Anuj forcefully checks news paper and fumes reading the news. Pakhi reads news next and asks how can Dimpy do this. Anuj calls news paper editor and threatens him to apologize for the false one-sided news or else he will sue his news paper.

Kapdias worry for Anupama and fear she would feel guilty after Dimy’s act. Anupama says she had already read the news paper and wouldn’t question Dimpy as she will not understand. She gives a speech that there is a difference of curtain between drama and fight, one that happens behind the curtain is fight and one outside it is a drama, Dimpy doesn’t know that difference.

Pakhi says she will not spare Dimpy. Anupama says Pakhi will not question Dimpy and blames herself for the consequences as she broke her teacher’s trust. Anuj asks her not to blame herself and says he will pay for MD’s losses. Anupama says she is her gurumaa’s culprit and will face the punishment. Pakhi says earlier she made Leela as god and now gurumaa as god.

Anupama says until a student respects her/his guru and submits himself/herself completely to the teacher, they will not attain complete knowledge; it’s between her and her gurumaa and will not rest until she seeks her gurumaa’s forgiveness. Anuj says she shouldn’t go overboard though. Anupama says when Anuj left him, gurumaa supported her by accepting her as student and even made her a successor instead of Nakul, gurumaa tried to fulfill her dream of visiting America, but she hurt the great gurumaa; Gurumaa changed her world, but she destroyed gurumaa’s world. She continues her 20000 page on how an apology can set things right.

Gurumaa notices it’s 10 a.m. Anupama says she will go and apologize gurumaa now. Pakhi asks what if gurumaa doesn’t agree. Anupama says she will until gurumaa forgives her. She leaves. Adhik says last time Gurumaa slapped Anupama, this time she may do something else. Pakhi says Anupama says things can be sorted out with a discussion. Court officials seal Anupama’s dance academy for running it illegally without any legal permission. Samar, Vanraj, and Toshu plead officer not to, but officer says they don’t have any commercial license and hence it will be sealed till further orders. Vanraj recalls gurumaa’s challenge. Anupama reaches gurukul. Nakul stops her and says he can’t see his sister mother troubling themselves. Anupama says she will not stop until she gets Gurumaa’s forgiveness and calls her down. Gurumaa dances angrily recalling Anupama’s drama and thinks she has already made her first attack.

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