This is Fate Premieres December on Zee World: Read Plot, Synopsis, full story


This is Fate also translated in India as Kundali Bhagya is a new and exciting series coming to Zee World in December. It will replace My Golden Home which is going for a season break then. This is fate can also be referred as Fate in our Stars or Fate of our Stars. 

The show This is fate is a spin-off of the popular and much loved Twist of fate. It centers around Pragya and Bulbul estranged sisters (Preeta and Shruti) who had been living with their father Raghuveer.

This is fate / Twist of fate lead casts

It is also produced by Balaji Telefilms, an Indian entertainment company known for producing successful India serials that engage viewers for a long time. Their shows rake high TRPs and are amongst the most watched shows of the Year. This is Fate stars Shraddha AryaDheeraj Dhoopar and Manit Joura in lead roles.

Show Summary

The story begins with Preeta (played by Shraddha Arya) and Shristi (Anjum Fakih) struggling to board a Mumbai-bound train from Nashik station. The sisters are quite opposite of each other in personality, While  Preeta is the quiet and reserved kind, Shrishti is outspoken and feisty.

A reason why Shrishti is all excited to explore the city life whereas Preeta who is also a physiotherapist, is contemplative and emotional about leaving her city.


We will be treated to their back-story through flashbacks and dialogues even as we will see them settle into their new home with Sarla and start their lives afresh. Eventually they cross path with the two Luthra  brothers – Rishabh (Manit Joura) and Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar) who are also friends of Abhi.


Just as Preeta and Shruti personality differs, Rishabh and Karan are also poles apart. While Karan is a popular cricketer, arrogant and brash, Rishabh a successful artiste manager,  calm and gentle.


The show promises an exciting story line unlike the one we’ve been treated to in the past, added to the expected romance and drama coming up in the series, Karan will share a love-hate relationship with Preeta while his brother Rishabh wil develop a liking towards her.

This is inclusive of a love triangle that will sure add extra spice to the series. Also character differences and polarity will add depth to the series.


Plot/full story

The series like earlier noted centers on Pragya and Bulbul’s long-lost younger sisters Preeta and Srishti. They return to their mother, Sarla, after their father’s sudden death. There they learn about the heartaching truth of their broken family.

The sisters however rebuild their life in Mumbai, soon they cross path with the rich and famous Luthra family. The elder son of the Luthra family, Rishabh Luthra owns a public relations firm that manages rockstar Abhishek Mehra. While The younger son, Karan Luthra is a famous cricketer. In all these, the two brothers share a strong bond.

Initially, Karan hates Preeta, but Rishabh begins to fall in love with Preeta’s simple and loving nature. Eventually Karan and Preeta become best friends and she wins over the affections of the entire Luthra family, except their aunt, Kareena.

When Rishabh’s marriage talk begins, he initially believes his mother has brought Preeta’s alliance for him and accepts, but learns the alliance is actually for a girl named Sherlyn, the daughter of Kareena’s friend. Preeta then convinces Rishabh to accept the alliance and Sherlyn and Rishabh get engaged.

Meanwhile, Preeta also gets engaged to a man named Prithvi. Soon, it is revealed that Sherlyn is only trying to marry Rishabh for his money, and her boyfriend is Prithvi who she has sent as an alliance for Preeta in other to keep her away from Rishabh.

But eventually, Karan and Preeta get suspicious about the relationship that exists between Sherlyn and Prithvi, and they team up to expose them.

Sarla, Preeta and Shruti

While on the other hand, Srishti – Preeta’s sister and Karan do not like Prithvi, they team up to show Preeta his true intentions. But Sherlyn and Prithvi constantly get away with their lies and prove themselves worthy of their respective fiances, to the annoyance of Karan, Preeta and Srishti.

Sherlyn gets pregnant with Prithvi’s child, and is able to keep it hidden from the Luthra and Arora family. Then due to the high tension between Preeta and Kareena, the Luthra family asks Preeta to stay away from their family until Rishabh’s wedding is over. But by then Karan and Preeta start to somewhat fall for each other.

While all these goes on with the Lights family, back home Srishti constantly feels that her mother does not love as much as she loves Pragya and Preeta. This proves to always be a constant topic when Sarla and Srishti fight.

Srishti also meets Sameer, Karan and Rishabh’s cousin, whom she initially butt heads with. But then they start getting close and eventually develop feelings for each other even though they hide it.

In essence, This is fate takes us through the life of an affluent Mumbai family and how they navigate through relationships, marriage and career. – Wikipedia

Pragya, Shruti

Series review:

From all fillers, it is evident that This is fate have more creative content to offer than the Abhi and Pragya over stretched story. Even though the story line looks similar with the whole family conflict, rich man – poor girl love troubles, devious brides and antagonistic relatives, we can expect to get a different angle to it… I think.

Because This is fate’s four main characters have  different traits, profession and aspirations and so we can hope to expect less of kidnaps, resurrections, scheming and ungrateful men who throw out their sacrificial wives over little misunderstanding

We also hope the show keep it simple and doesn’t complicate its storyline by introducing characters who are always scheming and plotting like Aliyah and Tanu from Twist of fate. But then again, this is Zee World, such characters are never far from the picture right? Yet we want to believeb the Show runner Ekta Kapoor words that:

“…The writing for this show is extremely strong in terms of characterisation and the engaging screenplay should leave audiences hooked at the end of every episode.” –  credit.

Other information:

  • English Name: This is Fate
  • Indian name: Kundali bhagya 
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 344 as at 2 November 2018
  • Start date on Zee World: 12th December.
  • Time slot: 18:00 WAT and 19:00 CAT

There you have it, we’ve tried to push out some info about This is fate series coming soon to Zee World. So let’s hear your thought and expectations towards this show… 



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