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This is Fate also translated in India as Kundali Bhagya is a new and exciting series showing on Zee World since December.

The show This is fate is a spin-off of the popular and much loved Twist of fate. It centers around Pragya and Bulbul estranged sisters (Preeta and Shruti) who had been living with their father Raghuveer.

Update: This is fate has taken a seasonal break to make room for the start of another series, Kindred hearts. A date has not been officially announced by Zee World for it’s resumption or season two.

This is fate / Twist of fate lead casts

It is also produced by Balaji Telefilms, an Indian entertainment company known for producing successful India serials that engage viewers for a long time. Their shows rake high TRPs and are amongst the most watched shows of the Year. This is Fate stars Shraddha AryaDheeraj Dhoopar and Manit Joura in lead roles.

Show Summary

The story begins with Preeta (played by Shraddha Arya) and Shristi (Anjum Fakih) struggling to board a Mumbai-bound train from Nashik station. The sisters are quite opposite of each other in personality, While  Preeta is the quiet and reserved kind, Shrishti is outspoken and feisty.

A reason why Shrishti is all excited to explore the city life whereas Preeta who is also a physiotherapist, is contemplative and emotional about leaving her city.


We will be treated to their back-story through flashbacks and dialogues even as we will see them settle into their new home with Sarla and start their lives afresh. Eventually they cross path with the two Luthra  brothers – Rishabh (Manit Joura) and Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar) who are also friends of Abhi.


Just as Preeta and Shruti personality differs, Rishabh and Karan are also poles apart. While Karan is a popular cricketer, arrogant and brash, Rishabh a successful artiste manager,  calm and gentle.


The show promises an exciting story line, added to the expected romance and drama coming up in the series, Karan will share a love-hate relationship with Preeta while his brother Rishabh wil develop a liking towards her. This is inclusive of a love triangle that will sure add extra spice to the series.



The series like earlier noted centers on Pragya and Bulbul’s long-lost younger sisters Preeta and Srishti. They return to their mother, Sarla, after their father’s sudden death. There they learn about the heartaching truth of their broken family.

The sisters however rebuild their life in Mumbai, soon they cross path with the rich and famous Luthra family. The elder son of the Luthra family, Rishabh Luthra owns a public relations firm that manages rockstar Abhishek Mehra. While The younger son, Karan Luthra is a famous cricketer. In all these, the two brothers share a strong bond.

Initially, Karan hates Preeta, but Rishabh begins to fall in love with Preeta’s simple and loving nature. Eventually Karan and Preeta become best friends and she wins over the affections of the Luthra family, except their aunt, Kareena.


When Rishabh’s marriage talk begins, he initially believes his mother has brought Preeta’s alliance for him and accepts, but learns the alliance is actually for a girl named Sherlyn, the daughter of Kareena’s friend. Preeta then convinces Rishabh to accept the alliance and Sherlyn and Rishabh get engaged.

Meanwhile, Preeta also gets engaged to a man named Prithvi. Soon, it is revealed that Sherlyn is only trying to marry Rishabh for his money, and her boyfriend is Prithvi who she has sent as an alliance for Preeta in other to keep her away from Rishabh.

But eventually, Karan and Preeta get suspicious about the relationship that exists between Sherlyn and Prithvi, and they team up to expose them.

Sarla, Preeta and Shruti

While on the other hand, Srishti – Preeta’s sister and Karan do not like Prithvi, they team up to show Preeta his true intentions. But Sherlyn and Prithvi constantly get away with their lies and prove themselves worthy of their respective fiances, to the annoyance of Karan, Preeta and Srishti.

Sherlyn gets pregnant with Prithvi’s child, and is able to keep it hidden from the Luthra and Arora family. Also, Karan and Preeta start to somewhat fall for each other.

While all these goes on with the Lights family, back home Srishti constantly feels that her mother does not love her as much as she loves Pragya and Preeta. This proves to always be a constant topic when Sarla and Srishti fight.

Srishti also meets Sameer, Karan and Rishabh’s cousin, whom she initially butt heads with. But then they start getting close and eventually develop feelings for each other even though they hide it.

In essence, This is fate takes us through the life of an affluent Mumbai family and how they navigate through relationships, marriage and career. – Wikipedia

Extended Plot line

The show narrates the story of Pragya and Bulbul’s long-lost younger sisters, Preeta and Srishti. Preeta is ready to be engaged to Deepak, who had been in love with her since school. How ever Deepak’s love is based on Preeta’s beauty and majorly lust. On the night of Preeta’s engagement, Raguveer- Preeta and Sristhi’s dad, shows up drunk to their as guests are arriving for the engagement, leading to a conflict with him and Srishti, where she finds out her father is going to hand over their house to Deepak’s family as a dowry. Preeta, disheartened calls off the engagement. Raguveer falls ill and is taken to hospital where it is revealed that he has been unwell for some time and that he only wanted to get Preeta married so both she and Srishti will be taken care of after his death. Raguveer reveals to the girls that their mother is alive, and that he has met their elder sister Pragya, whilst she was running from thugs with Abhi. He gives them the address and makes them promise to meet their mom after his death.

Raguveer passes on and soon we see the girls headed to Mumbai to meet their mother Sarla. When they arrive in Mumbai, Preeta loses the address to their mum’s house in the rain. Eventually they run into Abhi, who remembers that Sarla needs tenants as Pragya and Bulbuls room is unoccupied.

He brings them to Sarla’s house and unbeknownst to Sarla and the girls, they meet their mother. Sarla then finds out that Preeta and Srishti are her long lost daughters but decides to keep this a secret. Conflict starts when Srishti idolises Tanu much to Sarla’s dislike, this causes many arguments between the sisters and Sarla more especially Shrishti. It is soon revealed to the girls that Sarla is their mom and in time they reconcile their differences.

In the midst of this, two sons of the rich Luthra family, Karan- a cricketer and a ladies man with a huge ego and lots of charm and Rishabh- A kind hearted yet cut throat businessman soon become apart of Preeta’s life.

Rishabh and Preeta become good friends as she becomes the physiotherapist to Karan and Rishabh’s grandmother. He soon starts developing feelings of Preeta, however through some misunderstanding he becomes engaged to Sherlyn, but still longs for Preeta. Rishabh’s always looks after Preeta best interests and always lends her a helping hand.

Karan and Preeta on the other hand always conflict and argue as Preeta finds him to have a huge ego and is quite annoying and Karan sees Preeta as someone’s who only talks a lot. Karan and Rishabh’s Aunt Kareena hates Preeta as she is often praised in the Luthra house for her hard work , help and good heart,she often tries to get Preeta into trouble. Soon Sherlyn begins to feel threatened by Preeta and starts to plot against her. Srishti conflicts with Sameer Luthra however soon starts developing feelings for him. Preeta starts to fall inlove with Karan and Karan starts developing feelings for her while Rishabh is oblivious to Preeta and his brother’s feelings for each other. Different twists occur when Preeta is engaged to Prithvi, Rishabh is engaged to Sherlyn and Karan is engaged to Monisha.

Rishabh is a reserved person and hesitates to confess to Preeta while on the other hand, Karan is bold and always openly speaks about his attraction to Preeta.

Prithvi and Sherlyn are in relationship and she is pregnant .Prithvi’s only intension was to take revenge from Rishabh. And for this purpose he uses Sherlyn as instrument.Prithvi and Sherlyn are still married but they want revenge for stupid reasons.Later Prithvi plans to get Rishabh in jail and his plan succeeded and Preeta and Karan are trying to get Rishabh back from jail.

Later, Shristhi gets doubt on Sherlyn and tries to prove that she is pregnant.

Sherlyn faints during she and Rishabh’s engagement and Dr.hab Seema finds out she’s pregnant. Preeta and Karan chase down the doctor but she’s threatened by someone to lie. Preeta is blamed by Kareena and is accused of wanting to steal the family’s money. Later on Rishab yells at Karan for not informing him before about his plans and plot. Afterwards Karan goes to apologise to Preeta about the situation,but Preeta says it’s not his fault.

Pritvi and Sherlyn conspire to have Karan arrested. They hire Monisha to accuse Karan of sexual harassment after drugging him and taking him to a hotel suite Karan is arrested and Rishab is arrested for bribery and harassing Monisha, according to her plan. Preeta testifies for them in court and they get bail. Preeta comes up with a plan to trick Monisha. Karan proposes to Monisha and she refuses. Pritvi convinces Monisha by trapping her boyfriend in their scheme and she eventually agrees to the marriage. They hold an engagement ceremony but a world class thief tries to steal a diamond for his boss King Kong. There is a commotion at the house and the police arrive to arrest the thieves.

The engagement ceremony continues. The family learn about Ritwik being Monisha’s boyfriend and try to entrap him in a business partnership, in which they succeed. However, once Ritwik agrees to spill all the beans against Prithvi to Rishabh and Karan, Prithvi gets him killed. Rishabh is blamed and held in to custody for Ritwik’s murder.

In order to save his brother from being imprisoned for Ritwik’s murder Karan agrees to get married to Monisha and this helps free Rishabh. Rishabh, Preeta and the entire family then gang up together in order to save Karan from his wedding with Monisha. However, they all fail, until “Billa” the assassin used to murder Ritwik falsely claims that it was Monisha who was behind Ritwik’s murder. Monisha is sent to prison.After the series of event Shirlyn and Prithvi were being married at temple but Sarla saw Shirlyn and they plots to kidnap her. Shirlyn also adds bumb in Rakhi’s purse during her and Rishabh’s marriage and revealed everything to Preeta. Preeta is now on a mission to expose Shirlyn.

Pragya, Shruti

Series review:

From all feelers, it is evident that This is fate have more creative content to offer than Abhi and Pragya story. Even though the story line looks similar with the whole family conflict, rich man – poor girl love troubles, devious brides and antagonistic relatives, we can expect to get a different angle to it.

We also hope the show keep it simple and doesn’t complicate its storyline by introducing characters who are always scheming and plotting like Aliyah and Tanu from Twist of fate. Speaking on the series, the show runner Ekta Kapoor had this to say:

“…The writing for this show is extremely strong in terms of characterisation and the engaging screenplay should leave audiences hooked at the end of every episode.” –  credit.

Other information:

  • English Name: This is Fate
  • Indian name: Kundali bhagya 
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: Still running 
  • Start date on Zee World: 12th December 2018.
  • End date on Zee World: 3rd June 2019
  • Time slot: 19:00 WAT and 18:00 CAT

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  1. Lucky Dube says:

    Looking toward to it ,seems interesting

  2. laura says:

    I love kasamh se with jai and bani they are the second best couple

  3. Agape Adetunjijose says:

    i hope this is fate is more resonnable and the villains are put to justice and the shouldn’t be two identical people it just makes everything stupid

  4. Michelle says:

    I love this is fate soo much thanks zee world

  5. Vickie says:

    Why does it take so long (in almost all the series) for evil to lose and two to three generations of people wronged (always coming back to life) to avenge themselves? Is India filled with resurrected avengers?

  6. Judith says:

    I honestly like this movie. But I dont want Preeta with Karan, he just angers me. I want her and Rishabh together😭❤

  7. Sally says:

    I really love this movie, but why Karan it would have me rishabh and preeta, I just hope the both end up together

  8. deniz riga says:

    Well i love this is fate coz of the dramma between karan and preeta..yes i agree rishab looks good with preeta…but we havent seen karan when he men’s his ways trust me his DA one for her..coz usually. Good girls like bad boys ..which turns out to be karan and preeta..thank you zeeworld

  9. Neema says:

    I really love the show alot cant miss it

  10. Nerdy says:

    Honestly, i believe you are right with the i think…….. this show has another common story line that seems very apparent with the Rich man-poor girl story line. This drama bring another pain instead which is the second male lead syndrome. Initially i also thought it would be a great refresher for out hearts with the turmoil we get from Twist of fate but it was a sad disappointment after episode 1. The first man Preeta meets will be the one she ends up with a.ka.
    Kaaran (eye roll) and of course they will butt heads then fall in love with the guy obviously changing his ways for the better. Rishabh who is sweet and gentle and is there from day 1 will be friendzoned…….of course (another eye roll) and he will wish his brother well. Honestly if it wasn’t for the great visuals and nice banter that goes one while this obvious storyline plays out………… i only hope I’m not right and this plays out so much different from this whole scenario. And let us the viewers fall in love with the simple idea of love that yes a kind gentle man doesn’t always get the friend zone but wins a trophy and not out of pity but cause he earns it cause in the end he is just a good guy that deserves some good karma in love not the corner. This twist would make it worth watching.

  11. Fatima says:

    I wish preeta shld end up rishab….in fact Dats da best thing that could happen to da movie

  12. Esme says:

    Shriti talks too much, too much, making the story borring, and why was Abhi and Pragya not invited to Preeta’s engagement? and Shritti falling in that mans hands is just too much. Preeta and Rishaab please. Karan is a Mickie Mouse.

  13. miracle says:

    Really I Want karan and preeta to be together becos karan is a smart guy he wont allow anyone to mess up with preeta whereas rishant is always doll he is always mummy boy behaving like a baby

  14. Rishab is a mind talker while karan is a sharp guy who knows how to win a woman’s heart
    Reshab’s silence is illitating and he is the most boring actor

  15. Ayaoba says:

    I hope this movie won’t be like twist of fate that has no meaning.

  16. Rosemary says:

    I hope the movie will have a good ending , not like the others that portrait the good india people like fools I hope Sherlyn and Pritvi will be punished and reshap and preata will have happy ending.

  17. Shakira says:

    It’s taking forever for sherlyn and pritvi to be exposed and it’s beginning to annoy me. Must they get away with everything?Zee world should do something realistic cos we are not babies. How can janki regain her memory and the first thing for her to do is go after those evil people instead of sharing with her family first despite know how dangerous those people can be? We are not fools

  18. tica roy says:

    Karan will later die nd preeta nd rishab will end today

  19. Georgina says:

    I heard that Karan will die is it true?

    • Admin says:

      We cannot confirm that. But it’s speculations from those who have watched ahead. Let’s just follow the timeline and see what happens.

  20. lina says:

    Prithv is a monster along wth hs so calld lovr sherlyn i jus hate them

  21. Sandra Hakaz says:

    It seems all Indian series have someone losing their memory, divided families with people scheming against each other, I just hope there is no one who looks exactly the same as the other in This is Fate. we are tired of similar stories. can’t you for once make movies where truth and good triumph over evil? we are tired of truth staying hidden. we know these bare fiction movies but for once make it look real. we all know that in real life people don’t keep secrets…especially when its bad news or there is danger I don’t see the sense of keeping it secret its so fake….please learn from western movies they are straight to the point. too much suspense makes the movie longer and boring. we are tired of heart breaking movies. for example pragya and Abby have never been happy its problem after problem. Abby is very childish the movie is like a cartoon. please!!! improve… for people who are in other parts of the world we are learning Indian culture from your movies so what you show us makes us think that’s how Indians live, big families that are divided, marriages that are never happy, cunning people with too much pride, memory loss seems to be a common illness in India, people die and come back to life, every one has an identical stranger somewhere. is this how you really live??? and in the case of Pritvi why not let preeta suffer in the hands of her husband to be than forcing her to see the truth and she keeps ignoring the truth so let her be.

  22. Mpho Moeng says:

    I dont watch twist of fate anymore because there’s always someone evil coming between Pragya and Abhi. Directors seems to be confused. The police services in all of your series are so foolish. I hope Indian police services are not as stupid as you portray them. Please dont spoil This is fate. I love it but I hate Prithvi, Sherlyn and the Congress men

  23. Star says:

    India plays/Drama are never true to life and something portray the actors/actresses as foolish. Most times there are such unrealistic scenes that makes one wonder if Indian hate to be happy. The story lines are all the same. It is very funny to see two persons with no blood relationship to be so identical. Please Indian script writers, change your pattern of writing. Like someone said too lengthy Story becomes boring.


    As much as I love Zee World, they prolong things uneccessarily, Sherlin should be exposed by now, the pregnancy thing. I really dont like the idea of promoting rvil winning, its not healthy.

  25. Tshidi says:

    Really now… Why is the a need to get good people in trouble “this is fate is starting to bore me with this Pritvie always winning noncense

  26. elain says:

    love the story,but i love sherlyn and privity to get caught,

  27. Shanaya says:

    Honesty you guys are really prolonging sherlyn and Prithvi getting caught. Making the series very boring. Like I don’t even want to watch it anymore. How can evil win for soo long. It feels like you guys don’t have a plot honestly.

  28. Juan says:

    I hate Preeta for not being intelligent enough to know the truth with enough proved

  29. mellow says:

    To be honest I think this is fate and twist of fate are very slow and annoying….. I mean why beat around the bush why are sherlyn and pritvhi always having the upper hand it isn’t fair plus everyone should have put tei and two together and should have found out the real culprits by now

  30. Dianah says:

    I’m dianah from Uganda…sincerely it getting to my nerve how those two fools pritvi & sherlyn always get away with their evil deeds..shud evil win over truth..? Its getting boring..Im loosing interest for sure…hey zee world we ain’t fools…change this story line ASAP…hey its nagging. Dear karan live long…preeter you are such a fool.

  31. Maria says:

    tell those script writers that they don’t know to write a’s shit n whoever gave ideas are very pathetic.we might be Africans but we ain’t fool’ is the writer is like Prithvi in real sense.your story doesn’t have the end of this bad guys hurting good people.they are always getting away with it.NKT boring series from Zee’s better Hollywood 10 times you.

  32. Fati says:

    Seriously this is fate is turning something different. What nonsense is this now sheylin……pritvi……disgusting stmwww

  33. Wande says:

    All Indian series are just simply stupid and annoying. This is fate inclusive. I’m done with them!

  34. Merceey says:

    Look at how this is fate has ended stupidly,its f**king boring

  35. Bee says:

    Why does evil triumphs more than evil I all your films?it is a poor representation of your culture and values. Change the story line and let good triumph more.dont continue making Indian films seem like bad people always succeed in life .you have been in the film industry for way too long and a misrepresentation of your tradition is not good for the rest of the world. And change the story line,it is always too too predictable

  36. Lena says:

    From Nigeria, All your soaps are bullshit. I can’t believe This is Fate just ended. Watching it was a waste of time and I regret doing that. Am leaving zeeworld series for good.

  37. Kay says:

    Senseless ending. I am done with all Indian series

  38. Humphrey Nyoni says:

    I love this movie. I need season 2.

  39. Nakato Gertrude Angella says:

    Am in love with the soap

  40. GIDEON says:

    from Nigeria, all zee world movies are always very fucking nonsense, they never act like humans, WE ARE NOT FOOLS, this is what always makes me annoying, waste of time, the writer always write senselessly , how can it be karan and preeta, does zee world watch their films.

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