Vani Rani Zee world full story plot summary casts teasers

Vani Rani on Zee world Is a tale of twin sisters by birth, who are also sisters-in-law by marriage but estranged by choice. Though the two are married in the same family and live under one roof, they haven’t spoken to each other for 20 years. And while twins are believed to be alike, Vani and Rani are as different as chalk and cheese.

Vani Rani Zee world full story.

Twin-sisters, Vani and Rani are raised by their uncle, Rajamanickam, after their parents died. Rani sacrifices her education for Vani, who aspires to be a lawyer. Vetrivelan is the father of Bhoominathan, Swaminathan and Jyothi. his character has neen mentioned several times but he dead and has never appeared onscreen even in flashback scenes. his name has never been revealed. Vani becomes a successful lawyer and marries Bhoominathan aka Bhoomi, a granite businessman. Rani marries Bhoomi’s half-brother, Saaminathan aka Saami, a restaurant owner. Rajamanickam’s son, Manohar falls in love with Bhoomi’s sister, Jyothi. Rani is forced to get them married, earning Vani and Rani the wrath of their uncle and their mother-in-law Angayarkanni. Vani refuses to speak with Rani after that.

As years pass, Vani and Bhoomi turn out to be successful while Bhoomi & Vani has three children, Suryanarayanan, Gauthamkrishnan and Anupriya. Anupriya Anu is youngest and only daughter of Vani and Bhoominathan. She was out of higher studies. while Swami & Rani has three children, Saravanan, Selvi and Thenmozhi. They all in the same house. Angayarkanni enters to worsens the problems. Rani’s elder daughter, Selvi falls in love and marries Rajesh with only Vani as a chance witness, resulting in Vani and Rani getting separated, with Bhoomi and Angayarkanni as the major cause. Eventually, He realizes his faults and tries to get the family together.

Vani and Rani’s families get together but live in separate houses. Kadhiravan, a local don who has his vengeance against Rani’s son Saravanan, creates problems. Vani’s younger son, Gautham marries Kadhiravan’s niece Pooja to rescue Saravanan. Kadhir turns good after Pooja’s marriage. Jyothi’s daughter, Poongodi is involved in a love triangle between her cousins, Karthik and Saravanan. In the end, she gets married to Karthik. Selvi also faces numerous problems through her father-in-law Kaali, Alamelu, Shenbagam, Shiva, Geetha and Malathi.

Vani’s elder son, Surya marries Dimple, who hates Vani and Bhoomi. Rani faces her own problems with her house owner and his family members Muthupechi, Naagaraj and Velu. Later, Gautham becomes a policeman and investigates a murder than took place in a quarry which was owned by Guru Paadham (GP). GP is also a prominent business magnate and industrialist who controls the Indian medicine mafia activity and his son, Arya. GP puts a bomb in Pooja’s car resulting in the death of Pooja’s mother and aunt, Sudha and Pushpa respectively. Gautham later kills Arya, enraging GP who vows for revenge. GP tries killing Kadhiravan but finally gets arrested by Gautham. Poongodi and Karthik face their own problems with Azhagumayil and Parvatham. Saranvanan marries Pavithra.

The rivalry between Vani and Akhilandeshwari starts because of Surya’s relationship with the latter’s daughter, Janani during college days. They had a daughter, Riyah. Akhilandeshwari’s brother, Sudhakar murderers Janani and frames Vani. Rani’s younger daughter, Thenmozhi aka Thenu falls of a cliff and presumed dead. Alive, but having memory loss, She lives as Bhavani with Chandrika and her brother, Poochi, who rescued her. Akhilandeshwari helps Chandrika and forces Thenu to smuggle drugs, but Rani and Vani save her. Eventually, Thenu regains her memory and reunites with her family.

Akhilandeshwari and Sudhakar begin a new plan with the help of Neela, Sanjay and Mukesh. Neela blackmails Saravanan and Sanjay through a plan and make money from them and Sanjay takes Bhoominathan’s company with the help of Sudhakar and creates a confusion between Saaminathan and Bhoominathan.

Angayarkanni is murdered by Sanjay and Saami gets framed, occurring fights between him and Bhoomi. Sanjay plans to kill Saaminathan and Rani. Rani finds proof regarding Angayarkanni’s murder and blackmails Sanjay, who is arrested. Bhoomi and Saami are reunited. Rani learns Akhilandeshwari’s plan to kill Vani and risks her own life in danger. Vani too who faints learning Rani’s situation. After some emotional affection between the sisters, their health improves. Akhilandeshwari finds out that Janani is murdered by Sudhakar and is arrested by Gautham, while apologizing for all her mistakes from Vani and Rani. Finally, both families are reunited after a lot of problems.

  • Radhika Sarathkumar as:
    • Advocate Vani Bhoominathan – Manikkam’s elder niece; Rani’s twin sister; Bhoomi’s wife; Surya, Gautham and Anu’s mother; Riya and Mano, Vidya’s grandmother
    • Rani Swaminathan – Manikkam’s younger niece; Vani’s twin sister; Saami’s wife; Saravanan, Selvi and Thenu’s mother; Jr. Manikkam and Santhosh’s grandmother
  • Venu Arvind as Bhoominathan aka Bhoomi – Angayarkanni and Vetrivelan Karuppusamy’s son; Jyothi’s brother; Saami’s half-brother; Vani’s husband; Surya, Gautham and Anu’s father; Riya and Mano, Vidya’s grandfather
  • Babloo Prithiveeraj as Swaminathan aka Saami – Swaminathan’s mother and Vetrivelan Karuppusamy’s son; Bhoomi and Jyothi’s half-brother; Rani’s husband; Saravanan, Selvi and Thenu’s father; Jr. Manikkam and Santhosh’s grandfather
  • Arun Kumar Rajan as Advocate Suryanarayanan Bhoominathan (Surya) – Vani and Bhoomi’s elder son; Gautham and Anu’s brother; Dimple’s husband; Janani’s ex-lover; Riya and Mano’s father
  • Neelima Rani as Priyanka Suryanarayanan alias Dimple – Ponnambalam and Alamelu’s daughter; Surya’s wife; Mano’s mother; Riya’s step-mother
  • Vignesh Kumar (Vicky Krish) as Inspector Gauthamkrishnan Bhoominathan (Gautham) – Vani and Bhoomi’s younger son; Surya and Anu’s brother; Pooja’s husband; Vidya’s father


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