Sister Wives Zee world: full story plot summary casts

Sister Wives Zee world is the story of business man Haider and how his life gets entangled between two women, old family secrets come to fore causing life altering decisions and age long enimity for him and family…

The story takes a 22 years leap along the line and focuses on Haider’s children form his 2 wives..

Sister Wives Zee world full story.

Haider Akhtar is a wealthy businessman who is married to Dua, a kind woman. Their lives take a turn when they meet an outspoken woman, Ghazal, who befriends Dua but clashes with Haider. Haider and Dua offer shelter to Ghazal in their own house after her house gets destroyed by an earthquake. Ghazal falls in love with Haider but tries to forget him for Dua’s sake. Ghazal learns that her father, had saved the life of an eight-year old Haider, but Hina was responsible for the death of Ghazal’s mother, when Ghazal was an infant.

Before dying of cancer, Ghazal’s father had proposed Haider and Ghazal’s marriage but Hina had declined. Ghazal, instigated by Gulnaaz, pretends to have forgiven Hina but vows revenge.

When Dua discovers Ghazal’s grudge against Hina, she attempts to evict her from the house. Ghazal lies to Ruhaan, who was in love with her, that she loves him too and their alliance is fixed. Ghazal manipulates Ruhaan into believing that she and Haider are having an affair and thus Ruhaan runs away on the wedding day with Dua’s help. Ghazal gets Ruhaan abducted.

Dua is blamed for Ruhaan’s escape. Ghazal reveals to Haider that Hina was responsible for her parents’ death and out of guilt, he marries her. Ruhaan is rescued and brought back home, but he believes Dua and Haider to be his enemies. Ghazal is finally exposed. The Akhtar family lodge a complaint against Ghazal. Both Ghazal and Dua are revealed to be pregnant with Haider’s child. Still on the run from the police, Ghazal goes into hiding, thus concealing her pregnancy from everyone.

8 months later.

Kaynaat, Haider’s sister, gives birth to her son, Subhaan. Dua’s baby shower ceremony is interrupted by Ghazal who reveals her pregnancy and demands her rights. Dua allows Ghazal to stay with the Akhtar family. Kaynaat’s hatred grows against Ghazal and her unborn child as she considers it to be a threat to her family. Kaynaat is ousted from the house by Dua after she abducts Ghazal. With Dua’s help, Ghazal delivers a baby girl, Ibaadat. Shortly, thereafter Dua too delivers a baby girl, Mannat. Realizing that she won’t be able to live happily with Haider ever, Ghazal jumps down from the cliff, pulling Haider along with her, resulting in both of their deaths. Kaynaat blames Dua for Haider’s death and later on, she is forced to shift to London with her family after she tried to kill Ibaadat again and vowed revenge on Dua.

22 years later.

Unwitting half-sisters, Ibaadat and Mannat are now grown up and share a strong sisterly bond, believing themselves to be twins. Ibaadat values her family the most and has turned out to be simple, confident and sweet. Dua is indifferent towards Ibaadat, who craves for Dua’s love since childhood and is unaware that her real mother is Ghazal. Mannat is fearless, carefree and over-pampered by her family. The family members still despise Ibaadat and treat her as an outcast, as she is Ghazal’s daughter. Kaynaat returns to India with her family to avenge Haider’s death by ruining the lives of Dua and Ibaadat.

Subhaan is revealed to be fallen in love with the girl who wrote him emails all these years, who is actually Ibaadat. However, he mistakes Mannat to be that girl and proposes her, leaving Ibaadat shattered, who was also in love with him since childhood.

  • Title: Sister Wives
  • Start date: April 4 2024
  • Channel: Zee world
  • Network: Zee Tv
  • Episodes: 400 and still counting

Sister Wives Zee world full casts.

  • Aditi Sharma as Dua Siddiqui Akhtar: Ibrahim and Hamida’s daughter; Hafeez’s sister; Haider’s widow; Mannat’s mother; Ibaadat’s step-mother (2022–2024)
    • Raymon Singh replaced Sharma as Old Dua Siddiqui Akhtar.
  • Karanvir Sharma as Haider “Haidu” Akhtar: Rahat and Hina’s son; Gulnaaz’s step-son; Kaynaat’s brother; Ruhaan and Noor’s half-brother; Dua and Ghazal’s husband; Ibaadat and Mannat’s Father
  • Richa Rathore as Ghazal Rahmani Akhtar: Saqib and Zeenat’s daughter; Ruhaan’s ex-fiancée; Haider’s second wife; Ibaadat’s mother; Mannat’s step-mother
  • Dheeraj Dhoopar as Subhaan “Subbi” Siddiqui: Hafeez and Kaynaat’s elder son; Sufiyaan’s brother; Ibaadat’s cousin turned love-interest; Mannat’s cousin; Armaan and Nigaar’s half-cousin
  • Yesha Rughani as Ibaadat “Ibbu” Akhtar: Haider and Ghazal’s daughter; Dua’s step-daughter; Mannat’s half-sister; Subhaan’s cousin turned love-interest; Sufiyaan’s cousin; Armaan and Nigaar’s half-cousin
  • Seerat Kapoor as Mannat “Mannu” Akhtar: Haider and Dua’s daughter; Ghazal’s step-daughter; Ibaadat’s half-sister; Subhaan and Sufiyaan’s cousin; Armaan and Nigaar’s half-cousin; Farhaan’s girlfriend
  • Sheela Sharma as Zeenat “Dadi Ammi” Akhtar: Rahat’s mother; Haider, Kaynaat, Ruhaan and Noor’s grandmother; Subhaan, Ibaadat, Mannat, Sufiyaan, Armaan and Nigaar’s great-grandmother
  • Nishigandha Wad as Hina Akhtar: Rahat’s first wife; Haider and Kaynaat’s mother; Ruhaan and Noor’s step-mother; Subhaan, Ibaadat, Mannat and Sufiyaan’s grandmother; Armaan and Nigaar’s step-grandmother
  • Melanie Nazareth as Gulnaaz “Gullo” Akhtar: Rahat’s second wife; Ruhaan and Noor’s mother; Haider and Kaynaat’s step-mother; Armaan and Nigaar’s grandmother; Subhaan, Ibaadat, Mannat and Sufiyaan’s step-grandmother
  • Ankit Raizada as Ruhaan Akhtar: Rahat and Gulnaaz’s son; Hina’s step-son; Noor’s brother; Haider and Kaynaat’s half-brother; Ghazal’s ex-fiancé; Armaan and Nigaar’s father
  • Saarvie Omana as Kaynaat Akhtar Siddiqui: Rahat and Hina’s daughter; Gulnaaz’s stepdaughter; Haider’s sister; Ruhaan and Noor’s half-sister, Hafeez’s wife; Subhaan and Sufiyaan’s mother



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