Love through new eyes Zee world: Full story, plot summary casts

Love through New eyes Zee world is a classic story of when a rich guy falls in love with a poor girl amidst societal disapproval and family disdain.

The story revolves around a middle-class girl, Avani (Sweetu), who gets hired for a job in Mumbai. Her mother Nalu asks her to stay with her mother’s childhood friend, Shaku, to reduce the time needed to reach her new workplace. During their visit, Sweetu is introduced to Shaku’s son Omkar. The plot then focuses on the love story between Sweetu and Omkar, and their conflict with Omkar’s elder sister Malvika, who despises Sweetu and her mother due to their poor financial status.

Love through new eyes full story.

Ambernath based middle class Nalu and Mumbai based rich Saku were two school friends who suddenly meet each other and revive their old days.

Nalu lives in a Chawl in joint family with her husband Vasant and daughter Avni (Sweetu), along with Vaant’s younger brother Sharad his wife Suman and son Chinya.

Meanwhile Shaku lives in her fabulous house of Khanvilkar’s with her husband and kids Malvika and Omkar and run the Khanvilkar fitness group.

As Sweetu has to travel from Ambernath to Mumbai for work daily, Shaku asks her to live with them where she develops sweet and sour relationship with Omkar her aon.

Meanwhile, Vasant ( Nalus husband) is about to donate his kidney to clear family debts.

Shaku’s daughter, Malvika isn’t happy with Sweetu living in their house nor with her family and always insults them. Sakhu wants Sweetu to marry Omkar but Malvika wants her brother to marry her friend Momo so she does everything in her power to make her own a wish a reality.


Love through new eyes full casts

  • Anvita Phaltankar as Avani Vasant Salvi / Avani Omkar Khanvilkar (Sweetu); Omkar’s wife
  • Shalva Kinjawadekar as Onkar Khanvilkar (Om); Sweetu’s husband
  • Shubhangi Gokhale / Kishori Ambiye as Shakuntala Khanvilkar (Shaku); Omkar’s mother
  • Aditi Sarangdhar as Malvika Khanvilkar (Tayde); Omkar’s sister
  • Milind Joshi as Mr. Khanvilkar; Omkar’s father
  • Triyug Mantri as Rocky; Malvika’s boyfriend
Sweetu’s family
  • Dipti Samel-Ketkar as Nalini Vasant Salvi (Nalu); Sweetu’s mother
  • Uday Salvi as Vasant Salvi (Dada); Sweetu’s father
  • Umesh Bane as Sharad Salvi; Sweetu’s uncle
  • Shubhangi Bhujbal as Suman Sharad Salvi; Sweetu’s aunt
  • Arnav Raje as Chinmay Sharad Salvi (Chinya); Sweetu’s cousin
  • Nikhil Raut as Mohit Parab
  • Priya Marathe as Maithili
  • Mira Jagannath as Monika Rao (Momo)
  • Manmeet Pem as Abhishek (Gattu)
  • Komal Dhande as Mohit’s mother
  • Sagar Sakpal as Customer
  • Nishant Pathare as Sushil
  • Varsha Padwal as Mamta
  • Prajakta Amburle as Malvika’s friend
  • Mayuresh Khole as Nishant
  • Suvedha Desai as Kinjal


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