Unfortunate love update Saturday 20 January 2024

Unfortunate love 20 January 2024: The Episode starts with Neelam asking Virender what did you say that I did wrong by throwing Rishi out of the house. She says even I accept that I have done wrong and injustice with my son. She says I don’t know when my motherly love became my stubbornness. She says I just wanted his happiness and nothing else, then also I asked him to go.

She says I have done a big mistake. Dadi tells Neelam that she has done injustice with Lakshmi also. Neelam says you are right, I couldn’t understand that Rishi’s happiness is with her, and says I used to curse her always, and she used to risked her life and saved my son many times, and I used to call her inauspicious. She says I accept that I have done a big mistake. Dadi says no, you have realized your mistake, it is enough and asks her to see that happiness will come in the house and nothing else. Neelam hugs Dadi.

Dadi says the house happiness will return in the house and asks Karishma to say if she has any problem. Karishma says bhabhi can never be wrong, I am always with her. Neelam asks Virender to go and bring Rishi safely. Virender asks what about Lakshmi? Neelam says bring both Rishi and Lakshmi to me, I will do anything and asks him to bring her son and his wife here. Malishka is shocked and thinks if I am seeing a bad dream, and thinks Neelam aunty asked to bring Lakshmi. She thinks she is losing everything from her hands, and says she has become a murderer and risked her life, but she didn’t get anything. She says today is my last day, Lakshmi will expose me.

Virender gets Rishi’s message from his doctor’s phone, and he tells that they are safe and going home, and asks him to inform Mom and asks her to take care. Dadi says he is in problem, but worries for you. Neelam says I couldn’t see his love and asks Virender to bring them back. Malishka asks Virender to ask Rishi to be safe from goons. Neelam asks Virender to tell Rishi that his Mom called them back home. Virender goes home. Dadi tells Neelma that God has done a big favor on us, we shall thank him.Ayush asks Rishi to come home.

Rishi refuses and asks him to break the house lock, and he will bring Lakshmi. Virender comes there and asks Rishi to come home. Rishi tells that they can’t return home, and says Oberoi Mansion is not my home now. Virender says no, Neelam has sent me here to take you both back home. Ayush says now everything is sorted and asks him to come. Rishi asks Virender if he is lying? Virender says no. Ayush says if anyone can lie taking mami’s name. Rishi tells that he don’t think that he shall go without telling Lakshmi. Ayush asks if Bhabhi ever wanted you to separate from your family. Virender says she wants you to unite with us. Rishi says Lakshmi has self respect and …..Virender says we will convince her if she has any problem and orders him to come. Ayush says you shall obey to your Dad.

Malishka tells God that she loves Rishi so much, then why you don’t value my love. She says nobody valued my love, not even you. She asks God not to let her go to jail. Rishi tells Virender about Lakshmi. Virender says they will get the Nurse. Shalu calls Ayush and asks where is Di and Jiju? Ayush tells her that Rishi and Lakshmi are found, and the good news is that they are going to Oberoi Mansion with him. He says Mama convinced Mami to bring them back. Shalu and Bani inform Rano. Rano gets happy and asks them to make halwa for her.

The goon sees Rishi and Lakshmi in the car and follows them. Malishka calls Sonal and tells that Neelam has accepted Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage, and that’s why she is her bahu. Sonal says this is unbelievable and asks if she saw everything. Malishka says yes, I was there and tells that Virender uncle gave an emotional lecture and then Neelam aunty asked him to bring them back. Sonal asks are you sure that Neelam aunty is not acting. She says your plan backfired on you, and says now Lakshmi will tell everyone and Neelam aunty will not spare you. She asks her to run for her life. Malishka says I will not give chance to Lakshmi to open her mouth. Sonal asks what you will do, if you will murder her? Malishka says she wanted to unburden her heart and that’s why called her, and says she will make sure that Lakshmi will not open her mouth.

Ayush, Virender and Rishi come there with unconscious Lakshmi in his arms. Dadi asks what happened to her? Rishi says she is unconscious, but better. Dadi asks them to come inside. Neelam says Lakshmi will not come inside. Malishka recalls Sonal’s words. Virender says you had asked me to bring Rishi and Lakshmi home, then why you are saying this. Malishka thinks so this was Neelam aunty’s trick to call Rishi back home, and thinks what will Rishi do now.

 Neelam stopping Rishi and tells that Lakshmi will not come here. Virender says you asked Lakshmi and Rishi to come. Dadi asks what happened? The goon comes to the Oberoi Mansion, calls Raja and tells that he has found them. He asks him to come. Virender and Dadi ask Neelam to come. Mukesh brings aarti. Neelam says you both have come back home from death, Lakshmi is the bahu of the house so aarti will happen first for grah pravesh. She does their aarti and asks them to come inside. Malishka gets upset. Neelam asks Rishi to bring her inside. Ayush tells Rishi that he will take her inside. Rishi asks Ayush to lift lakshmi. Ayush lifts Lakshmi, and says welcome bhabhi and takes her to room. Raja and the goons come to Oberoi mansion, and looks at the house. Raja says now he will

light their pyres in their house. Rishi gets emotional and hugs Neelam. He cries. Neelam gets emotional too. She asks how is he? Rishi says I am infront of you. Neelam says you are infront of me as I called you, and says I asked you to go, and you had gone, and says you should have come back and stayed here, and should have been stubborn telling that he will stay here. She says you don’t care for me.

Rishi says you don’t know how much I missed you, and was thinking about you. He says I was weak without you and missed you a lot. He says it seems it was not in my destiny to stay with you. Neelam says this can never happen, a child is the part of her mother and the part can never be separated from his/her mother. She asks him not to go from there and be with her always. Rishi says how can I go now, you told me formula. He says whenever you ask me to go, I will hold your hand and will ask you not to ask me to go. They smile. Rishi touches Virender’s feet. Virender says you are your mother’s loving son, as you came on your Mom’s saying and not on my sayings. Rishi says you don’t know what you mean to me, I love you, but a bit less than Mom.

Rishi then touches Dadi’s feet and hugs her, and takes her blessings. He then hugs Karishma. Karishma asks how are you? Rishi says he is fine. Karishma says it is good to see you safe. Rishi says I am back because of your blessings. Virender says that too with Lakshmi. Ayush comes there. Rishi says he is lucky to have brother like him and thanks him for his help. Ayush says he will cry. He says I will not help after this, and asks if our relation is depends on thanks. He says where Rishi and Lakshmi, there is Ayush. Rishi says yes, with Shalu and Bani. Dadi is happy. Rishi says he wants to share an important thing with them all.

Raja shares his plan with the goons and tells that his name shall not be ruined. Ayush gets the house decorated for Karwachauth. Raja and his goons come there. Ayush asks Raja, are you crazy? You have come here. Raja says he has come to settle the scores. Ayush fights with them, but they keep knife on his neck. Raja asks where is the girl and the guy? Ayush refuses to say. Raja says the knife will cross your neck. Ayush says that way. Raja asks the goon to take him there to check if Rishi and Lakshmi are there. Ayush goes with him, and then beats him, and locks him in the room. Raja tells that I said that he will use his mind, I will not leave him. Rishi comes there and sees the goons, and holds one of the goon and makes him unconscious. Raja and the two more goons go behind Ayush. Raja asks the goons to free the locked goon. Rishi puts rope on Raja’s neck and fights with him. Ayush also fights with them.

Mukesh and Virender come there and beat them too. Ayush and Mukesh tie Raja and his goons. Rishi says it is good that you came here, else would have searched you from anywhere and would have got you hang punishment. Raja says he can’t do anything. Rishi says I don’t take law in my hands, else I would have hanged you to the chandelier here. He says you have ruined many girls’ lives and wanted to sell Lakshmi. He says I saw your goon seeing us and that’s why we laid this trap for you. Virender says even Police is coming here. Inspector comes there and thanks Virender, says a dangerous criminal is caught due to him.

Virender says due to my son. Rishi asks Inspector to make sure that he gets death punishment. Inspector assures that he can’t come out of jail and goes with them. All the ladies come there. They are happy that the goons are caught. Dadi says but that girl is not caught yet. Virender says I don’t think that she will come here.

Karishma tells that they shall prepare for karwahchauth and tells that Neelam is hungry since yesterday. Virender asks her to have something. Neelam says she is having fast and will not break it. Virender suggests that they shall get Rishi and Lakshmi get married again as Neelam and Karishma haven’t attend their wedding and he attended it as Lakshmi’s father. Ayush likes Virender’s idea and asks Neelam to say. Dadi tells Neelam that she didn’t bless them yet. Neelam says she didn’t bless them yet, and will bless them. She regrets to do wrong with Rishi. Malishka thinks now Lakshmi will live in this house as Queen and I will be oust.

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