Unfortunate love update Friday 19 January 2024

Unfortunate love 19 January 2024:  Episode starts with Lakshmi in her unconscious state, gets flashes of the attack and Malishka hitting on her head repeatedly, calling her inauspicious. She gains consciousness and asks Rishi if he is fine? She asks why you have bandage on your head and asks if he is fine? Rishi says I am fine, and tells that they had a big accident, but they are saved.

He says nothing happened to us. Lakshmi says God saved us. Rishi says we are saved and fine because of you, and says you are really good. She says you are really good that’s why God is with us and saved us. Rishi says you are my God, and if you are with me then God is with me. Lakshmi looks at him and gets emotional.

He says you had saved enough and now please don’t sleep. He asks where did you go from hospital and asks if someone kidnapped

you, or you went by yourself. Lakshmi says she don’t remember. Rishi says no problem, bad time has come and went, and says now we are together and don’t need anything. Lakshmi asks what we are doing here, and tells that they shall go home. Rishi says we can’t go home and tells everything in brief. He thinks he shall not tell her from where he saved her, and thinks the bad time has passed, now he will give her just happiness.

Rishi asks lakshmi to get up and says he wants to dance with her. Lakshmi asks now, in this condition. Rishi says that’s why I want to dance that we are together amidst the troubles. Lakshmi says I can give life for you. Rishi says don’t say this, and asks her to get up for dance. Malishka thinks Lakshmi and Rishi are together, and thinks she is real curse for me. She thinks why she didn’t tell everyone about me till now, why she is silent, it is a secret by itself. Rishi asks Lakshmi, will you dance with me, my cute, beautiful wife. They have a dance while the song plays…..It turns out to be Rishi’s imagination while Lakshmi is still unconscious.

Ayush thinks to go back to search them and be with them, to save them. She says Bhai and Bhabhi…I am coming to you. Rishi wakes up and thinks he can’t sleep, he thinks he has to keep his eyes open. Just then Ayush comes to the place where he had dropped them, and comes to the shop and thinks they must be inside. The goon comes there and says you will make us reach them, and says they are not here and went somewhere. Ayush thinks they are not here, so there is no risk. He fights with the goon and the goon falls down pretending to be unconscious. He thinks how to find out where are they?

Malishka tells Abhay that she wanted to take revenge. Abhay asks did you take your revenge? He says they will start new life and what about you, you will go to jail, will be hanged? Karishma tells Virender that Rishi must have reached home by now and calls Ayush. Ayush reaches Rishi’s locality again, and picks Karishma’s call. Karishma asks where is he? Ayush says he is in the same locality and tells that he doesn’t know where are they? He says he had gone there, but they were not there, and goons are searching them. Karishma asks what we will do? Virender asks him to be there, and wait for them. Ayush asks Virender not to worry as they are together and when they are together, they are safe.  Virender says surely, nobody can harm them. Ayush thinks he has the goon’s phone and will find out if Bhai and Bhabhi are caught.

Malishka tells Abhay that atleast he shall understand her pain. Abhay says if I haven’t understood your pain, then wouldn’t have been here. Abhay says I won’t let anything happen to you. Kiran asks what you will do? Abhay asks if Lakshmi gained consciousness then why she is not telling anyone about Malishka. Malishka says even I am thinking the same. She says why she ran away. Kiran says she must be afraid from you and ran away. Abhay says no, she should have told Virender or Neelam, then why she got afraid. He says the matter was something else, why she didn’t tell anything to anyone.

Rano comes to Shalu and Bani and ask them to wake up, and make green tea for her. Shalu says don’t know how we slept, while waiting for di. Bani says yes. Rano asks them to find out, and says she should have come by now. She asks them to make a phone call and make breakfast.

Rishi wakes up and finds Lakshmi missing. He finds the shutter open and thinks if she has gone out. He thinks he shouldn’t have slept and searches for her. He gets worried and thinks if goons kidnapped her again. He thinks they should have brought her back.

Precap: Rishi finds Lakshmi in the temple. Ayush says he will search them. The goon comes to the temple to attack Rishi, and take Lakshmi. Lakshmi pushes Rishi and saves him. The goon falls down.

 Ayush worrying for Rishi and Lakshmi and thinks it is morning from night, and they haven’t reached here. Shalu calls Ayush and asks where is he? She asks why he didn’t call her. Ayush says he slept waiting for them and says his body was tired after he fought with the goons. Shalu says you should have gone to search them in night itself. Ayush says I will go and search them. Shalu and bani tell him that they will come there and help him. Ayush calls goon from the goon’s phone and asks if they found them. The goon says until now they are not found. He asks what happened to his voice? Ayush tells that he searched them all night, and was awake all night, and then he drank a bit. He asks him to end the call and search them. He thinks it is good that they didn’t find them and thinks to go.

Rishi brings Lakshmi there to his locality and tells Ayush that she had vanished early morning. Ayush gives him water. Rishi drinks it and says they slept in the shop/godown. Ayush says he had come there. Rishi says I thought cat or someone came there. He tells that when he woke up, she was not there, and tells him about finding her in the temple. A fb is shown, Rishi finds her in the temple. He asks Lakshmi not to go anywhere now. Lakshmi sees goon about to attack on Rishi’s head and signs him. Rishi gets alerted and turns to him. Lakshmi faints. Rishi keeps his hand on her head. Nurse calls Rishi and asks if you identified me? She says I was your nurse and asks him to bring medicine for Lakshmi. Rishi says he will bring.

Nurse asks if you have money and then gives him money and asks him to bring the medicine. Rishi brings it. The Nurse gives injection to her and tells that they shall take her to hospital. Rishi says we can’t go to hospital as some goons are behind us. Nurse says we will take Police protection. Rishi says he can’t take risk and will go home. Nurse says she will drop them home. Rishi says I don’t want to put your life in danger. Nurse insists to drop them home. They leave. Fb ends. Rishi tells Ayush that Nurse has dropped them here. He says he don’t have the keys and has to break the lock. Ayush asks him to come to oberoi mansion. Rishi refuses and says Lakshmi’s grah pravesh happened here, and this is our house now.

Neelam recalls Lakshmi sensing Rishi in trouble and Rishi’s love confession and choosing Lakshmi over her. She reminisces the moments with him since he was born and the song plays….Inspector comes to Virender and tells that he had gone to that Koti and came to know that Rishi has burnt that goon’s koti. Virender asks if they are safe. Inspector says Rishi and Lakshmi are safe. Malishka comes there and hears him. Inspector tells that the goons are dangerous and will take revenge from Rishi, Lakshmi and you all. He says you all are in danger. He assures that nothing will happen to them and goes. Malishka thinks to poisoned their mind against Lakshmi, and tells that Rishi has risked their lives for Lakshmi.

Virender says he will not bear anything against Lakshmi, and tells that he had heard enough before. He tells Neelam that Rishi refused to come here, and don’t want to come here, as he don’t want to put our lives on stake. Karishma tells something against Virender. Virender tells Karishma that everytime whenever he is in trouble, who saved him. He asks Neelam and Karishma if they saved him, and says no, Lakshmi has saved him many times. He reminds Neelam that they cheated Lakshmi and brought her here after getting her married to Rishi. Neelam recalls Lakshmi’s words. Virender tells that Lakshmi became a good wife, and has fulfilled the relation with intensity. He says she has given life to this liveless house and what we had done, we had accused and cursed her many times. He asks Neelam where her motherly love for Rishi vanished? He says you hate Lakshmi so much that you love vanished. He asks Neelam to understand that Lakshmi is better for Rishi. Malishka says you never liked me and regarded Lakshmi as your daughter. She asks did you say anything when Rishi left me, you didn’t support me, but Neelam aunty supported me and you said that I am not suitable for Rishi. She asks if I am so bad? She thinks why Neelam aunty is not saying anything.

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