Unfortunate love update Saturday 1 July 2023

Unfortunate love 1 July 2023: The Episode starts with Rano asking Shalu if she will hurt her guest and asks her to go, and says Neha will do. Neha says she will go to washroom and come. Shalu asks what to do? Bani asks her to continue as Neha takes time in washroom. Shalu presses his hand. Ayush says you did it intentionally. Shalu says yes, and says Chachi is not good, as Balwinder is behind di due to her, and you are also in this condition. Ayush says I know she is bad, she is a witch. Shalu says shall I bandage your hand. He says yes. Shalu bandages his hand.

Rishi asks Lakshmi where is she going with the clothes, and asks if she is going to her mayka for Ayush. Lakshmi says he is fine, I am not going there. She says you can’t come with me. He asks if she is brave and asks why he can’t come with her. Lakshmi says you can’t come with me. Rishi asks what is that place? She says no. He asks what kind of wife you are, you are refusing your husband. He says until you tell me, your clothes will be with me. She says ok, keep it, I will take another saree. She takes another saree. He takes it. She asks him to keep all sarees and says you can’t come with me. Rishi says I will come with you, if I don’t go then you will also don’t go. She says stubborn. He holds her hand and falls with her on the bed. They have an eye lock and then get up from bed. He asks will you not take me with you. She says no and asks what has happened? Rishi says your heart beat was telling me that you want to come closer to me.

She says even I heard your heart beat, which asked you to let me go and let me be happy always, and that’s why I am going alone. He asks will you be happy alone. She says yes. He asks will you be happy if I let you go? She says yes, as I am going to take bath. He says you would have told me before. She asks how he comes to know what her heart beat is saying. He smiles. Lakshmi goes to the bathroom. Rishi says my heart beat was saying that Lakshmi shall be happy always. Lakshmi smiles in the bathroom and thinks about the moment which she shared with him, and his talks. She smiles with joy and thinks of their moments. She says you heard right, I want to be always with you, close to you and says for the first time you heard my heart beat. She says only the persons in love can hear, I used to hear it always, but you heard it for the first time and this means that you also love me. She smiles.

Rano asks Neha to make turmeric milk for Ayush and make him drink forcibly. Neha asks her to ask Shalu to make it. Rano asks her to drown in the shallow water bowl. She asks her to do as she said. She asks her to go. Neha asks her to help her. Rano says I will ask Bani to tell you, how to make it. She says I got defective girl. Neha thinks to pour turmeric in the bowl. Rano comes back and collides with Neha. She says I will ask Bani to make it and asks Neha to woo him.

Lakshmi comes to the room after bath. Rishi is sleeping and wakes up. Lakshmi says when I saw, you was sleeping and asks if he was acting to sleep. He says I woke up because of you. Lakshmi says white lie. She says if you have woken up because of me, then I would have known. Rishi says he has proof and comes near her. She asks him to say. He keeps her hand on his cheek. She says it has water on it. Rishi says you have splashed your hairs and the water fell on my face. Lakshmi says sorry. He asks her to hold her ears. Lakshmi pats on his cheek. He asks what is it? She says she does this on Shalu also. He says you have raised your hand on me. Lakshmi says it is done with love. Rishi looks at her. She turns her face.

Ayush asks Shalu if he can ask her personal question. He asks how do you feel? She asks what? Ayush asks what Chachi and Neha might be cooking? Shalu says I can’t see behind the wall and asks him to see himself. They argue. Ayush asks why you are fighter. Shalu says Ayush. Rano comes there and tells that she likes joking son in law. She then asks about his fight with Balwinder. Neha brings haldi milk. Rano says Neha loves you a lot and cares, respect you a lot. Neha gives turmeric milk to Ayush. Shalu asks him to show. Neha says Bani was with me. Bani nods yes. Ayush is about to drink. Shalu signs him not to drink. Ayush says it is exclusively made for me. Neha asks him to drink. Shalu asks her to massage his feet and take care of him. She goes. Rano asks Neha not to leave Ayush alone, and tells that she has so much housework to do. Ayush tells Neha that her mother is Mother India type. Neha asks him to drink milk. Ayush drinks it with much difficulty. Shalu and Bani smiles.

Durga Devi tells the constables that she will catch Balwinder, his neck will be in my hands soon, but before him, I want to catch the real culprit. The constable says so the enemy is using him. Durga Devi says this enmity is personal and tells that this enemy’s intention is something else. The lady constable says the enemy will be careful now. Durga Devi says all criminals do some mistake surely, we have to catch that mistake and then that enemy.

Rano asking Shalu why did he shout? Shalu says Ayush is unwell and was shouting in sleep. Ayush asks if I was shouting. Shalu says you was in sleep and shouted, and says Lakshmi di said this that day. Ayush says yes, Lakshmi di had said that you used to snore in sleep. Neha says snoring. Ayush says even you will be in deep sleep and don’t remember. Bani says he shouts in sleep. Rano says it is okay with rich people and says they have so much money, they don’t need to get up. She asks Neha to make food for him. He says I will die, then says that he will go home. Rano says Neha will not let you go empty stomach. Ayush asks Rano to order Neha and says next time I will have double food. He says let me go, thank you for taking care of me. Shalu says I will come to drop you. Neha

says I will take him home. Rano says yes. She asks Shalu to take rest and then do all the work. She says I will go along with Neha to drop him. Rano says Neha loves you so much and cares for you. Neha says Mom has taught her to take care of him and says we are friends. Ayush says you didn’t tell that we are friends. Rano says lets go. Ayush says 1 minute and says Shalu, sings acha chalta hun…Shalu thinks he forgets everything if a girl gives importance to him. She tells bani that he didn’t thank her. Bani asks if you are jealous or upset. Shalu says I don’t want his attention, and says I don’t like him that way. Bani asks what? Shalu says there is nothing special in him, says I don’t want to talk to him. She says I talk to him, as he is Lakshmi di’s dewar. Bani calls her liar for lying with herself. Shalu takes her from there.

Lakshmi comes to the kitchen and tells Servant that she will make something for everyone and asks him to get all the stuff. He says ok. Malishka comes to the kitchen, takes bottle and drinks the water. Lakshmi looks at her. Malishka asks do you have problem, and asks her to tell that only she has rights on water as she is Rishi’s wife. Lakshmi says I didn’t say anything. She says you have thought as per your thinking. Lakshmi says it seems you didn’t sleep all night. Karishma comes there and asks Malishka what happened? Malishka says she is worried due to Balwinder. Karishma says don’t know who is our enemy and says Durga Devi will find him. She goes. Malishka thinks Balwinder shall not get caught and only his dead body shall be found. Karishma and Neelam come to Ayush’s room. Lakshmi comes there and says he didn’t come. Neelam asks did we ask you? Rishi comes there and tells that ayush told that he is safe and will come in the morning. Neelam asks didn’t you know where is he? Lakshmi says Chachi’s home. Neelam asks did you know, you didn’t go to pick him and let him stay there. Rishi says Ayush went there searching Balwinder. Karishma says and you let stay there. Lakshmi says Rishi told him that he will pick him but. Neelam shouts asking if we asked you. She says Lakshmi would have asked him to stay there. Rishi says Lakshmi didn’t ask him. Neelam asks him to go and bring Ayush home. They go. Rishi asks Lakshmi, why she told them about Ayush. Lakshmi says its ok, go and bring him. Rishi holds her hand and says sorry. Lakshmi says I didn’t feel bad, go and bring him.

asks Lakshmi, why she told them about Ayush. Lakshmi says its ok, go and bring him. Rishi holds her hand and says sorry. Lakshmi says I didn’t feel bad, go and bring him.Rano and Neha bring Ayush to Oberoi house. Karishma hugs him. Neelam asks how are you? Ayush says I am fine, just a bit hurt. Karishma asks why did you stay there. Rano says it is your house also and asks them not to take tension. Rishi comes there and hugs Ayush. Rano says Neha has taken good care of Ayush. Ayush says my condition was such that I stayed there. Karishma says you would have returned home. Rano says Neha made him have turmeric milk. Lakshmi thanks Rano. Dadi thanks Rano for taking care of Ayush. Virender also thanks Rano. Rano says no need of thanks, we are relatives. Karishma says we are not relatives and says I will pay you the price for taking care of Ayush. Rano says I didn’t mean that. Kairshma says I understand the low grade people like you. She says how much you need, and says she will bring. Neha says we didn’t come to take money, came to drop Ayush and asks her to ask Ayush. Ayush says Mom. Lakshmi says you are thinking her wrong.

Rano says he was injured and we treated him at home. Neelam asks do you have doctor at home, and says you should have taken him to doctor, but you don’t have money. She says you are Lakshmi’s relatives and can’t think of our house betterment. Ayush says I asked them not to call doctor, it was not needed, else I would have asked them. Rishi says Ayush came back home safely and thanks Rano. He asks them to have breakfast. Rano says no need and says we heard enough, if we eat then might die. Rishi says you are misunderstanding the situation and says Ayush didn’t come so they were worried. Rano says so what? She argues. Lakshmi asks Rano to calm down and forget everything. Rano says I had forgotten and came here, and gets insulted. She says we don’t get bitterness other than this. Karishma says yes, you have poisoned our happiness. She says you expect us to behave nicely. Rano says we brought sweetness, but you have bitterness which you game. Neelam says we would be thankful if you take back lakshmi. Rano says lakshmi is here due to her destiny and if she goes then it will be her destiny, nobody has the courage to throw her out.

Inspector Durga Devi comes there. Virender asks her to come. Rishi says she is Inspector Durga Devi and is handling Balwinder’s case. Durga Devi says she wants to talk about the case. Dadi asks her to sit. Durga Devi says she will catch the enemy soon. She sits to question Ayush. Malishka and Kiran get worried.

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