Unfortunate love update Friday 30 June 2023

Unfortunate love 30 June 2023: The Episode starts with Balwinder sitting in a car and is about to drive off. Ayush says if you go then Police will arrest you. Balwinder drives the car. Ayush sits on the bike and goes behind the car. Lakshmi asks Rishi to drink water. Rishi drinks water. Neelam asks if he is feeling pain. Karishma says the injury is deep. Neelam asks when will doctor come? Virender says he will be coming. Rishi says I hope Ayush catches him. Karishma says someone is using him against our family. Neelam says that’s why we want to know that person’s name. Karishma says may be there is no person. Malishka says if there is nobody then we shall not worry. Rishi says if I had not stopped Balwinder that day, then he would have taken Lakshmi that day. He says I will go and catch him.

Neelam says you will not go and says don’t know what happened to you that you don’t agree. Rishi says I agree to your sayings. Virender says Doctor would be coming. Doctor comes there and asks what happened? Rishi says it is a small injury. Doctor asks how did it happen? Virender says with a bottle. Doctor asks who has done the dressing? Dadi says Lakshmi. Doctor says it is good and gives him medicines to take. He leaves. Rishi asks shall I go now? Neelam says no. Virender asks Rishi to take medicine and rest, says Ayush will do the work. Ayush hits someone while riding the bike fast. He continues to go behind Balwinder. Rishi says Ayush went alone, I shall go. Neelam refuses to let him go and asks him to take medicine. She asks Malishka to go with him, and give him medicine and be with him.

Rishi says I will take medicine later and says Lakshmi will take care of me and asks Malishka not to stress. Malishka says I will be your wife later, I will take care of you. Rishi says Lakshmi will take care of me now. Neelam says this thing have happened because of her. She says she don’t trust her. Rishi says I trust her, she has earned the trust and saved my life many times. Neelam says she risked your life many times. Rishi says you are thinking wrong. Karishma says Rishi. Rishi says when there is Lakshmi, there is nothing to worry about. Ahana says Lakshmi bhabhi can forget herself, but not others. She came as your shield, but she became everyone’s shield. She says she also trusts her fully.

Rishi takes medicine. Lakshmi thanks him for trusting her. She says she is thankful to Ahana for supporting her. Rishi says you will get love if you love, will get support if you give and will be hurt if you hurt others. He pinches her and asks her to sit. He says you are the part of the family member until our divorce happens. Lakshmi gets sad. He asks her not to make sad and says you know what I mean. She moves and he makes sound as if he felt pain. She blows on his injury ad says sorry, and holds her ears. Rishi asks if she is apologizing. Lakshmi says really sorry. Rishi laughs and says he can’t control. Lakshmi asks if you are joking. He says he will take the pic, this is a memorable moment, says it is a rare moment that wife is apologizing holding her ears. He takes the pic. Lakshmi asks if he is not feeling pain. He says I have forgotten all the pain as you have apologized to me and said sorry.

Lakshmi thinks she is worried for Ayush. Ayush meets with an accident and falls down on side of road. Ayush and Lakshmi’s pic falls down.Karishma complains to Neelam and Virender that Lakshmi brushed off her hand. Virender says Lakshmi wanted to bandaged Rishi’s hand. Karishma says Malishka would have done that. He asks her to go and sleep. Karishma goes. Neelam says I am going to Rishi and can’t leave him trusting Lakshmi. She says I will take care of him. Virender says will you do the same as Karishma and says Rishi is capable to take care of himself. Neelam says Lakshmi is inauspicious and I will bring him here to take rest. Virender says let him decide. Neelam blames Lakshmi for all the happenings. She says Lakshmi has corrupted my mind and her kundali added to it. Virender tries to calm her down. She says Lakshmi is inauspicious and anything can happen in my house.

She says I will throw her out of the house and will not wait for divorce to happen, if anything wrong happens.Rishi recalls Balwinder telling that Lakshmi is carrying his child and recalls taking her forcibly. He gets up angrily and hits his hand on the wall, but Lakshmi keeps her hand on the wall to save his hand. He says sorry and asks why did you keep the hand. Lakshmi says it is good that I kept my hand on the wall, atleast you didn’t get hurt. She says if you get hurt then I feel the pain. Rishi looks at her and smiles. She asks what happened? He says nothing and asks did you see any movie recently? He says you didn’t watch after marriage as far as I remember. He says you had said the dialogue that if I get hurt then you feel the pain. He says I thought you have stolen this dialogue from romantic emotional movie, if you had watched horror movie, then would have walked on the wall, if watched comedy movie, then would have talked strange talks, and then I would have laughed and you would have felt pain if I had felt with constant laughing.

He laughs, saying if I get hurt then you feel the pain. Lakshmi asks if you are making fun of me. He says no and asks do you really mean what you said, that you will feel the pain if I am hurt. She says yes. She says I didn’t see the film, but had heard the song where this is the line. He asks which song? Lakshmi says it is a famous song. Rishi asks which song. She says I don’t remember. He asks why did you keep your hand when I was about to hit the wall. She says I did this, as if you get hurt then I will have to hear the scoldings. He asks really? She says yes. He asks her to say what her eyes are saying. Song plays tu hi toh hai mera junoon plays…..

Rishi asking Lakshmi, why did she turn her face. She says don’t talk to me, and says I will not talk to you, as you was talking irrelevant talks. She says you was asking me to say, to tell what is in your eyes, and asks it is of which film’s name. She says she don’t want to talk. He says even I don’t want to talk and says there will be peace in life for sometime. He sits on the bed. Balwinder sees Ayush meeting with an accident and sees him fine, thinks he got saved. He asks him to come behind him. He runs, while ayush walks behind him with much difficulty. Lakshmi asks what did you say that peace comes in your life if I don’t talk. He says you say a lot, and says you say, but not much, when you don’t say then I don’t feel good. Lakshmi looks at him. He says do

you remember, once I had told, that when you speak, I feel peace. She asks what is truth, this thing or that. He asks why are you asking so much. Lakshmi asks I saw something which I didn’t see before. He asks what is it? Lakshmi says I saw how you support me, what my respect means to you, I saw what…He says your respect is more to mine, asks her to remember. Door bell rings. Balwinder is going to his house. He thinks Ayush is behind me, and says I am not that mad about Lakshmi, like he is mad about me. He is about to hit Ayush. Ayush holds the stick and fights with him. Balwinder holds the rod on his neck and he faints and falls down. Shalu hears the sound as this thing happen outside her house. Balwinder thinks if he has died and gets worried. He thinks if anyone saw this murder.

Police comes to Oberoi Mansion. Manoj opens the door. The constables come there. Dadi asks them to say. The lady constable says let our superior comes. Dadi gets worried and asks if anything has happened to Ayush. Malishka hears and thinks if Balwinder has killed Ayush. She thinks Sonia is already upset, and if anything happens to Ayush, then she will tell Neelam about me. She thinks now Police has come. Lakshmi tells that Bau ji called them here. Malishka thinks why did Balwinder kill him and thinks now the murder case will run on me also. She asks God to have some pity on her, as I loved Rishi more than Lakshmi. Lakshmi tells Dadi that they were worried for Ayush, then Bau ji came to our room. A fb is shown, Rishi tells that he will go and search Ayush. Lakshmi asks where you will go and search them. Virender comes there and says I talked to the Commissioner and told him everything. He says he understood and gave the case to the competent Inspector. Fb ends. Lakshmi says nothing has happened to Ayush. Malishka hears and thinks Dadi would have made her get heart attack. Rishi says Inspector is Singham. Dadi asks if he is Singham. Constable says double singham and tells about how he handled the cases. They praise their superior and tell that he hates lie and exposes the liars. She praises her more and says now he will take entry. Virender says Balwinder will not be saved now. Rishi says whoever is supporting balwinder, will be caught. Virender says Commissioner called the Inspector. Dadi says she wants to see who is this Singham. Lady Inspector comes there, whom they refer Madam Sir, Durga Devi Singh. Virender welcomes her.

Durga Devi says people wants to be away from Police, we are protectors and then also people gets afraid of us, I want this fear to go away from people, when they see Police, they shall feel safe and courageous. Virender says hearing you, I feel that the day will come near. Durga Devi says you have to help us, and tells that commissioner told her everything. She says you have kept Balwinder here and it was illegal. She says this shall be the last mistake, leave the law work on law, and tells that even Commissioner don’t interfere in her work. She says lets talk about Balwinder.

Malishka thinks lady Singham might end my work. She says first Lakshmi and now this Durga. Durga Devi sees Malishka upset and looks at her. Malishka smiles and thinks if I see nervous or scared, then she will doubt on me, and asks herself to be calm. Durga Devi asks Rishi, if he caught Balwinder and enquired with him. He says yes. She says good but not good and asks him not to show the bravery which makes him criminal. Neelam asks her to search Ayush and says he didn’t come home. Durga Devi says it is my work, I will search Ayush and Balwinder. She says I have come now, you don’t need to show your bravery. She looks at Malishka and asks who are you? Malishka says she is Malishka. Dadi says I am Rishi’s Dadi. Virender asks Dadi, how is Durga Devi? Dadi says she is Kali for Criminals. Lakshmi says Ayush shall come home soon.

Shalu comes out of the house. She sees Ayush unconsciously lying on the road. She runs to him and asks him to open his eyes. Ayush opens his eyes and says Balwinder. Shalu says I am Shalu, whom you call Aloo. Ayush says I didn’t lose my memory and asks where is Balwinder? He says he has eloped. Shalu says you have a head injury. He asks if she is mad since childhood. Shalu says I am helping you. Ayush says I don’t need your help and falls on her. She holds him. Song plays….suna hai…He asks what are you doing, don’t take chance on me. He says I am not type of guy. Shalu says you should have thanked God, as I have a big heart and holding you. Ayush asks her to leave him and says I am a man and can walk. He tries to walk and falls. Shalu says you are not a man and holds him, asks him to come with her. He smiles and looks at her. Song plays again.

Shalu asking Ayush, if he didn’t want to come. Ayush says you are talking so much and asks her to see his condition. He asks her to come. She brings him to her house. Ayush says I will walk by myself and falls down. Neha shouts hearing the sound. Rano says there is no ghost. Shalu scolds Ayush. Ayush looks at her and says enough. He gets up and again falls down. Shalu asks what are you doing, you are hurt and asks him not to say anything, and just listen to her. Neha says there is a guy and girl voice. The door opens. Ayush falls on Bani. Rano starts beating him with stick. Shalu asks Rano and says he is Ayush. Rano asks how did this happen? Bani asks who has done this to him. Ayush asks Shalu to ask how Bani is asking. Shalu says I asked you, but you didn’t listen due to the head injury. Rano asks Shalu to make him get up.

Ayush gets up with Shalu’s help and thanks Rano. He asks Bani to call Rishi and says my brother will come and take me. Shalu asks him to rest for now. Rano asks how did you know that Ayush is outside. Shalu says she heard the sound and went out, found him to be unconscious. Bani asks who did this to you? Ayush tells that Balwinder has done this. Rano asks Neha to see, how Shalu is attracting him. She scolds her and asks her to learn from Shalu, snatch Ayush from her. Neha comes to Ayush and gives him support. Shalu asks why is he smiling? Ayush asks Shalut to learn from Neha, how girls smile? Shalu thinks why he became Lakshmi’s dewar. Lakshmi gets Shalu’s call. She picks the call and it is Ayush on the call. Ayush tells that he is at her house, and asks her not to tell anyone that I am hurt. Lakshmi says when you come home then everyone will know. He says I am not much hurt, when I come home, they will see me and relax. Lakshmi says she will come there to pick him. Ayush says no and tells that he is fine. Rishi scolds him for not calling him and says I will take you to hospital. Ayush says he is fine and saying truth. He says I am little hurt, but not much. Rishi says ok. Lakshmi asks Ayush to ask Shalu to take care of him. He says she is taking good care of me and that’s why I am here, and I am getting peace here. He tells Lakshmi that her vibes are here. Shalu says sister also. They argue. Ayush asks will you not ask about Balwinder. Rishi says my brother comes first. Ayush says I love you and tells that Balwinder had escaped. Rishi says we will catch him. Ayush throws Shalu’s phone. Shalu says you have thrown my phone.

Lakshmi tells Rishi that they shall go out and tell everyone that Ayush is fine. He says he can’t lie. He calls Virender and tells that Ayush called and said that he is safe, and will be coming home in sometime. Virender asks about balwinder. Rishi says he has escaped and may be he will be caught by Durga Devi. Virender informs Neelam that Ayush is fine. Neelam asks him to inform Karishma and Dadi. Neelam thinks where is Ayush?

Ayush asks Shalu to give him water. Neha collides with Shalu and argues. Rano asks Shalu to go to side and says Neha will bring water. Neha goes. Rano asks Ayush what had happened actually and asks if Balwinder has done this to you. Ayush says it is a long story and says everything is happening due to him. Rano thinks Balwinder is becoming elephant from ant and hopes Neha and Ayush shall come closer. Shalu cleans Ayush’s injury with her dupatta. Ayush looks at her. Rano and Bani look at them. Rano thinks she is owl’s mother and have sent Neha to bring water, and Shalu doesn’t leave any chance. Neha brings water and gives to Ayush, before he could hold the glass, she drops. The glass falls down. Bani says I will bring. Rano asks Shalu if we don’t have napkin that you are cleaning with your dupatta. Shalu brings napkin and cleans his injury. She then makes him drink water. Rano signs Neha to see it. Neha thinks it is good that my glass fell down, else he would have made me Servant. Rano takes Neha to side and asks did you see? Neha says Ayush made Shalu as Servant. Rano says she will become Maharani and will win his heart. She says Lakshmi is already there, and now Shalu will also go there. Neha says she will get Rishi. Rano says Malishka is behind Rishi and asks her not to think that she can get Rishi. She asks her to woo Ayush. Shalu says I will bring first aid box. Ayush says good idea. Suna hai plays…..Ayush looks at Shalu as she cleans his injury. Rano asks Ayush how is he feeling? She asks him to think neha’s house as his house and tells that they have forgotten whatever happened during Ahana’s engagement. She says she made Lakshmi understood so much.

Malishka comes to Kiran and asks her to get up. Kiran wakes up and says let me sleep, Balwinder has eloped. Malishka tells that another Devi came, inspector Durga Devi Singh will catch Balwinder. She says she wants to run away from Oberois, this house etc. She says I have lost, and that Lakshmi has won.

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