Unfortunate love update Sunday 2 July 2023

Unfortunate love 2 July 2023: The Episode starts with Durga Devi asking them that she needs information from them, but whoever she asks, shall reply and not others. She says think it as rule or request, but others shall not interfere, if anyone wants to say then shall say later. She says whoever has work can go to their rooms. Virender asks Neelam to come. Durga Devi asks Malishka, if she wants to be the part of this meeting and asks if she wants to hear them or wants to say something. Malishka thinks why she is behaving this way, as if she is doubtful on me. Kiran says we were going. Durga Devi asks who are you? Kiran says I am her mother. Durga Devi says I understood. Dadi asks can I have breakfast as I have diabetes. She asks her to have breakfast.

Durga Devi says she is on duty and when she catches the criminal, she will have breakfast with her, as a daughter and not as Inspector. She asks if there is any place, where we can talk. Virender says Ayush’s room. Ayush says yes. Neelam asks her to get the guilty punished. Durga Devi says criminal can’t be saved from her.Shalu tells Bani that Rano wants to fix Ayush and Neha together. Bani says it is not good. Shalu says Ayush shall see Chachi’s truth. Bani says Chachi might get their roka done, as no other girl likes him. Neha and Rano come there. Neha asks Rano why did she reply to Ayush’s mom. Rano asks did I start the fight? Shalu asks what happened? Rano says they thought as if we don’t have respect. Bani asks what happened? Neha says don’t ask, she says we went to drop Ayush there.

She says Ayush was impressed and thanked me 50 times, and her mother destroyed everything. She asks Rano to get her married in a house like her. Shalu says I had told you not to go. Rano says I thought we will have relation with them, and don’t know what they thought about themselves. She says they were talking about throwing Lakshmi out, and says don’t know how she handles them. She asks them to make ginger tea for them.

Rishi says Ayush is not here, else would have get happy seeing the food. Dadi looks at kheer and gets happy. Virender says you have diabetes. Lakshmi says I made sugar free sweets for you. Dadi says she is my real bahu after Neelam. Servant says Lakshmi bhabhi has made our favorite food also. Virender says she made my favorite food too. Dadi blesses her. Rishi praises Lakshmi. Malishka is worried thinking what Durga Devi is asking Ayush. She makes Laskshmi fall and then scolds her. Neelam taunts Lakshmi and says I didn’t ask her to work as Servants. Karishma says we don’t give her respect like Servants, but she stays here shamelessly. She says her Chachi is always shameless to do drama. Neelam says yes, and says she said that Lakshmi is here due to her bhagya. She says I will not let this house and family come in her bhagya. Rishi says Mom Please. Neelam says she was challenging me. Lakshmi says it was not my mistake, Malishka’s leg came on my leg and I slipped.

Malishka says I don’t want to argue and apologizes to her. Karishma scolds her. Virender asks them to have food. Rishi says Lakshmi said that it is not her mistake. Dadi asks everyone to have breakfast and asks where is Sonia and Ahana. Lakshmi says they are sleeping. Dadi asks her to have food. Malishka goes from there. Rishi asks Lakshmi to sit and have breakfast, as nobody ignores Dadi’s orders. Kiran asks Rishi, how you will feel, if you have to sit and eat food with the enemy. Rishi says Lakshmi is not our enemy, and whoever did bad with her, is our enemy. He says about the negativity, this food is the proof. Neelam asks why is he arguing with Kiran? Rishi says I was clearing aunty’s misunderstanding. Karishma asks Lakshmi what magic she has done on Rishi.

Rishi says no magic, sometimes we shall think how are we talking to her? Neelam asks him to think how is he talking to them. He says Mom. Lakshmi stops him. Kiran gets up. Lakshmi tells Kiran that she is not sitting to have food, and asks her to eat food.Ayush tells Durga Devi that Rishi is the best son, brother and husband. She asks if he is best husband. Ayush says ofcourse. Malishka tries to hear them and keep her ear on the door. Durga Devi asks him to tell everything about Balwinder. Ayush says if I had caught him, then would have brought him here. She says she will catch him. Ayush says I will tell you everything from start and says he was driver at our house. He tells everything that Balwinder had come and claimed to be Lakshmi’s baby’s father. Durga Devi says Balwinder’s target is Lakshmi. He says yes.

Durga Devi says so you people think that someone is behind him. Ayush says yes. He asks if the info is useful. She says the pot gets filled with the drops. She says whatever you told, is enough for now. She goes out and sees Malishka going.Lakshmi is in the kitchen and thinks about Karishma’s words. Rishi comes there and asks why you didn’t reply. She says you are here? Lakshmi says why you didn’t reply to everyone outside. He asks her not to bear and gave reply to whoever telling bad to you. He says I had told you after marriage. She says yes, you have told me, not to hear your bad talks. He says you are scolding me now. She asks him to go out and have food. Rishi says you didn’t leave chance to hold me. He asks why she is not eating food? She says she don’t want to eat. He says this paratha doesn’t have the salt and that’s why you are not eating. He makes her eat. Lakshmi says it has salt in it. Rishi asks her to eat again.

She says it has salt and makes him eat. He bites her finger. She says you bit my finger intentionally. He says no and asks her to have food. He says if you bite my hand, then I will kiss you. Lakshmi smiles and eats the food. He makes her have the food, and says he was just teasing her that salt is not in it, just wanted to make her eat. Lakshmi also makes him eat. They make each other have food. He says make me eat, if I bite your finger then you can kiss me. Lakshmi looks on smiling.

Rishi asking Lakshmi to make him eat, if he bites her finger then she can kiss him. She says I will eat. He says I will not bite and says Cement promise. He eats with her hand and then makes her eat with his hand. Malishka looks at them and gets jealous and upset. Rishi and Lakshmi continue to feed food to each other. Rishi wipes his mouth with her Pallu. Durga Devi says she has enquired with Ayush and got to know many things. She says she needs to talk to one more person. Malishka comes there. Durga Devi looks at her. Karishma asks whom you want to talk. Durga Devi says I hope that person cooperates with me. Virender says everyone will cooperate. Dadi says she can ask her. Durga devi says she didn’t want to ask her. She says she wants to ask Lakshmi. She asks Lakshmi to tell everything. Lakshmi says lets go to Rishi and my room. Durga Devi says ok. Malishka gets tensed.Rishi also comes there. Durga Devi asks Rishi to go. Rishi says I want to be with Lakshmi. Durga Devi says you can go and asks him not to be scared. Rishi says with whatever happened, Lakshmi is most effected, I don’t want her to feel weak or alone, so I will stay with her. It is a humble request.

Durga says I heard that you both are taking divorce, and then also you are supporting her. She says if you want to stay here, then I don’t have any objection. She asks lakshmi not to feel bad, with her questions. Lakshmi says I didn’t see Inspector like you. Durga Devi says I heard that your marriage was fixed with Balwinder, and asks her to tell from the scratch. Lakshmi says she is from Gurdaspur. She says on my marriage day, we met with an accident, and my parents had died. She says before his death, my Bau ji had taken promise from Chacha ji to get me married. She says I came with Chacha and Chachi to Mumbai and Chachi fixed my marriage with Balwinder, and I agreed as it was my father’s wish. She says Balwinder had taken me to a hotel and tried to molest me, and told Chachi that I don’t want to marry, but she didn’t agree. She says then on the marriage day, fire was caught and I saved Rishi there. She says marriage was called off then. Balwinder tried again to get married to me. Then Bau ji came and proposed Rishi and my marriage.

She says Balwinder tried to kidnap me during my marriage with Rishi and now about the pregnancy, he said that the baby is his. Rishi holds her hand. Lakshmi says Balwinder was already married twice.Durga Devi says this is enough for now and leaves. Lakshmi keeps her head on his chest and cries. Rishi pacifies her. Durga Devi asks Constable if he comes to know anything about Balwinder’s friend. Constable says yes. Lady constable tells her about Balwinder’s wife death. Durga Devi asks for the call records and says we came to know that Balwinder tried to elope when he was at home. She says someone might have helped him and says her sight is stuck on Malishka.

Malishka gets angry and says Lakshmi will snatch Rishi from me, and he is romancing with her. She says I went to Balwinder and risked my life and love for Rishi. She says Lakshmi will have his life and I will have the handcuff. Rishi and Lakshmi collide in their room.Lakshmi says sorry. Rishi says I held you as you was about to fall. He says I will never let you fall and will hold your hand always. Lakshmi recalls and gets teary eyes. She asks forever. He says I will never let you fall. Dadi and Ahana come there and try to hear them. Rishi asks what do you want to hear. Lakshmi asks if you will hold me always. He says I will hold you always. Lakshmi gets teary eyes. Rishi says no and asks if tanker is fit in your eyes. He says I will be with you always, don’t cry. He says I can be with you, until you want. Lakshmi says I got emotional.

She asks what do you want? He asks what do you want? Ayush comes and stands outside with Dadi and Ahana. Rishi asks whose question was it? It was mine. Lakshmi says I want…she says this four times. Rishi asks what? They smile. Ayush says come on, express love to each other. Ahana says love shall be expressed today. Ayush gets inside the room and falls down. Rishi asks what are you doing? Lakshmi says Ayush.Malishka picks the broken cups. Kiran asks what are you doing and asks if she broke the things angrily. She says you are in Oberoi house. Malishka asks her not to lecture her when she is upset. She says sorry and regrets to involve Balwinder. She says I might thrown out of the house, and says she is very scared and don’t know what to do. Kiran says you have lost, so will you sit quiet.

She asks her to make things right. malishka asks her not to make her feel that she has lost. Kiran says defeat and victory will happen in a war. She asks Malishka to do something. Malishka asks what she shall do.Balwinder thinks Malishka made him horse, what to do? He asks a guy, if he can make a call from his mobile. The guy gives him money. Balwinder thinks what was Malishka’s number. He calls Malishka. Malishka thinks who is he, I will not pick the call from Unknown number. He calls her again. Malishka rejects call again. Balwinder returns the phone. Malishka thinks some charity fund guy is calling her. Kiran says it might be Balwinder’s call. Malishka calls on that number. The guy thinks the goon type guy might break his phone and says it was wrong number. Malishka gets upset. She asks Kiran what to do? Neelam comes there and asks her to make Rishi hers.

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