Twist of Fate update Wednesday 10 January 2024

Twist of fate 10 January 2024: The Episode starts with Akshay telling Prachi that if he had not loved the girl and if she had called him bad, then he would have felt bad. Prachi says you have named the flaw as beautiful. Akshay tells her that one sided love is always beautiful and I am lucky that I can see you. He says in two sided love, you both have expectations, and when it breaks then you get hurt. He says in one sided love, there is no insult and when the person smiles, then your day is made.

Prachi thinks of Ranbir and says both sided love hurts a lot, pains a lot. Akshay thanks her for not loving him two sided love and thanks for loving him the way she wants (as a friend). He says you care for me and if you care more, it will be bonus. He says if anyone wants to give me a chance to change something in my married life, then I don’t want to change anything or don’t want anything, as you are with me and I am very lucky.

Mihika tells Ranbir that she is very lucky to found him, and he is really good, but she can’t do the rituals with him. Prachi tells Akshay they can’t do the rituals together, and tells that they can act, but she doesn’t want to play with puja. Akshay says we will do something that everyone will feel that we have done the puja. Ranbir tells Mihika that he will plan something so that everyone thinks that they have done puja.

Everyone comes to the hall. Ranbir takes the dhol/drum from the dhol guy and plays the dhol. Akshay too takes the dhol and plays it. Everyone claps for them.

The ladies sing the song bhangra ta sachda…Manpreet, Vishaka and others dance. Mihika, Divya and Neha dance. Mihika goes to Ranbir and he holds her. Prachi looks on. Akshay have a dance. Ranbir, Abhay and others dance. Manpreet and Ashok along with others start dancing. Vishaka takes him from there. Ranbir and Prachi look at each other while dancing.

Mihika sees Prachi looking at Ranbir and he is also looking at her and forwarding his hand towards her. Prachi is about to hold his hand, when Mihika holds his hand and starts dancing. Akshay comes to Prachi. Pandit ji asks everyone to come to the swing. Prachi says she will bring flower basket. Mihika asks Prachi if I shall ask you something. Prachi asks her to ask straightaway. Mihika asks do you like Ranbir? She asks her to say. Prachi recalls seeing Ranbir with Mihika, and says she don’t like him. Mihika says I thought you like him for me. Ranbir hears her. Mihika says I thought you likes him for me. Prachi says yes I like him for you, he has many qualities, he is courageous and good. She goes on praising him, saying he is very expressive about his feelings, and tells that he will fight for his love and will not let tears come in his love’s eyes. Mihika feels love for him and thinks about their moments. Ranbir smiles hearing her. Prachi says his smile is good, which connects love and heart relation which can never break, such person is Ranbir. She turns and sees Ranbir standing.

Ashok tells Akshay that he has been doing this rasam since years, but it is of no use. Akshay asks what? Ashok tells that your mother and I have done the rasam well, but our married life was not good. He asks Akshay not to feel bad if they don’t do the rasam well. Manpreet tells Ashok that they have done the rasams well, that’s why she is here. Vishaka says Ashok doesn’t want to hear her, and that’s why he brought manpreet back. Divya asks what had happened between Mama and mami? Vishaka says leave it, it is better not to know. Akshay asks him to leave the past and come.

Ranbir thinks of Prachi’s words and asks if I am so good, expressive of my feelings, connects relation with smile etc then why did you leave me. Ranbir asking Prachi if his smile joins every relation, then why did you leave me, Prachi….Prachi looks at him. Ranbir goes. He comes to the balcony. Prachi comes there and asks if that nonsense was needed which you said just now. He asks what? She says you said that I left you, and says you have created misunderstanding between us and we were distanced. She says you had many complaints with me, but you have never understood your responsibility so couldn’t fulfill it. She says I just wanted a happy family, but what I got in return, anger, misunderstanding, betrayal, accusations….Ranbir asks what I wanted, according to you, only I have done wrong.

He asks her to remember what had happened and because of whom. He says you wanted a happy family, but I wanted just you. She slips and the plate falls in air. Ranbir holds her. The flowers fall on them. Song plays….galliyan….Vishaka comes there and sees Prachi in Ranbir’s embrace. She asks Divya to call everyone. Divya calls everyone. Pandit ji tells everyone that there are two swings, in one swing, unmarried girls will swing, and on the another swing, married girls shall sit and their husband shall make it swing. Vishaka asks him to tell the importance of it. Pandit ji says if they are able to swing well, then their married life will be good. He asks Ashok and Manpreet to come first. Vishaka says coconut shall be broken first. Divya jokes. Vishaka goes to get coconut and collides with Ranbir. He holds her. Vishaka smiles and says you are very energetic. He says sometimes he exercise. Vishaka says you holds everyone who falls. She doubts him. Ranbir asks why you are doubting me. Vishaka asks shall I ask you something. Ranbir says it seems you want to ask controversial question. He says he had a struggling life. Vishaka asks Ranbir who was in his life before Mihika. She asks him to say what went wrong? Ranbir tells that there was a girl, he doesn’t want to love her at first, but fell in love with her. He says everything was good, then we had a fight, and says we used to love a lot. Vishaka asks what was that girl’s name. Ranbir is about to tell her, when Manpreet comes there and takes Vishaka with her. Ranbir asks what he was doing, he was telling her about Prachi.

Mihika talks to Micky and asks why did he do this with her. Her hands get shaken up and she cries. Ranbir comes there and sees Mihika crying. He hugs her and asks what happened? He says if you don’t want to say then its ok. He says I will save you like always. Prachi comes there and says Pandit ji is calling everyone.

Pandit ji asks Ashok and Manpreet to walk towards the swing and says we will know how their married life will be. Everyone counts as Ashok makes Manpreet swing 7 times. Pandit ji tells that their married life will be good, mata rani has blessed them. Vishaka says lets see. Manpreet says let the kids do now. Pandit ji asks Akshay and Prachi to come. Prachi sits on the swing. Akshay asks her to sit backwards (so that she can swing on her own) as he acts to push it. Prachi thinks of Ranbir and Mihika hugging and falls down from the swing. Ranbir and Akshay run to her. They hold her. Akshay says I will take her inside. Vishaka says let the rasam continue. Ranbir asks Prachi to be careful. They make her sit on the sofa. Akshay asks her to show what happened? Ranbir asks him to bring first aid box. Mihika asks Prachi what happened? Ranbir looks at her feet. Prachi says she is fine. Ranbir scolds Prachi and says she is hurt and saying she is fine. Mihika asks why you are angry. Ranbir says you shall angry on your brother, as he couldn’t handle your bhabhi. Akshay comes back and hears him. Prachi tells that it is his habit to over react. He says this is called care. Vishaka and Manpreet hear them. Ranbir then realizes and tells that he cares for her, as she is related to Mihika and that’s why related to him also. Vishaka asks Akshay to come, and they go. Manpreet looks at Prachi and Ranbir as they argue. Prachi says he doesn’t know how to apply ointment also.

Another lady falls down from the swing and accuses her husband. Pandit ji says their relation will be like this for few years. Next Mihika’s turn comes, Ranbir tells that he doesn’t know really to push the swing well, but he will try and tells that Mihika might fall down if she don’t hold it properly. He makes Mihika swing well and hugs her. Ashok appreciates Ranbir and says I like this guy, he will become our house damad, and says the alliance is fixed from my side.

Ranbir and Mihika look surprised. Prachi looks on upset. Divya, Neha, Abhay say that they are soulmates. Ashok asks Ranbir to talk to his Mom and dad. Akshay says it is yes from my side too. Prachi is upset and goes. Ranbir says there is so much noise here, and tells that there is no signal. Vishaka says signal is there that side.

Ranbir goes. Mihika comes behind him. Ranbir says he tried to make her family hate him, but don’t know how they liked him. Mihika says she understands that he wants to prove that he is one woman man, the way he looks at Prachi. Ranbir is shocked.

 Mihika telling Ranbir that she has noticed that he wants to show Prachi that he is a one woman man. She says we will talk later, but now go and tell everyone that nobody is picking the call in your house. Ranbir thanks her for understanding him. Mihika says you don’t need to act, you are really good. She smiles. Prachi thinks about Ashok’s words, and asks him to go and tell that they can’t get Mihika and Ranbir’s alliance fixed. She says I don’t think that Ranbir is good for Mihika. Akshay says Mihika told me that you like him and says even I like him, and praises him. He says Ranbir loves Mihika a lot. Prachi says I told everything, as I wanted Mihika to feel better. Akshay asks what is the problem, why you don’t like him. He says I thought you like him. Prachi says there is nothing in him which is good. She says when Mihika had fallen then everyone ran to save her. Akshay says he is good and earns well. Prachi asks what do you mean, can’t we take care of Mihika. Akshay says I mean in totality, he is good. Prachi says you don’t know him. Akshay says I know that he was with your sister. Prachi asks him to stop it and tells that her gut feeling is saying this. Akshay says I will ask Dad to stop all this for time being and take a decision later. Manpreet comes there and tells that Prachi told Ranbir that she knows him well. She says Prachi might get angry on him, because of her sister. Akshay tells that Prachi is very protective about Mihika and that’s why she is concerned. Manpreet says I am not against her and tells that Prachi is also like my child and tells that she is lucky to have such a daughter in law. She says even you are lucky.

Vishaka calls everyone for puja. Pandit ji does the aarti. Manpreet tells Prachi that she has heard them talking and asks her not to think much. She tells that every person shall get a chance. Pandit ji asks all the jodis to come forward. Pandit ji asks Akshay and Prachi to take rounds around Shiv and parvati ji and asks Ranbir and Mihika to take rounds around the kalash.

Prachi thinks how they will be saved. Vishaka plays the marriage mantras on her mobile. Pandit ji asks her to stop it. Vishaka says one couple is married and one couple will be getting married. Pandit ji says ok, I will chant the marriage mantras. While Akshay-Prachi and Mihika and Ranbir taking the rounds, suddenly light goes off. Vishaka tries to go and slips. Akshay holds her and tells that he will go and check. Vishaka says 6 rounds was completed, just one left. Ranbir says even I will come. They come to the fuse box. Ranbir finds the fuse on the box and tells Akshay that the person is thoughtful to keep it here. Akshay says someone has done this intentionally to separate us from our couple, and tells that outside rituals are going on, and here. Ranbir says lets go and complete the rituals.

Divya and Neha tell that the neighbors have cut the light due to jealousy. Manpreet asks Vishaka how is she? Vishaka says she slipped because of the water on the floor. Ranbir and Akshay come back. Ranbir tells that only their light were gone. Akshay tells that someone had taken out the fuse. Vishaka doubts Prachi. Ranbir coughs and goes to drink water. Mihika recalls Ranbir telling that he will do something. He goes to the electrician who is doing the decorations and asked him to take out the fuse at the right time.

He asks him to call him beta and tells that he is doing this for good purpose, and not for any bad thing. He says I will message you, and then pull the fuse. Fb ends. Ranbir goes to the electrician and thanks him, and asks him not to tell anyone. He asks what and pretends to be forgiven. Ranbir thanks him. The electrician tells that he is poor, and is from the same village as Ashok Tandon, and even his surname is Tandon, but they didn’t know. He says I know that they were forcing you to do the rasam, and that’s why you took my help. He tells that these rituals were not there before. Ranbir hugs him and says you are real Tandon for me. He forcibly keeps money in his pocket. Prachi looks at him. She asks Sangeeta to go and recalls Ranbir’s words. He comes to her and asks what? Prachi thinks something is wrong.

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