Twist of fate update Tuesday 9 January 2024

Twist of fate 9 January 2024: The Episode starts with Ranbir assuring Mihika that all the family members will hate him after whatever he will do, but not now. Mihika goes. Ranbir thinks he can’t go so early. Akshay asks Vishaka to listen and says everything is fine between us. Vishaka says he can’t fool her and asks her to say what does he mean by he wants to win her heart. He says I love Prachi a lot, but today she is angry and when I held her hand, she brushes off my hand, so I told her that I want to touch her heart.

Vishaka says you can fool others, but not me. Akshay says I like when you care for my me and my marriage. Vishaka says I have seen married women having affairs and then the guys get blamed.

Prachi thinks of Ranbir and thinks he didn’t come for Mihika, but came for me. Ranbir comes to her and asks what she is thinking? Prachi says I know well, what is going on in your mind. She says I know that you came for me. Ranbir says you understand me so well. Prachi says we never had understanding, just had fights. She says you was lucky that I was with you in your life, and I was the best among others. He asks if we are best together then why did we separate? He goes. Prachi thinks even now her heart feels and beats for him, and thinks how can you think bad for me. Vishaka asks Ashok to see Ranbir’s behavior with Prachi and Mihika. Ashok asks Vishaka what is going on in her heart, and asks her not to create puzzle. They see Ranbir going to Mihika. Manpreet comes to Vishaka and Ashok. Vishaka says Manpreet came, she feels that I fill your ears. Ashok asks her to say. Vishaka tells that Ranbir was about to marry Prachi’s sister, but he didn’t marry her. She tells that the equation between Ranbir and Prachi is different, and is not of relatives. She says I will prove, how Prachi looks at Ranbir. Prachi comes there, and looks at Ranbir. Ranbir also looks at her and turns his face. Prachi recalls his words and gets upset. Mihika tells Ranbir that she will get something from her room. She is about to go, when she slips and the marbles fall down from her hands. Prachi is about to fall too. Ranbir and Akshay run to save them. Prachi thinks Ranbir came to save her, but Ranbir runs past her and holds Mihika.

Akshay comes and holds Prachi from falling down. Prachi says it is good that you saved me, else I would have fallen down. She is angry on Ranbir. Ashok tells Vishaka that Ranbir saved Mihika. Vishaka says may be she is wrong. Mihika says sorry to Ranbir and tells that marbles had fallen down. Ranbir says it is not your mistake and asks her not to worry. Mihika recalls Micky scolding her infront of people when she had fallen down and her friend saying that all guys are same. Ranbir asks Mihika if she is hurt and tells that he will give her medicine. He takes her from there. Mihika asks how does he know what medicine to take. He jokes that he got injured many times and had the medicine. He says he used to tease the girls standing on the crossway, and then says he is joking. Ranbir apologizes to her that he was drunk when they first met. She says you have saved me that time. She says sorry for thinking him as the boss of the goons for sometime. He asks her not to feel bad.

Manpreet praises Ranbir for saving Mihika. Divya and Neha tell that Ranbir doesn’t care about others and took Mihika to room. Vishaka says may be I was wrong. Akshay says even I shall apologize to Ranbir for thinking him wrong. Ashok says he liked him when he saw him for the first time. They tell that Mihika selected the right guy for the first time. Divya and Neha tell that Ranbir is Shahrukh of Mihika. Vishaka asks who is Shahrukh. Abhay says our driver and jokes. Prachi hears them. Servant tells that he is Sarvagunn sampan and really good. Vishaka says Ranbir is a good guy and asks Prachi. Prachi says yes, and goes upset. Akshay notices her. Ashok says you should have tell your feelings to her. Akshay smiles.

Ranbir applies ointment to Mihika’s hand. Mihika says there is nobody here, and asks him not to act. Ranbir says I am not acting, I am really caring for you and asks if you didn’t get any good guy before. Mihika says you are so good and asks about the girl who was in his life. She says don’t you talk to her. He says we talk, but not on phone. Ranbir says I love her even now, but she hates me. Mihika says you are sweet and asks how can anyone hate you. He says I wish she would have see me from your sight. Mihika looks at him smilingly as he blows on her hand. Divya, Abhay and Neha look at them from outside. Prachi also comes there and gets upset seeing him with Mihika. They come inside. Ranbir asks Prachi to come inside too. Prachi says I have some work and goes. Neha teases them. Abhay says you can continue. Ranbir says I will go now, you can make your sister as heroine and make me Shahrukh. He comes to the kitchen and asks Prachi, if she is fine? Prachi says I am very much fine, no need to ask. She says Akshay will ask me, and he takes care of me, so no need to ask me. Ranbir smiles and tells that you are looking cute. Prachi asks him not to flirt. He says I was concerned as you had fallen down from stairs. Prachi says you was not there, else would have held me.

 Prachi asking Ranbir not to flirt with her. Ranbir says no, I am not flirting and tells that he asked as he fell from the stairs. Prachi asks if you was there, and tells that yes, you was there, but didn’t save me. She says you care for Mihika and not me. He asks if she is angry and jealous that he didn’t save her. He says next time, I will save you. Prachi goes from there. Mihika tells Neha, Divya and Abhay that Ranbir is really good with everyone and helped her even before they didn’t know each other. They tell that even they want guy like him. Akshay tells Abhay that Bua will do tandav if he wants guy. He apologizes to Mihika for misunderstanding her. Neha and Divya tell that Mihika is lucky.

Prachi is in her room. Her innerself/soul tells her that she is jealous. Prachi tells that he has come for Mihika and not for me. She tells that she don’t want any memories, and wants him to go away from me. Her innerself says liar, I will tell you what is truth. She tells her she loves him and that why she feels peaceful seeing him and hugging him and tells that he has come for Mihika here. Prachi thinks she shall not remember good memories, but shall remember only the bad things which he has done with her, and tells that she shall remember how he has broken her heart. She says he doesn’t mean to her anymore, as he has come for Mihika.

Ranbir collides with Prachi and says sorry. Prachi says if I had died. Ranbir says this is house and not garden. Prachi says yes. He asks why is she overreacting as he is not giving her attention…..Prachi says she doesn’t care. Ranbir says we shall move on from this fight, and tells that Mihika is not like her. He says we should have ended this fight, but you want to do chik chik..Prachi says if I am chikchiki, then you are baklu as you talk nonsense. Akshay hears them and asks what is Chikchiki and Baklu.

Pandit ji comes there and asks them to call the married couples and unmarried couples to swing on the swinger. Akshay asks them what is going on? He says I don’t understand and asks them to say. Ranbir tells him that he collides with her and said sorry, and she started chik chik, and that’s why he called him Chikchiki. He asks how do you stay with her. Prachi says everyone thinks that he is a diamond, but no..he is baklu. Akshay says Prachi is really good. Ranbir tells that he knows her better. Akshay says you know her when you was with Rhea. He tells that it is not easy to handle Mihika, and tells that he is checking his background. Ranbir asks him to check. Akshay tells Ranbir that where there is a love, there is a fight, like you both. He says she is Mihika’s bhabhi so there is her relation with you, and tells that his eyes are on him. Ranbir says you can test me and tells that he loves her. Akshay says it is difficult to handle Mihika. Ranbir says he has seen more difficult girls. Akshay says I was just alerting you.

Mihika asks Pandit ji to see her hand. Pandit ji says not now, as mahurat is not right. Prachi greets him. Ashok tells that Mihika will get engaged soon and asks him to come there. Pandit ji tells that this year the mahurat is so good that came after 16 years and tells that the husband and wife and the unmarried couples also take the round, but they shall have true feelings for each other, else they will not get true love in life. Prachi and Mihika go from there. Akshay and Ranbir go behind them.

Mihika shares her worries with Ranbir that unmarried couple take round around kalash, but shall have true feelings. Prachi tells that she has done wrong. Akshay tells Prachi that he will not judge you. Prachi tells that she feels that she has snatched his happiness, and tells that she married him for her daughter, but she has done wrong. She says if he had married a girl who loves him, then his life would be happy. Akshay tells that his life funda is the one that he shall marry the person he loves, and tells that he gets very happy when she is happy. He says if I had married the person whom I don’t love and if the person tries to win my heart, and then it will be wrong to hurt her feelings.

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