Vani Rani update Saturday 11 May 2024

Vani Rani 11 may 2024: Scene 1Vidi says to Adi you people can never know the pain that i went through. My family wanted to kill me. I didn’t have a home. Parkash saved my life. My family thought I am a bad symbol. Parkash proved them wrong.

Rani says don’t tell us these self made stories. What do you want from us? Vani comes and says what are you all doing here? You don’t need to give these liars a justification. I trust you and that should be enough. Vani takes her to her room.

At night, Nandani meets Radhay. She says Adi and sid are fighting each other. Sartak and adi already hate each other. Radhay says wew ill ruin this house. He tells her what to do.Nandani says to sid I want to talk to you. I was thinking to setup a pooja in the house. He says of course you can. Sid hugs her and comes close to her. He says I will always love you. You are such a nice girl. Sid hugs her. Vani calls Sid.

Scene 2At night, Nandani comes to Vidi’s room. anajli is hidden beneath the bed. Vidi says what are you here for? She says I didn’t want to scare you. I know your pain. You lost your husband in this age and all these people hate you. I am with you in this house. vidi says what are you trying to say? Nandai says we can ruin this house together. They got me wrong like you as well. Vidi says please go from here. I have no such intentions. Anjali says why was Nandani trying to befriend Vidi? Anajli sneaks out.

Anjali says to adi I want to show you something. Prabha comes to Adi. Prabha says you did right last night.Vani asks Sid to read a file. He reads it and is dazed. He says mama this is wrong. I won’t let you do this.Prabha says to Adi we should all unite against this trouble. SId says yes we should decide what to do against Vidi. What can we do? Prabha says when vani goes office I will kick her out. Anjali says no we have to prove her wrong. Rani says I an idea that Vidi is not Parkash’s wife. Prabha says tell us. Rani tells them what to do.

Vani says this property is of 3 crore. Sid says mama you gave our land to her? Sid says how can you do this. Vani says this is my final decision.

Nandani brings Vidi juice. Vidi says I dont’ want it. Please go from here. I don’t have a place to go. I don’t know what to do. I want to kill myself. Nandani says don’t say that. Vani is a really nice woman. She wants to give you a life. She is doing a sacrifice for you. She is giving you a property. But your love is priceless. I know your pain. I think you should ask for more money. You have right on this house. Vidi says I don’t want money. Please go. Nandani says If I were at your place I would have ruined their lives. We should shake hands. We will take everything from them. Its about time we should take everything from this. This is your right. Vidi says enough leave me alone or I will tell everyone. Nandani leaves.

Anjali tells Rani what happened last night. ANjali says Nandani is trying to shake hands with Vidi. Anjali and Rani ask nandani what was she doing in Vidi’s room? She says I went to give her juice. I am trying to help her. Adi says you are supporting her? Sid comes and says she isn’t doing anything wrong. Mama is the problem who has decided to give her property. Everyone is dazed. Rani says we need to do something. Prabha says don’t do anything I will work on it. I will expose Vidi. I will kick her out of this house. Nandani says what will you do? Prabha says If i tell you you will tell her. You can’t fool me. If you wanna stay in this house you have to stay away from her. GO and call her here.

Scene 2Prabha calls Vidi. She says according to you, you are Parkash’s wife. You have to answer my questions to prove that. VAni says What are you doing. Prabha says just satisfying. Prabha asks what was Parkash allergic to? Vidi says from nothing. Prabha smirks. Vidi says other than just brinjals with peanuts. Everyone is dazed. Prabha says Parkash had a childhood bruise. Where was it? She says on his chest. With five stitches. Everyone is dazed. Prabha asks when did he get this bruise and how? Vidi says he went to Mela and fell from the ride. He was taken to Bhopal. Everyone is dazed. Prabha says how you know all this? Prabha says I saw that bruise and he told me. Vani says enough. Don’t make this drama anymore. Enough. She takes Vidi to her room.

Prabha comes to her room. The fan falls on her. She screams. Everyone comes to her room and sees her injured. They are all dazed. Doctor checks her. He says the bruise isn’t very deep. She needs restt. Vani says everyone leave the room. Rani says Nandani I want to talk to you. Bring Vidi as well.Vidi asks Rani you called me? Rani says I saw you near Ma ji’s room. After that fan fell. Vidi says what are you trying to say? Rani says answer me. you didn’t even come to her room. Vidi says I felt bad but I was just out. She was mad at me so I didn’t come to her. Rani says so it was an accident. I know you did something. Tell me what you did. Nandani says ma.. I think you are accusing her of no reason. It was an accident. It was old fan. Don’t blame her. Vidi says I have nothing to do with it. This is a big allegation. I will leave this house. I shouldn’t have come here.

Scene 1VAni says you people are accusing her of what you have done. She is only 20. Can’t you see her tears. Vani says nandani take vidi to her room. Vani leaves as well.Rani comes to Nandani. She says I dont’ know what you are planning. You are doing a mistake by helping Vidi. If she harms our family I wont leave her or anyone else. Stay away from her. Nandani says we should give her some money and ask her to leave. Rani says I know how well you think of my family. Better come on track.

Kaviya brings Prabha on breakfast table. Vidi comes as well. Prabha says Kaviya keep me away from her. She is harming us all. Vani she did this to me. I wont’ let her live in this house. Give her money and ask her to get out or you will see my dead face.

Scene 2Anjali says dadi was right. Someone did it. Can Vidi kill someone? Adi says I don’t know who is doing what. She says let me show you something. She shows him a hospital bill. Anjali says we need to check it.Adi and Anjali come to hospital. They inquire about the bill but receptionist says no. Anjali and Adi sneak into the record room.Anjali finds a record related to vidi. She shows it to Adi. Bhaskar Ghosh. Anjali says this is Vidi’s relative but she said she has no one in the world. We have to find him to tell us about Vidi.

Rani and Bijli give Prabah med. Vidi comes. Prabha says ask her to get out of my room. Rani says whhy are you here? She says I brought haldi for her. Prabha says stay away from me. She shoves it. She says I don’t want it. you have destroyed my family. Vani Rani started talking to eaach other and then you came. Go from here.If you stay here I will die.

Adi and Anjali come home. nandani says where are you both coming from. The paper falls from Anjali’s hand. nandani is about to pick it. Anjali takes it. Vani calls everyone in hall. VAni says I want to tell you all something. I brought vidi here and you all insulted her. You gave her money but she didn’t take it. I have decided something. She says vidisha is leaving this house tomorrow. I promised her we will do justice. I am giving her our Indoor house. Sid says this is not right. Vani says she has right on that property. I will decide who will keep it. Your dad married her and she has a right on his money. I am doing this so she has a good life. Vidi says please don’t do all. this. Vani says I will take you to your new home and live with you until you settle there. she goes to her room.

Adi says we should tell mama about Bhaskar. Anjali says no we first need to find out about him. Adi says I don’t knwo she will do something. We need to keep an eye on her.

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