Strings of love Starlife update Wednesday 10 January 2024

Strings of love 10 January 2024: Manveer blames Sahiba for Angad’s condition and asks her to kill even her. Akaal asks her to control herself and asks Sahiba what was she doing at her shop disobeying his order, she put Angad at risk because of her stubborn behavior. Ajith says Sahiba never wanted Angad to risk his life and describes how Sahiba brought Angad to hospital in auto when wasn’t coming. Nurse comes out and asks Angad’s wife to sign a surgery consent form as Angad’s spine is injured and needs immediate surgery. Inder snatches consent form from Sahiba and signs the form.

Jaspal calls Akaal and asks him why no one is picking calling. Japhyoth takes phone and asks about Angad. Akaal says Angad’s condition is critical because of Sahiba’s adamancy and she is the reason behind Angad’s condition. Japhyoth informs same to family. Angad is taken for surgery. Sahiba holds Angad’s hand and encourages him not to accept defeat. Manveer and Inder pull her hand away and warn her to stay away from Angad. Akaal also orders her to get out of there.

Sahiba says however her and Angad’s relationship is, it’s their problem; they can get her away from Angad but not his life. She walks out and sits crying on a bench.

All Brars blame Sahiba for Angad’s condition. Seerat says she is sure Sahiba wouldn’t think of harming Angad and tells Garry that they should reach hospital and find out the situation there. Garry fumes and tells Jasleen that he is wasting time stand her and will not waste more time visiting hospital. Jasleen says Seerat is right. Garry walks to his room and searches for his trimmer. Seerat says he should rush to his brother and groom later.

Garry says he has to visit hospital because of her and warns her to dare not order him again. Seerat warns him to dare not misbehave with her. He pushes her down. She falls down and injures her forehead. Jasleen walks in and lifts her up. Garry warns Seerat to never stop or order him again.

Sahiba sits outside the hospital and pleads Veer to inform her about Angad’s condition. Veer says she is his SIL and should order him. He makes a video call and shows Angad to her. Seerat with Garry and Jasleen reaches hospital and apologizes Manveer on Sahiba’s behalf. She says she warned Sahiba not to work again, but she didn’t listen to her.

Manveer and Inder warn her to stop troubling them as her sister already put them into trouble. Akaal says he already punished Sahiba, they shouldn’t be rude to Seerat. Brar’s drama continues..

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