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Twist of fate 2 June 2020: Tanu ask the producer how can he let Pragya walk on ramp with Abhi instead of her and says she will walk out of his show. Producer says as per the contract he will sue her if she walks out and asks he to walk behind junior models.

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Purab meets his lawyer who says he has collected all details about Sarla’s marriage hall case. He tries to call Bulbul to inform about it, but she does not pick his call. Bulbul is busy arranging Sarla’s room.

Mitali sees Raj checking her cupboard and gets tensed. She asks what is he doing. He says he is searching his wallet as he thinks she must have taken it. Mitali gets tensed that Raj will see his signed property papers, finds his wallet under bedsheet and hands it over to him, ask not to touch her cupboard again. She thinks where to hide her papers.

Producer hosts the fashion show and his wife joins him and explains about their new product. Producer then annouches that Abhi will launch their product with a ram walk. Abhi starts his ramp walk. Producer then announes that Abhi’s lady love, his wife will walk on ramp with him. Abhi is shocked to hear that and starts frowning in anger. Pragya comes on stage and stands next to him. Producer says they make a nice couple and says if junior Abhi would have been their, their product would have reached its goal. Abhi asks Pragya about Tanu and asks where she sent her. Pragya says he should ask producer. Tanu walks on ramp behind junior models. Abhi launches product, scolding Pragya. He is surprised to see Tanu handing him product as a junior model. Tanu thinks Pragya insulted her and now she will insult her in front of everyone. She makes Pragya fall, but Abhi holds her on time. Ooo rabba ki karan…song plays in the background.

Daadi shows kumkum bhagya papers to lawyer and says these are original and she does not know why BMC wants to break it. Lawyer asks his associate to get details about kumkum bhagya and says Sarla that if the hall is on govt leased land, govt can take it. Only possible way to save it is if some influential person recommends he. He gets a call from his associate who informs that marriage hall land is govt’s and asks her not to lose hope.

Tanu angrily walks out murmuring that she will ruin Pragya’s life. Daadi comes there and says she wants to thank and and apologize her. She says she backed off and gave her place to Pragya. She invites her to her house and leaves with her cousins.

Producer comes there. She asks why did he come back. He says he wants to thank her as he saw her making pragya fall and because of her, Abhi held Pragya and he asked photographers to click their pic, now will he will print hoardings of that pic. Just then his assistant brings Abhi/Pragya’s pic. He gives it to Tanu. Tanu thinks she will not let Pragya stay in Abhi’s life and burns pic.

Sarla searching marriage hall papers and asksing family members if they found them. Family members say they did not see papers. She gets Abhi’s daadi’s call who invites her and her family for dussehra pooja and then party at her house. She accepts invitation and informs family about daadi’s invtation. Bulbul says she will not go with them. Sarla says she wants to stay here as she wants to meet Purab. Bulbul says if she goes there Aaliya and Ahi may get annoyed seeing her and will trouble Pragya more, if she really wants her to come, she will.

Cousin daadi sees beautiful rangoli on ground and asks daadi if she made it. Daadi says she did not and asks her cousins if they did. They say no. Raj’s children tell them that Pragya prepared it. Daadi thinks she is lucky to have Pragya as bahu.

Abhi tensely reminisces Aaliya’s engagement breakup and starts puffing cigarette. Pragya sees that and asks him to stop as he is burning his blood with cig puffs. He says his blood boils when he sees her face. Pragya says he has to bear her anyways and asks him to select his party dress. H says he will not attend party. She says he has to attend party for his family’s sake. Abhi says his whole family’s lives are ruined because of her and tells her the incident happened where Aaliya’s classmate proposes her and tries to kill her with knife after her denial. Purab rescues her on time and gets injured instead. Abhi thanks Purab and informs Daadi about Aaliya and Purab’s alliance, he promises Aaliya that he will get her married to Purab before next dussehra. He then says Pragya he cannot see Aaliya sad, so he does not want to come down. Pragya says she agrees that Aaliya is unhappy, but does not mean we should ignore future happiness, says her dadi says we should move on from past sorrows and find new happiness and asks him to decide if he wants to live in sorrows or find new happiness.

Mitali prepares kheer and thinks she has to work as a servant. Her FIL tastes kheer, likes it and gives her neki/money gift. MIL comes and snatches money and reminds him of last time’s Mitali’s raw kheer. Kids come there and say Pragya prepared it. FIL says he will give neki to Pragya then. MIL asks him to keep money in his pocket.

Sarla and family reaches Abhi’s home and meets Daadi. Daadi greets them in. She sees Bulbul and says she snatched Aaliya’s happiness by snatching Purab. Bulbul says she would not have loved Purab if she knew about it before. Daaadi then hugs her and says she is proud of her now as she told PRagya’s truth to her, else she would have misunderstood pragya like Abhi. Bulbul thanks her instead for clearing her misunderstanding towards Pragya and hugs her.

Servants informs Aaliya that daadi is calling her downstairs. Tanu also asks her to come down. Aaliya says she does not want to come down as she stills remembers her engagement with Purab and his betrayal and blames Pragya for everything. Tanu says even she wants to take revenge from Pragya as she snatched Abhi from her and tells her about the hotel incident. She says she will take revenge on vijaya dashami day.

Akash’s car dashes Rachna by mistake. Rachna starts scolding him. Akash says he did it by mistake. She alleges that he purposefully wanted to kill her and her child. Akash says he is worried about her instead. She falls unconscious. Akash holds her, and Purab comes there and helps him drop her in his car. Akash asks Purab’s help to take Rachna to his home. Purab hesitantly agrees.

Raj’s mom sees Mitali and starts scolding her for burning her dupatta purposefully, trying to kill her and says she will cut it from her pocket money. Mitali asks when did she give her pocket money and laughs. Mom then scolds her more harshly. Mitali gets sad hearing her scolding. Raj tries to console her, but she says it is because of him as he did not allow her to go to her father’s house.

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