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Twist of fate 3 June 2020: grandma sees Abhi and Pragya and say they look like Radha Krishna. Abhi jokes and calls Radha maid, asks her to take care of guests. Cousin daadi gathers guests and says she wants to celebrate dussehra differently this time and says Abhi/Pragya will do dandiya on garba song. Pragya says she does not know dandiya dance. Abhi thinks he can torture her in dance and starts dancing with her.

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He repeatedly beats her with dandiya and starts dancing vigorously. Tanu comes there and calls Abhi. Pragya looks at her and hits Abhi by mistake. Abhi and Tanu allege Pragya. Pragya tries to rub his wound, but Tanu pushes her and takes Tanu. She starts nursing his wound. Cousin daadi sees them together. Tanu says Abhi got injured during dandiya and Pragya is busy dancing, so she thought of nursing him. Cousin daadi thinks Tanu comes here every other day to trap Abhi, so she will teach her a lesson.

Tanu thinks Abhi is angry on her still, so she has to convince him. She starts dancing sensuously on Chaliya chaliya…… song. Everyone enjoy her performance.

Purab and Akash bring Rachna to Abhi’s home via back door. Purab says he will drop Rachna to Akash’s room and leave before anyone sees him. They both drop Rachna on Akash’s bed. Taiji comes there and calls Akash. Akash drapes Rachana with blanket and asks Purab to hide while he sends Taiji. He comes out with towel and says he had gone to washroom. She says washroom is there downstairs also. He says he had to send mail and takes Taiji from there.

Mitali and Raj dance on Dance pe chance marle…. song… Daadis and everyone enjoy their performance.

Bulbul goes to catering area. She sees Aalliya and tries to leave. Aaliya asks her to take food. Bulbul says she is not hungry. Aaliya asks why is she not hungry after snatching purab from her and loads her plate with food, scolding her with hatred words. She asks Bulbul to eat. Bulbul starts crying and tries to eat with spoon. Aaliya asks her to eat like she usually eats as a middle class girl and then adds bowl full of chilli powder and salt.

Purab sees everything, goes there and asks her to mend her ways, else she will repent it more. He says he will eat and asks her also to eat as she loves him. She asks him to stop. Purab says if he would have asked Bulbul to eat this food, she would have happily eaten it as she really loves me and says soon she will hate herself. Bulbul walks from there with teary eyes and sees Sarla standing in front of her. Sarla says she saw everything and wipes her tears.

Taiji introduces Akash to producer and his daughter. Daughter asks to dance with her. They both dance on Nach baliye… song from bunty babli movie. Everyone enjoy their performance. Rachna wakes up, comes out and sees Akash dancing happily. She starts alleging Akash for ruining her life and enjoying happily and asks why did he bring her here. He says she got unconscious, so he brought her here. Taji sees her and asks how dare she is to come here. Rachna says her so forcefully brought her here and asks her be careful next time, else she will repent it.

Abhi takes bow/arrow to shot on ravan effigy and stops remembering Purab as Purab shoots ravan on dussehra. Daadi asks him to stop remembering Purab as he does not require his attention. He tries to shoot arrow, but stops hearing Pragya’s call. Purab shoots ravan and bursts it into flames.

Ravan dahan starts and all family come together, purab also comes…abhi tells purab its a family function so how can someone like him come here…abhi tells no longer purab that he is nt related to anyone as of now…and that he is stranger as he did wrong with Aaliyah.

Aaliyah tells purab came to meet bulbul..she says both are enjoying after playing with my life…abhi tells aaliyah you are nt mad but purab is he left u for some girl…and that i will not spare him today…Dadi stops abhi…dadi tells that purab didnt marry aaliyah as she would lived in hell…i m angry with purab as he didnt tell that time..but told on the day of the marriage…she shooes off purab…

pragyas cousin meets her says that he mad been to BMC office and that they are gonna demoloish kumkum Bhagya marriage hall..prgya gets flash back…a

Aliyah is angry and tells tanu that purab and bulbul insulted her…so she is angry…tanu also instigates aaliyah against pragya…Dadi advices abhi to keep quiet and not get tensed…for this things…abhi thanks dadi for stopping him form doing wrong…dadi friends feel tanu is having bad intentions on abhi.

Pragya comes home…dadi friend asks her where was she…they say make sure u take care of abhi as some chudail is behind her…dadi frnd say i m talking abt tanu… tell pragya ro keep an eye on tanooo…

pragya and tanu have a fight…some man lights up bomb amd throws whch explodes and pragya faints…all are see her faint…abhi lifts and brings pragya inside…aaliah and tanu fight as there plan fails…tanu says hope i dont land in prob as pragya has fainted…doctor chks pragya says she is fainted as bomb exlpoded..nothing to worry as such…a

Akash leaves doc s…dadi tells abhi to take care of pragya for 2-3 days as punishment… abhi murmurs that see the state of rockstar..tanoo says the more i plan to get them aprt thy come closer…

all are happy that abhi is near pragya taking care of her…dadi tells sarla pragya is married now and that hubby will take care of her…dadi and sarla leave while abhi is murmuring…abt pragya…

Abhi gets annoyed seeing Pragya unconscious on bed. He thinks she is acting, so that he can serve her. He then wakes her up forcefully. She wakes up and asks when did she come here. He says she was purposefully trying to act as being unconscious to take his servings. She says she is not and they both start an argument. She asks about Sarla. He says she left long back. She tries to get up and walk downstairs but falls on ground. He says she wants daadi to see her in this position. She says she is not.

Daadi brings Sarla home and asks her to stop thinking about Pragya. She asks her to keep quiet and asks Bulbul to get medicine. Bulbul leaves with Purvi to get medicines. Daadi says she is feeling good seeing silence at home and asks servant to serve her cough syrup/alcohol.

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