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Deception 2 June 2020: Rahul goes from there and tells Surbhi that it was Angraj who wanted to kill them. He says we are fools to help Angraj. Pooja thinks it is good that they are parting off from him. Danish calls Pooja from Naren’s mobile and tells about finding his stuff in the jungle near to the accident site.

Pooja sees a baba and asks about him. He tells that Supriya used to give him charity since 30 years and tells that he was away since some years. Pooja looks on. He turns to go and thinks you don’t know that I am the same tantrik who made Angraj’s body enter Harish’s body. He thinks Naren was kept captive here and that accident was just to misguide them. Pooja sees Naren’s kurta and stops them. He thinks if she thinks then Angraj will not leave him.

Surbhicomes to call Pooja and takes her with her. Tantrik manages to take the trunk. Danish gets worried for Naren and thinks both Angraj and Naren are missing.

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Satish thinks Rachel is looking happy and he can’t tell them about Naren being missing. He thinks to shift them to a safe place. Supriya tells everyone that sbe can’t be alive now and asks them to call Naren. Rahul says if Bhabhi has kidnapped Angraj then she has to bring him back. Supriya asks Harish to take care of her son and says she don’t have any hopes on Pooja. Tantrik brings Naren to Angraj. Angraj says if he is Naren’s ghost. Tantrik says he is Naren and that too alive.

Satish asks Kusum to take Rachel to her mother’s house. Rachel asks Kusum to take her. Kusum agrees. Satish calls Danish and asks him to reach party office. Pooja prays to God to protect Supriya and says today is Kanhaiya’s test and not of his devotee. Angraj is shocked. Tantrik says here you are leaving your soul, but there Naren and Pooja were fooling you. Angraj says now he won’t be safe and picks a sword to kill him. Pooja keeps hand on the lamp and asks God not to break her trust. Tantrik stops him and says your Milan is impossible here in Hrishikesh and that’s why we have to do something so that the people throws Pooja out from here.

Shailaja tells that we couldn’t find Naren till now. Satish comes and says you have already helped us. Shailaja says she don’t have any info of naren. Danish tells about the call. Shailaja says she will get it traced and says someone is misguiding us. Pooja says she wants to test her strength of power and says if something happens to Naren then Maa’s trust will break.

Doctor tells that Supriya needs rest. Surbhi says don’t know where Pooja sent him. Supriya says I am suffering to make her my bahu. Rahul says Bhai is not a kid. Dada ji asks them to stop it and asks Supriya to tell. Supriya says if anything happens to me, then take care of my Naren and separate him from Pooja. Neelima says get well soon. Harish says I won’t let her stay in the house and will talk to Satish. Pooja thinks of Supriya’s words and cries. Dada ji comes to pooja and says Naren can’t get good bahu than you. He says whatever might be the problem, my bahu will win.

Arjun is still with Hardik. Hardik says you still have the shirt which I gifted you on your 20th birthday. Arjun says yes. Hardik asks him to go to Vyas family and emotionally blackmail Dada ji to get his rights. He asks him to make Pooja go from there, and says then we will win half battle. Tantrik says time has come to give gift to Naren’s sasural. Angraj asks what gift. Tantrik says what could be more better gift than this.

Satish comes to Pooja and thanks Dada ji for his support. Pooja asks Dada ji to take rest for Naren’s sake. Dada ji says ok and leaves. Satish tells her that whatever the phone calls came were not from your party office. Pooja is shocked. She says Angraj will not keep quiet if he gets to know about Naren. Danish says I have brought Kiran thinking she is unsafe in tribe. Pooja asks Satish to stay with Kiran and goes with Danish. Surbhi and Rahul are at home. Tantrik calls Rahul and says I am standing out of house. She says Angraj called you both. Pooja hears them.

Tantrik calls Rahul and asks him to come out with Surbhi in the car. Pooja hears them and thinks to follow. Danish tells that he will also accompany her. Pooja says neither this house nor the family is safe and asks him to be there. Angraj drags Naren’s unconscious body to Satish’s house. He says you might be searching me, but I am here resting. I will come infront of the world in sometime. He opens the rope from Naren’s body and calls Reporter telling that he has news regarding CM Pooja. Rahul asks Tantrik where is Angraj?

Tantrik asks him to sit in car. Pooja thinks she has seen him somewhere. Rahul asks where is Angraj? Surbhi says he must have all the treasure with him. Rahul says I will recover everything. Tantrik thinks they doesn’t know that they are coming to an end. Pooja recalls seeing Tantrik coming to the house in the morning. Angraj thinks nobody will be alive who knows about two Narens. He thinks Tantrik will kill Rahul and Surbhi. His men will kill Danish and Kiran. And Satish will be dead with whatever happens in his house and laughs. He thinks Pooja has to come to him.

Arjun practices to tell Dada ji that he is Hardik’s son. Tantrik asks Rahul to stop the car. Tantrik calls his goons. Pooja sees the goons and thinks if Angraj wants to kill Rahul and Pooja. Angraj calls Media and says it seems you are not interested in CM. Reporter asks for 5 mins. Surbhi gets scared seeing goons. Rahul says nothing will happen. He asks where is Angraj. Rahul sees the mobile. Danish switches on the TV. Reporter says Naren Vyas is alive. Angraj acts as Naren and says he wants to tell some thing. Neelima thinks to call Rahul. Rahul asks when Angraj is on TV then why did you call us here.

They say we will tell you. Rahul says we are with Angraj and asks where is Tantriuk. He begins fighting with them. Satish comes to Vyas Mansion and thinks what is Angraj doing in my house. He says I will go there. Angraj says Pooja is not a good wife, bahu etc. Supriya says he has understood what is right. Dada ji says they are kids, Harish asks him not to interfere, Rahul asks Surbhi to sit in car. Angraj’s men beats Rahul. Pooja sees Naren Vyas live and blaming her.

Angraj says Pooja has forced me to murder someone and buried him. Supriya is shocked and says she made my son murderer. Harish asks why Naren did this tamasha. Goon is about to kill Rahul. Rahul says we did a mistake by trusting Angraj. Surbhi says if Naren would have been alive then he would have never done this. Pooja looks shocked.

She thinks how to rescue them. Surbhi asks them to leave her husband. Goon is about to shoot Rahul. Pooja comes there holding lathi and asks Rahul and Surbhi not to be scared. She beats them. Rahul and Surbhi also beat the goons. Angraj says I will burn myself. Supriya cries. Satish is on the way. Rahul shoots in air. All goons run away. They see Angraj on mobile. Rahul says we have to go there. Harish calls Satish and asks him to stop Naren from committing suicide. Supriya cries badly. Angraj pours kerosene oil on him.

Tantrik comes and is about to hit Rahul with a rod. Pooja pushes Rahul and gets hit on her head by the tantrik. She faints. Rahul beats Tantrik. Angraj burns someone and acts as he has burnt himself. Everyone cry. Angraj laughs and thinks all Hrishikesh will hate Pooja now and will kick her out.

Pooja wakes up in the morning and thinks where is Naren. She gets a call and the man on the call asks her with whom she was last night. He says whoever was with you, I have brought him with me. He says clues are in the balloons and you have just 55 mins.

Satish tells Rachel that Anuj wants to become Krishna and asks her to decorate bal gopal. Pooja gets clue in the balloon and says it is Naren’s car number. Rachel, Kusum and Satish pray for bal gopal. Tantrik comes to Kusum’s house and asks for bhiksha. Satish asks him to come. Tantrik thinks today their good strengths will fail infront of my evil powers. Rachel touches tantrik’s feet and she faints. Satish and Kusum take her inside.

Tantrik steals bal gopal and leaves. Pooja tries to take Danish’s help, but the mysterious caller threatens her saying if she tells to anyone then she will search Naren all life. Danish asks what is the problem? Pooja asks him not to ask now. She thinks if he is Naren ir Angraj. Kusum comes back and sees bal gopal and other treasure missing. She says where we will search Tantrik.

Rahul asks Surbhi what to wear. Surbhi asks him to wear anything. Rahul wears the shirt. Pooja thinks she got the shirt in Rahul’s car. Tantrik lights the fire light and thinks this is my first win from Krishna and I will become more powerful than him. If he has powers then stop me. Fire light sets off and a heavy wind comes. Tantrik gets scared. Kanha ji is shown. Surbhi gets Rahul ready and sprays perfume on him, but pesticide smell comes from it. They sneeze. Pooja recalls asking Servant to keep the bottle in Rahul’s room. Rahul removes his shirt and keeps on bed. Pooja comes and picks the shirt. She checks shirt brand label.

The mysterious caller calls her and tells that he had kept pesticide bottle there and asks her to solve the puzzle. Pooja thinks who is this man and where he has hidden Naren. Rachel thinks of Satish saying. Satish comes back and tells that he couldn’t find that baba. Kusum says I took that sankalp for Rachel and her baby. Rachel prays to God and asks him to show some way. She goes out of house and finds kanha ji’s idol there with his accessories. Satish keeps it on his head and takes kanha ji’s idol home.

Pooja thinks Dadaji is doing paath of God. Bolo Radhe Radhe plays…..Pooja thinks you can take me to Naren…God. Dada ji talks about Kanha ji. Pooja thinks if next clue is in Ram baan. She takes Supriya’s keys and thinks she has just 40 mins just. She thinks that kidnapper must be roaming freely in the house and thinks that laugh seems to be familiar. The mysterious caller calls her and asks shall I tell you safe code or you will find it. He sneezes.

Pooja identifies him and says pranaam chacha ji. She says I never thought I will meet you again. She asks how did you come out of mental asylum. Hardik says do you remember how you fooled me with ghost drama. Pooja tries to open the safe. Satish gets worried seeing diya setting off. He worries if Naren and pooja are in trouble.

Pooja thinks Papa used to remember Dadi ji and writes her birthday. She manages to open the safe. She thinks she will reach Naren. Satish prays to God and says you have called my son, but now take care of Pooja, Naren and Rachel. He asks him to sign them so that they can rectify their mistake. Rachel says we have decorated the idol wrongly and asks him to set it right. Pooja thinks that show piece which she saw in the video was in the basement, she goes there. Hardik says I know you will reach me and asks her to sit. Pooja asks where is Naren? I didn’t come here to sit and talk. She calls Naren.

Hardik says I am not a fool to hide Naren under your nose. Pooja asks what do you want? Hardik asks her to play chess with him and says if you made me lose then you can take Naren from here. Pooja thinks I don’t know how to play, how I will make chacha lose. She sits to play. Satish asks Rachel and Kusum to decorate Kanha ji again. Pooja loses in the chess. Hardik says it seems you have to live your life again. Pooja says it is your destiny to stay alone, my whole family is with me.

Rahul grabs his collar and asks how dare you. Harish asks him to leave him. Pooja tells them that Naren’s life is in danger. Harish asks who wants to harm Naren. Pooja says Chacha ji. Rahul says I will not leave him this time. Pooja says we have to handle him wisely. Hardik laughs and says you are together, but how you will reach Naren. He says until you reach purani pahadi, Naren would have gone on a big yatra. Arjun is trying to push the car from the cliff.

Rahul threatens to send him to jail. Hardik says how you will save your brother. Pooja is on the way and says she will reach there. Kusum, Satish and Rachel make Kanha j’s idol swing. Pooja asks Kanhaiya to protect Naren and asks him to give answer to her bhakti. Arjun pushes the car from the cliff. Pooja is on the way. Naren is in the car. Arjun smiles and goes. Car is still falling. Pooja reaches there and comes to the cliff. She sees the car falling and shouts Naren. Kanha ji comes and stops the car. Pooja folds her hand and thanks kanha ji. She runs to car and takes out Naren from the car. She asks him to get up and makes peacock feathers touch his face. He gains consciousness and says Pooja.

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