Anupama starlife update Tuesday 27 February 2024

Anupama 27 February 2024: Vanraj tells Kavya that whatever you did, or whatever happened, more than that I love you very much, and I don’t want my steps to move back like today with someone’s questions and that’s why I need sometime. Kavya says I understand, I pushed you.

Vanraj apologizes for giving her hope and breaking it. Kavya asks if I shall leave now. Vanraj says I stopped you as I don’t want to stay alone, but I know that you might can’t leave with everyone in this stressful environment. Romil asks everyone if they are doubtful on me. Adhik says I am doubtful on you and says you can check in my room, then shall check Romil’s room.

Romil says they can check his room. Anupama says lets search it, nobody shall accuse anyone. Kavya thinks if she shall call Anupama and then thinks how much she will trouble her.

She sees Babu ji and asks him to talk to her for 2 mins, and says you are angry with me. Babu ji says he is very hurt and says it is in our hands to do mistake or not. Kavya admits that she has done mistake, but she loves Vanraj so much. Babu ji says we shall not talk about it, but if you want to stay here then you can stay here. Baa breaks the tea cup and asks what do you want, and asks her to go to her room, and asks her not to increase her BP by showing her face to her. Kavya cries asking her not to be upset with her.

Baa asks if you thought about us, when you did this sin. Kinjal comes there to calm Baa. Baa goes. Kavya asks Kinjal to ask Baa to forgive me and says if you say then she will forgive me. Kinjal says Baa’s anger is not wrong. Kavya says everyone used to love me a lot till yesterday and now nobody wants to see my face. She asks what to do?

Everyone is searching money. Ankush asks Barkha if she is really searching the money? Barkha says I didn’t keep the money here, or nobody has come here. She asks if he spent the money? Ankush says I spend money of my own and Anuj gives me enough salary, to cover my expenses. Barkha thinks you will get money at right place.

Kinjal asks Kavya not to cry. Kavya says everything is slipping from her hands. Kinjal says you are responsible for your condition, and says whatever Toshu did with me, you did the same with Papa. She asks her to apologize, but not demand forgiveness, and if you don’t get it then think that you got punished for what you was asking punishment. Kavya says I will not demand, but will hope for forgiveness always.

Adhik tells Romil that you shall not go to room, and says I will check your room. Romil refuses to let him check his room. Pakhi comes there. Adhik asks if he will let her check his room. Romil says I will check your room. Adhik says go and do it. Romil says you are cheater in my sight. Pakhi asks him to talk with manners. Romil says he is an abuser etc in my sight. Ankush comes there and stops Romil. Barkha says Adhik was staying here since a long time, but not even 25 paisa was stolen.

Romil says I will check Adhik’s room. Barkha checks Romil’s room, while Romil checks Adhik’s room. Barkha gets hurt and sits down. Romil comes out of Adhik’s room. Adhik asks if the money is found. He tells Romil that this arrogance is of a thief before he is caught. Anupama asks them to be quiet. Romil says you will not get anything. Pakhi comes there and says she has found this in Romil’s room and shows the briefcase. Romil says I didn’t take the money, so how can money be found in my room. He asks Pakhi if she kept money in his room along with her abusive husband.

Barkha accuses him and taunts on his upbringing. Ankush tells Romil that he should have asked him, if he needs money. Romil says I didn’t steal it. Adhik says the money might have went to your room to play hide and seek. Romil says I didn’t steal it. Barkha asks him to apologize. Adhik asks him to do it. Romil asks if I shall apologize like you had pleaded infront of Pakhi. He refuses to apologize and says he is sure that Adhik has hidden money in his room. Pakhi says my Adhik is not like that. Romil says Adhik and his sisters are trying to trap me since a long time and that’s why framing me wrongly, so that I don’t stay here.

He says when I came here to get my IPad, they got worried as if they were talking about me, and says they both are together in this plan. Barkha asks him to stop his nonsense. He tells Anupama that if he had stolen this money then he would have run with the money, and says I wouldn’t have brought it here. Adhik says my Di and I are not thieves. Anuj says that’s why no money was stolen from my office in my absence. Romil says the man who can beat his wife and do fraud, can do anything. Ankush says sometimes the kids get distracted seeing money. Pakhi asks him not to accuse her husband. Romil says I didn’t steal the money and says it is done by your husband and her Didi.

Adhik says don’t involve my Didi. Romil says your Didi always supports you, even if you slap Pakhi and says whatever wrong happened in the house, is done by them. Barkha tells Ankush that Romil is calling his wife as thief. Ankush says my wife has accused Romil as thief sometime back. They argue. Anupama asks Anuj to keep down. Anuj says it is enough, I shall see. He gives show pieces to them and asks them to hit each other, else he will bring the gun. He asks them to say who has stolen the money. Romil says I didn’t do it, and if you don’t believe then send me to jail. Anuj says it is too much now.

Romil says jail will be better than this house, as they will not be there, and tells that you know their truth and then also, they are staying here, and says such people will haunt you even after death. Barkha asks him to be quiet. Romil says why, just because your truth is coming out. Ankush shouts Romil and slaps him. He says I thought to keep you with me, handle you with care, and fulfill the duty of a father and made you educated, but today my head is lowered infront of you. He asks him to say truth. Romil says I didn’t steal the money. Anupama asks Ankush to finish the matter. Barkha says sorry Anuj, if but Adhik has done this, you would have called Police, and got him punished.

Adhik says leave it. Anupama asks what do you want, you want me to call Police and says Police will come and take finger prints, and asks her to give her phone to call Police. Adhik says I don’t want our family’s name be ruined. Barkha says you are very understanding and thinking about family, we should end this matter right here. Anuj says you people have tested my patience level so much, and says if you do anything again then enough is enough guys.

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