Twist of fate update Monday 26 february 2024

Twist of fate 26 February 2024: The Episode starts with Prachi’s phone ringing. She asks Pallavi, Dida and others and says she will ask someone to make tea. Ranbir calls her and says hello, my love. He asks if you are missing me? Prachi says you know that I will not answer you.

Ranbir asks why you don’t want to answer which you feel, and asks her to say that she loves him a lot. Prachi says let your heart feel everything. He says I know and tells that he has bought lehenga for her, marriage wear and asks if she liked it. She says I felt that it is your choice, it is really good. Ranbir says yes. She says she can’t talk now. Ranbir says I love you. Prachi ends the call. Mihika hears her. Prachi asks Servant to bring tea. Dida asks Prachi if Ranbir called. Prachi says he called to ask if the bridal wear is good. Dida says she knows her grand son and tells that he is getting eager to marry her.

Pallavi says he is counting each day to bring you home etc. Dida says we will take you home tomorrow and asks her to sleep well tonight, and asks others not to take out wrong meaning, and says I asked her to sleep well so that the bride looks good. Prachi gets shy and goes from there. Manpreet tells Dida that she didnt see her this avatar. Dida says even I was young before. Manpreet says I am young even now. Prachi smiles. Mihika talks to Divya and tells that Ranbir and Prachi’s marriage is tomorrow. Divya says then you will not get Ranbir. Mihika says I will only marry Ranbir.

Prachi gets make up done by the beautician and thanks her. She says Maa used to say always that Kumkum Bhagya is written in Kundali Bhagya, and says I can’t believe that once again Ranbir’s kumkum will be in my name. She thanks God. Mihika looks at her and tells that Ranbir’s name kumkum will be in my name.

She recalls Pallavi and Vishaka asking Prachi to wear the bridal wear. She recalls that she had cut Prachi’s lehenga with scissor and tells that she will give medicine to Vikram so that he feels pain in his heart and Ranbir-Prachi’s marirage stops. Prachi comes to the room and tells that she can’t believe that she is marrying Ranbir and he will be mine again. Mihika hears her and thinks Ranbir is mine, tomorrow all your dreams will break. fb ends. Mihika says that day is today, your dream will be shattered.

Prachi picks the lehenga and finds it torn. Manpreet comes there and asks Prachi to come, and get ready, says Ranbir want to see you first. Prachi says she will get ready and come in 5 mins. baraat comes. Manpreet says Ranbir has fulfilled his promise and brought baraat. Mihika says my Ranbir has come. She goes out. Ranbir comes inside with his family. Vikram and Dida ask Tandons to welcome the groom. Vishaka asks shall I do the aarti. She does his aarti. Ranbir takes Vishaka and Manpreet’s blessings and hugs Ashok and seeks his blessings. Pallavi says our groom is restless to see Prachi. Mihika gets upset and thinks to push Pallavi from terrace. Manpreet asks Divya to call Prachi.

Prachi says I will come in 2 mins, and thinks who will do this, She thinks someone cut it and thinks if Mihika cut it. Mihika mixes medicine in the drink and thinks Prachi will take time to come, and uncle will get attack. She gives drink to Pallavi, Dida and then goes to Vikram. She asks him to have it for Prachi’s promise. He drinks it and says it is tasty. Mihika smiles and thanks him. Divya comes there. Mihika scolds Divya for calling Prachi.

Ranbir sits on the mandap. Khushi shows him that she has applied lipstick. Dida comes to Prachi and asks why she is not ready yet. Prachi says something is wrong with the dress. Dida asks her to wear some other dress and come fast. She comes out and tells that Prachi is coming. Ranbir goes to Prachi and asks her why she is not coming, and tells that var puja is happening. Prachi tells him that someone has cut the dress. Ranbir says Akshay has done this. Prachi says he can’t do this. They argue. Ranbir asks her to come in the same dress. Prachi says she shall wear the dress given by him and his family. Meanwhile Mihika thinks why nothing is happening to uncle. Ranbir brings Prachi downstairs. Everyone looks at her. Pallavi says it is my marriage dress. Dida says I had given you this. Prachi and Ranbir are coming to the marriage mandap. Khushi asks Akshay to hold something. The song plays….

Prachi and Ranbir are walking towards the mandap. Prachi is having Pranbir’s written with embroidery on the ghunghat. Khushi asks Akshay to throw flower petals on them. Akshay throws it sad. Ranbir says sorry to Pallavi and says he had gone home on the bike, and brought her wedding dress to give to Prachi. Prachi says I got late. Pallavi thanks her for wearing her wedding dress and says now you are looking our bahu and Ranbir’s wife. Dida says our house khushi is with Prachi and Khushi. Manpreet says our Khushi will go to your house and asks Prachi to remember that she is with her, and asks her to walk towards the happiness. Dida asks Pandit ji to start the marriage. Pandit ji asks them to exchange the garlands. Mihika looks on, as Ranbir and Prachi exchange the garlands happily. Everyone claps. Chal tere ishq me padh jaate hai plays….Pandit ji asks them to sit now.

They sit for the marriage. Song plays….sona sona. Pandit ji asks them to start the rounds. Prachi and Ranbir start taking the rounds. Prachi stumbles. Ranbir says I will never let you fall until I am with you. He lifts her and takes the remaining rounds. After completion of the rounds, Ranbir makes her stand and asks her to sit. Pandit ji asks Ranbir to make her wear mangalsutra. Ranbir makes her wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji asks him to fill kumkum in her maang. Ranbir is about to fill her maang with kumkum and looks at her.

 Ranbir filling Prachi’s maang with sindoor and says you are just mine now. Pandit ji says the marriage is solemnized, you both are husband and wife and life partners, and asks them to take elders’ blessings. Vikram and Ashok have a hug. Sona sona song plays….Ranbir and Prachi smiles. They take Pallavi, Dida, Manpreet and others’ blessings. Pallavi says your daughter is ours now. Dida says send her to our house, and says I am taking my daughter home. Manpreet asks her to take care of her and says she regarded her more than her own daughter. Ranbir says I will take care of her more than myself. Vishaka says she will bring bidaai stuff. Vikram tells Khushi that she will go to their house with them. Khushi gets happy. Mihika says this can’t happen, I want to be with Khushi, don’t take her from here, I can’t stay without her. Ashok says Khushi will go with her parents, and tomorrow she has to return to her hostel. Mihika says let me be with Khushi tonight.

Pallavi says ok, and asks them to let Mihika be with them tonight. Vishaka says ok and asks them to start the bidaai ritual. Prachi throws the puffed rice behind her. Dilbaro song plays…..Manpreet asks her to remember that she will be her mother always and cries. Ashok says even your Dad is here and you can come at anytime. Ranbir says nothing will change and Prachi will be your daughter always, I will complain to you if Prachi does any mistake. Prachi smiles. He asks them to permit them to go. They leave.

At home, Pallavi makes arrangements for Grah Pravesh. Khushi comes there and takes Vikram’s phone and makes the video. Mihika comes and stands behind Ranbir and Prachi. Pallavi does Ranbir and Prachi’s aarti and asks Prachi to come inside kicking the kalash, and then enter the house stepping in the kumkum thaal. Ranbir holds her hand. Prachi gets inside the house with Ranbir and takes everyone’s blessings. Mihika kicks the kalash, keeps her feet in the kumkum thaal and gets inside leaving her foot prints. Dida asks whose footprints is this? Mihika says I have kept my feet on Prachi’s footprints, and that’s why these impressions came. Pallavi says this is inauspicious. Vikram says everything will be auspicious now. Mihika thinks what medicine he takes, he should have suffered heart attack like pain by now. Suddenly he feels pain. Pallavi tells Ranbir that Vikram is unwell since many days, and they are taking him to London tomorrow to get his surgery done. Dida says we will stay there till he gets fine. Ranbir asks why you didn’t tell me? Vikram says I was waiting for this marriage to happen. Ranbir says you should have postponed the marriage. Prachi says what to do. Ranbir says he will go to London with them. Vikram asks them to go for honeymoon and start their new life. He convinces Ranbir. He asks Pallavi to make arrangements for the rasam and asks where is Khushi, I have to show her room. Prachi calls Khushi. Khushi comes there and goes with Vikram to see her room. Mihika also goes. Pallavi asks Ranbir not to worry and be happy with Prachi. Dida blesses them and asks them to go and rest. Prachi says I want to stay with everyone, be it here or in London. Pallavi says you need to stay with Ranbir, you are newly weds. Dida asks if you are a doctor and says we both will go with him and take good care of him.

Prachi comes to the room and gets teary eyed. Ranbir asks if you didn’t like the decoration. Prachi says she can’t believe that they are married now, and Mummy is very happy. She says the room is beautifully decorated and tells that last time Rhea was there and…Ranbir promises her that nobody can separate her them ever. Prachi says I love you…..Ranbir says I love you the most. Chal tere ishq me plays…..Prachi hugs him and smiles, and she gets emotional too.

Khushi asks Mihika to sleep. Mihika asks her if she is not missing them and asks them to go to her Mummy and Papa’s room. Khushi says she is sleepy and will sleep here. Mihika asks her to go there and tell them that she loves them a lot, and wants to sleep with them, else they will leave her in hostel. Khushi asks really? She says yes.

Prachi rests her head on Ranbir’s chest and says I can hear your heart beat and it seems it said something. Ranbir says you shall get habitual to this, as we will be close always and will never separate, and will always stay together, and nobody can separate us. Just then Khushi comes there shouting Mamma…Mihika also comes there and pretends to stop Khushi. She says Khushi was missing you both and wanted to sleep here. She asks Khushi to say. Khushi says I want to sleep here. Ranbir says we were missing Khushi. Mihika says Khushi come with me, I will give you cake. Ranbir asks Mihika to relax and says we will be together always. Prachi asks Mihika to go and sleep. Mihika says it is your first night so I was feeling strange. She says good night and turns to go. She thinks she has handled today and shall do something for tomorrow also. She goes.

Ranbir, Prachi and Khushi lie on the bed to sleep. Ranbir says he will get good sleep as his family is with him. Prachi says even I will get good sleep. Khushi says even me and says good night. Ranbir says love you too.

Akshay sees Prachi and his photo frame taken out of his room. He gets upset. Mihika calls him. Akshay asks why she called him? Mihika says your loving sister whose love is lost due to you, I am telling you that you will get news in 45 days that Prachi is pregnant again with Ranbir. She says it is true and they are going for honeymoon, and they will do what others do, and then Prachi will give you good news that she is pregnant with Ranbir’s child. Akshay asks her to keep her mouth shut else he will shoot him. Mihika asks him to stop this from happening and says I will help you. Akshay says what to do, we have failed. Mihika says I called you to inform that Prachi will drop Khushi to her hostel and then they will go for their honeymoon to hotel saffron at 11 am. She asks him to follow them. Akshay says he can’t lose Prachi. Mihika says she can’t lose Ranbir. Akshay says they can’t be one in this birth.

Next day, Vikram plays with Khushi while Dida tries to stop her. Prachi stops Khushi and asks her not to make bade papa run. Mihika says taxi has come. Khushi asks Prachi not to be sad and says she will come soon. Prachi asks Khushi to study here itself. Khushi says she enjoys there, and tells that you wanted me to be intelligent and study well. Prachi says you are already intelligent. Khushi says she wants to study there. Prachi asks Ranbir to hear. Ranbir says even he doesn’t want her to go, but not stopping her as she wants to go. He asks her to go and study well, and become intelligent like her Mummy. Khushi says you are best Papa. Ranbir says best papa is my papa and hugs Vikram. Khushi says my papa is the best. Vikram says yes. Khushi hugs everyone.

Mihika takes Khushi from there. Dida asks Ranbir to take care of him and Prachi too. Ranbir asks Dida to take medicines on time and says have a good journey. Vikram says we will talk on phone and asks them not to worry about him. He asks them to be together and happy. Prachi asks him to take care. Dida and Vikram go out. Pallavi hugs Ranbir and comes to Prachi asking her to take care. Prachi says even you. She says I love you and hugs Pallavi. Prachi says I am coming out. Ranbir gets Vikram’s call and says he says Mihika knows and you didn’t tell us. He finds the paper and tells that Papa got their booking done for honeymoon in the resort. He says so, you want to come. He says you are with me, how to see the outside world. Prachi says we shall stay at home. Ranbir says I wanted to do as Papa wanted, as he got this booking. Prachi says no. Ranbir kisses on her cheeks and says lets go. He says I love you chikchiki. Prachi says I love you too Baklu. Chal tere ishq me….plays….They leave in the car. Akshay comes there in the car and follows their car.

Manpreet sees the Diya about to set off, and asks Vishaka to close the window fast. Vishaka says ok and closes all the windows. She says now Diya will not set off. Manpreet is in shock as Diya is already set off. Vishaka asks her not to talk old things that it is inauspicious, but she herself gets worried. Manpreet says this is inauspicious.

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