Twist of fate update Saturday 13 January 2024

Twist of fate 13 January 2024:  Episode starts with Pallavi bringing Rhea’s clothes in her hand and throws at her. Rhea asks where is Ranbir? Pallavi asks her not to take Ranbir’s name with her dirty tongue. Rhea asks where is Ranbir and why you are talking to me like this. Pallavi says whatever is happening is because of you, Ranbir has left this house and all of us because of you. Rhea says because of me? She asks do you think that Ranbir left because of me, and says sorry for answering.

She says Ranbir went far from you all because of Prachi and not me. Vikram asks Rhea to go and says I request you politely to leave, and tells that he don’t want anything wrong or negativity here. Pallavi asks him to let her talk to her and says Ranbir left home because of you. Rhea asks if he didn’t return home after so many months. Dida asks her to stop her acting and says you are acting as if he is your something. Rhea says he is my everything and cries. Vikram says we can’t bear you to see you with Ranbir. Rhea asks what is my mistake, what has happened that you all changed.

She says Dida used to say that I am the blessings, life etc of this house. She reminds Pallavi of her promise that she will support her always. Pallavi says that time I didn’t know that you don’t love my son. Rhea says I love him. Pallavi says it is not love, but madness. She says love can’t be snatched to get it.

Rhea says I love him with true heart. Pallavi asks Rhea if she was in touch with Aaliya or not? She says don’t lie, I came to know everything. She says Aaliya got Ranbir kidnapped, but you didn’t say anything. She says you told me that you was going to temple, but actually you went to Aaliya’s godown. She says Aryan told us everything. She says before I get out of control, leave from my house. Rhea says aunty…Pallavi says before I call the Police, go away from here. She holds her hand and pushes her outside. She then throws her clothes out and closes the door. Rhea knocks on the door and says open the door. She says this can’t happen with me, and shouts that you are doing wrong with me, whatever I did is with true heart, and what did I get in return, this house was mourning, I gave the new life and asks if you have forgotten. She says I will not forget and swears to take revenge for my insult. She says what you said that love shall not be snatched, and says she will take revenge for this, and will not be peaceful until she takes revenge.

Vishaka comes to the kitchen and asks Ranbir what is he searching. Ranbir says he is searching something and laughs. Vishaka says you are in a good mood today. Ranbir asks why did you come here? Vishaka says you talk in good Punjabi. She takes casserole. Ranbir says he is searching spoon. Vishaka says I will take off my bad sight. She takes it off and tells that she saw the dream in which Akshay and Prachi was with the baby. Ranbir says it is a bad dream, they are kids. Vishaka says they are married for a long time. Ranbir says first let they have relation, and tells that he feels that they have no relation. Vishaka asks if he is challenging her. Ranbir says yes and says I will prove that they are acting to be together and happy, and tells that he will prove that their marriage….Mihika comes there and says Bhai and Bhabhi love each other a lot. Ranbir says I will prove that there is problem between them, and asks them to wait and watch. Vishaka throws banana peel on him. Ranbir says he will do what shall happen. Vishaka says the same. Mihika says what will happen, fight between both.

Prachi tells Akshay that she will be late to come to office today. Akshay tells her that he feels that Ranbir and Mihika are acting to be happy and says he feels that they have taken the 8 rounds intentionally. Prachi says we didn’t take the rounds due to some reasons, but they have taken 8 rounds and made kalash fell down. She says we can’t ask Mihika not to talk to Ranbir as they are adults. Akshay says you don’t know her past. He says she is from a good family then why she didn’t get marry till now. He says there may be some reason.

Vikram asks Pallavi to have food. Pallavi refuses and tells that she is missing Ranbir, don’t know where is he, what he might be doing, if he had food or not. Dida asks her not to do what happened many years back. Pallavi says we have lost him. Dida says he was our son and will be ours too. Vikram asks her not to break her courage. Pallavi says she can’t live without Ranbir. Vikram asks her to close her eyes and feel him. She says yes. Vikram says he is in your heart. Pallavi says you have been pacifying me saying this, and says she wants to see him and touch him. Vikram says he is our son and will return. Dida says he has not kicked us from his heart, and we are in each other’s hearts. Pallavi says if I had known him, then would have seen how much he loves Prachi, he is just taking the breath and is not living. She says if I know him, then would have seen that Prachi is the reason for him to live. She says I couldn’t understand him, and says I am a bad mother.

 Pallavi blaming herself for not understanding what her son wants and tells that she is a bad mother. Dida says you are not a bad mother, you have always tried to save Ranbir from pain and troubles, you couldn’t see Rhea’s bad deeds as you used to love her a lot. She says Ranbir will return home. Pallavi says Ranbir had come in my dream and said that he will return soon. She says I want to ask him to come back soon. Vikram says your dream will be fulfilled and Ranbir will return soon. Pallavi asks him to make a call to Ranbir. Vikram says I will bring my mobile. Pallavi says you had said that we shall not trouble him, and shall wait for his call. Vikram says leave that, I will bring my phone.

He says there is nothing more than a mother’s right. Pallavi says Ranbir must be missing us, our house and family. Dida says yes, as we all are in his heart. She says he loves Prachi a lot and my heart says that he is near Prachi.

Akshay comes to Mihika and asks her to come with him. Ranbir comes to the dining table and asks Vishaka to have banana. She says I will have it, but what about then peel. He says I will throw it. He asks Prachi to pass the spoon. The spoon falls down. They bend down to pick the spoon, and look at each other. Song plays….main kis manzil ka rahi hun….Vishaka asks who has put onion in it. She says I don’t eat onion. Prachi and Ranbir stand up. Manpreet brings food for Vishaka. Vikram calls Ranbir and gives to Pallavi. Ranbir excuses himself. Pallavi signs that he didn’t pick the call. Vikram says we will call him later.

Akshay tells Mihika that he had talked to her friend Kritika, and she told him everything. She says now I know everything. Mihika asks what? Akshay says why your friend Kritika didn’t know about Ranbir. Mihika gets angry and asks if he is spying on her and throws the things. Akshay breaks the vase and says even I know to throw the things. He asks her to say that Ranbir and her relation is fake. Mihika says then I can also say that Prachi and your relation is also fake. She says whatever I say about love and glow on Prachi is just a nonsense. She tells that she knows their marriage truth and tells that she knows that it is weak, lie, and fake. Akshay raises his hand to slap her, but Ranbir comes and holds his hand. Akshay asks him not to come between brother and sister. Ranbir tells that whoever matter it is, but raising hand on the girl is wrong. Akshay says sorry. Mihika asks Ranbir to go from there, and says it is our personal matter, let us handle it. She shouts go. Ranbir goes from there. Mihika asks Akshay not to come between Ranbir and her. Ashok comes there and says you both need medicine.

Ranbir comes to the room and is upset. He tells himself that he doesn’t have to live here all life and shall not interfere in their family matters. He gets a call and gets traumatized, as Rhea and Aaliya’s words strike his mind. He keeps hand on his ears, and recalls getting up from the mandap and saying that he can’t marry (Rhea). Prachi comes there and holds his hand. She asks if he is fine? Ranbir says you don’t care for others, and vanishes from life. Prachi says she asked as she saw him troubled. He says I wish I wouldn’t have met you and goes.

Ashok asks them if they need medicine? Akshay says I don’t need it, give it to Mihika, it is time for her to have medicine. Mihika goes from here. Ashok reminds Akshay that it was difficult to handle her. Akshay says she is lying to be in a relationship with Ranbir. He asks how can you forget her past. Ashok says I don’t want to remember that painful past. Vishaka comes there and asks if everything is fine. Akshay tells her that he talked to Kritika and she didn’t know about Ranbir. She says we have to stop this right now, else destruction will happen. Ashok says you shall not tell anything, I have handle all this with much difficulty, and tells that he c an’t bear now. Vishaka says if the relation is fake, then it will be a problem. She says Mihika believes in customs, and she will not do the rituals if it is fake. Ashok and Akshay asks what? Vishaka says I will show you directly.

Everyone gather at the dining table. Manpreet asks Ashok if everything is alright. He says yes. Abhay and others hope Mihika is fine. Vishaka asks everyone to take aarti. Everyone comes to take aarti. Vishaka tells Ranbir that they have taken rounds yesterday, and asks him to fill Mihika’s maang with kumkum. Ranbir is shocked. He asks how can I apply kumkum to her just like that, and says you know how it is applied. Vishaka says I have kids of your age, and says when you are in a relation and will marry her later, then what is the problem to fill kumkum in her maang now. Ranbir apologizes to Vishaka and says I can’t fill kumkum in Mihika’s maang. Akshay asks why, you can’t fill kumkum in Mihika’s maang. Ranbir asks Mihika to say something. Mihika asks Ranbir, what problem he has, why he can’t apply kumkum to her maang. Ranbir is shocked.

 Akshay asking Ranbir, why he can’t fill sindoor in Mihika’s maang. Ranbir asks Mihika to say. Mihika asks him why he can’t apply it in her maang. Ranbir is shocked and asks didn’t you know my problem. He tells Vishaka that he respects her a lot, but can’t do this. He says there is a proper rituals and customs which shall be followed. Vishaka asks him not to teach her and don’t give her reasons and logic, says it is puja kumkum and anyone can apply it, and asks him to take kumkum and fill in Mihika’s maang. Mihika takes aarti plate in her hand and looks at Ranbir. Ranbir recalls Mihika coming to her and telling that her family has a doubt that they are not the real couple, so they will take some test or exam, and tells that they shall pass in it. Ranbir asks what they will ask us to do? Mihika says whatever they ask you to do, do it, I will not feel bad and asks him not to hesitant and don’t stop. Ranbir says they are your family. Mihika says they are my family, but you don’t know him, and says nobody know him either. Ranbir promises him that he will do the test. Manpreet asks Vishaka to leave it, when Ranbir doesn’t want to fill kumkum in her maang. Vishaka says no, and tells that anyone can have it, and tells that they have taken the rounds so what is the mistake. Akshay asks Ranbir to think it as the blessings and asks when you are getting a chance to stay together then why you are backing off. He asks Ranbir to take kumkum and fills Mihika’s maang. Prachi recalls Ranbir’s words that he didn’t come here to take revenge from him. Vishaka asks Ranbir to hurry up. Ranbir takes the pinch of Kumkum in his hand and is about to apply it in Mihika’s hairline, when Prachi shouts asking him to stop. Ranbir asks why can’t I do this? Prachi says this is wrong and tells Vishaka that a girl’s maang can be fulfilled when she takes the rounds. Vishaka says they have taken kalash rounds. Prachi says they didn’t take agni rounds, and tells that it happens in the marriage altar in front of fire. She tells that when two people gets married in the marriage altar, witnessing the fire and the God. She says they didn’t take rounds around fire, so shall not apply the kumkum. Ranbir says our kalash rounds have happen, and I feel that it is enough to apply the kumkum. He is about to apply kumkum in Mihika’s maang, when Prachi comes and holds his hand, the kumkum falls in her maang accidentally. Everyone gets shocked.

Akshay comes to Ranbir and asks what you have done? He gets angry. Vishaka says Akshay. Akshay says this is wrong, it has to be removed. He starts wiping it and shouts asking why it is not going. Prachi says she is feeling pain, as he rubs it with tissue. He asks Ranbir why it is not removing. Ranbir says it was not intentional. Akshay says it is wrong, Mihika can’t get sindoor before marriage. He says you can’t fill sindoor in Prachi’s maang. He takes Prachi with him, away from there. Mihika says what you have done Ranbir and goes angrily. Ranbir goes behind her. Vishaka tells Ashok that Ranbir was about to fill kumkum in Mihika’s maang and that’s means they have relation between each other. Manpreet asks didn’t you see what has happened, Akshay is very angry. Ashok says yes, he is very angry. Neha asks Abhay to stay away from Akshay for sometime. Divya reminds him what had happened time. Abhay gets tensed.

In the room, Akshay makes Prachi sit and says how can he do such a carelessness. He says I didn’t apply you kumkum till now, and he has applied kumkum to you. He acts crazy and says Ranbir has crossed the limits and talks big. He says when I asked him to apply kumkum to Mihika, he didn’t apply. He says it is your mistake, why did you lecture him about kumkum. He asks why did you hold Ranbir’s hand and says it fell on you accidentally. He asks her to wipe it and says he can’t see it. He pulls his right ear repeatedly shocking Prachi. Prachi wipes it and says it is gone. Akshay says it is still having in your maang. He rubs it with the tissue. Prachi says you are hurting me. Akshay says even I am hurt. He says it is dried sindoor and asks her to come with him. He takes her to the dressing table and asks her not to move.

Ranbir asks Mihika to come inside the room and says he needs to talk to her. Mihika comes inside. She asks why did you fill kumkum in Prachi’s maang. Ranbir says it was a mistake. She asks why did you take kumkum in your hand. Ranbir says you had only told me to do it and asked me not to stop. He says it was an accident, the kumkum fell on Prachi’s maang as she held my hand. He is about to go, when Mihika holds his hand tightly. He asks her to leave her hand and tells that her nails are hurting him. Ranbir acts crazy and says I will make the cloth wet and then I will wipe it. He asks her to look in the front and wipes it, but the color doesn’t go. Prachi says it is gone. Akshay says it is still there, I can see. He says I will wipe it, and applies some cream on her forehead, says nobody will know that Ranbir had applied kumkum to you. He sits when it is finally gone and says now nobody will know. Prachi gets scared and asks why you are doing this. Akshay says you are my wife, and nobody can fill kumkum in your maang, it is your mistake, what was the need to come inbetween and lecturing so much. He says it is your habit to interfere, and says you are saying as if you believe in rituals, then why did you let wrong thing happen to you. Prachi says it was a mistake. Akshay asks why you didn’t slap him if it was a mistake. He says why I am talking to you, I shall go and slap him. Prachi stops him. Akshay says I didn’t touch you as a husband till now, so you shall understand that I am your husband, I am good or bad, but I am yours, and says I get hurt and have feelings.

Prachi asks who are you, and asks where is that Akshay, whom I know? She asks where is my friend who was good. She asks if this is your avatar and real Akshay, then I will not bear this behavior of yours. She says I am not your property, you can’t owe me. She says she will not bear him. Akshay says shall I bear to see anyone filling your maang with kumkum, and asks who am I? He says I am your husband. He gets crazy and asks what do you want that I shall see anyone filling kumkum in your maang. Asur song plays….He says if someone comes and hugs you, then also I shall not react. Prachi asks him to go and leave the room. Akshay refuses. Prachi says we will talk when you are normal and in your conscience. Akshay says you shall come in your conscience. She pushes him out and asks him to go. Akshay stops her from closing the door and says he is not yet done. He gets inside. Prachi asks him not to come behind her else the consequences will be bad. Akshay gets hyper and crazy.

Ranbir tells Mihika that she told him that he shall do to make everyone believe that we are a couple. Mihika leaves his hand and tells that Bhai is very angry. Ranbir asks if you are fine, and tells that you have held my hand so tightly that it is paining till now. He says the kumkum was filled in her maang mistakenly. Mihika acts crazy and asks him not to say. She says everyone takes my test, and asks if it is my mistake that I asked your help. She says you are saying it a mistake and tells that Bhai got so much disturbed and I am disturbed too. She asks if there is something between Prachi and you. Ranbir says yes.

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