Twist of Fate update Sunday 14 January 2024

Twist of fate 14 January 2024: The Episode starts with Mihika asking Ranbir if there is something between Prachi and him, and asks why he is not bothered? Ranbir shouts yes, I have. Mihika says sorry to him and tells that Bhai is very stressed, and Prachi Bhabhi is wrong, she should have reacted and corrected you. Ranbir asks what she wants to say? Mihika says Bhai is very stressed after whatever happened, and tells that Prachi and him will have problem. She says I shall go to Bhai to calm him, and says he needs her.

She goes. Ranbir says nobody is telling anything to Bua for the stupid rituals, but blaming me. Vishaka is happy. Ashok comes there and asks why is she happy? Vishaka says yesterday night, she came to know that Akshay and Prachi are together and now she got sure that they are also a couple, and is not fooling us. She says whatever Prachi did is not right, and tells that she doesn’t think Ranbir right. She says I saw them fighting many times.

Ashok fears that Ashok and Mihika would reach the same way as before. Vishaka asks him not to think about that incident and says she don’t want to think about it. Ashok thinks I can see the trouble coming, this is the silence before the storm.

Prachi thinks of Akshay’s madness, and thinks have he gone mad? She says she saw him in so much anger for the first time, it seems he has forgotten himself. Mihika comes to Prachi and asks if Bhai is angry. Prachi says Akshay has gone mad. Mihika says the husband who loves his wife will react this way. She says if he don’t love his wife then also would react the same way. She says she understands Bhai’s emotions. She says it was Ranbir’s mistake, but he didn’t apologize to Bhai. She says he is behaving as if he has soft corner for you. She goes to Akshay.

Ranbir collides with Prachi and asks if she is fine? Prachi asks why I will be fine, in your presence? Ranbir asks why you are blaming me. Prachi says who has filled kumkum in my maang, and says it is of your name. She says so much happened in my life because of this kumkum. She asks him not to collide with her and do all this, and tells that she never saw Akshay so much angry. Ranbir asks if Akshay got angry on you. Prachi says he is hurt and was wiping kumkum from my forehead forcibly, I was telling him that I am feeling pain, but he was not listening. Ranbir asks if he gave you pain and tells that he is gone now. He says nobody can misbehave with you, until I am here. Prachi says you are not with me, and tells that Khushi is with her today because of this man, and says you are spoiling and foiling it like always, and this all happened because of you. Ranbir says nobody can misbehave with you. Prachi warns him not to fight with Akshay and goes.

Akshay pulls his right ear and acts crazy. Mihika comes there and asks bhai…what happened? Akshay says Prachi is behaving as if nothing has happened, and says I love her very much and Ranbir filled kumkum in her maang infront of my eyes. He says I will see Ranbir, but mistake is of Prachi. Mihika says Bhai. Akshay says I told her so much, whatever is in my heart and she went. He asks if she left me and is about to go out, when Mihika stops him and says you have lost control on yourself. Akshay recalls whatever he has done, and tells Mihika that he had become unstable, wild and uncontrollable. He says I don’t want to become like before, and don’t want to go there, I am very scared of that place.

He says whatever I did with Prachi, shouldn’t have done that and asks her to understand him. Mihika asks him to calm down and tells that even I have lost my control, and tells that we will lose our family. She says we have to hide our madness, wildness, unstability etc and tells that it is in our DNA. She says if you want to get Prachi and if I want to get Ranbir then we have to hide this. She holds his cheeks. He calms down. She says now you convince Prachi as she is very upset with you. Akshay says now I am afraid of my own anger, I might hurt her. Mihika says anyone would be upset if it was on your place. Akshay says I will convince her, and thanks Mihika.

Vishaka tells Mihika that her choice is best, she couldn’t get better guy than Ranbir. Divya tells that Akshay seems to be fine. Abhay asks her not to test him. Manpreet asks Prachi to serve food to everyone. Akshay says Prachi is upset with me. Prachi goes from there. Mihika says I told you bhabhi is upset with you. Akshay goes behind her. Manpreet asks Ashok to make Akshay understand, and says the way he behaved with Prachi, you shall make him understand. She asks if you have understood what I mean to say.

Prachi sees Akshay coming behind her, and says I want to go. Akshay says he wants to talk to her. Prachi asks if you want to again talk about Kumkum. Akshay says he felt really bad and wants to apologize for his behavior. Prachi asks what shall I say that it is ok, and says it is not ok. Akshay says sorry. Prachi says you can’t take back the bitter words, and tells that whenever I think about this incident, then I will remember your words which will hurt me, and asks if you know how you behaved with me, it is haunting me. She says for a second, I thought that stranger guy is standing infront of me, who was saying me anything. She says I didn’t understand who you are, and asks who are you? Akshay says sorry. Prachi says I don’t accept your apology. Akshay sits down and says I will not get up until you forgive me. Prachi says don’t get up. She sits on the bed. Akshay says sorry. Prachi forgives him. He is about to hug her, but she stops him. Ranbir hears them all. Akshay says we shall go for shopping to buy clothes for everyone. Prachi says lets go. Ranbir comes infront of them and asks Prachi not to go for shopping with him.

 Akshay asking Prachi to come for shopping with him. Prachi agrees. Akshay says lets go. Ranbir says you will not go for shopping with him as I don’t trust Akshay. Akshay asks why you don’t trust me and asks why you are near us when we were talking, I have noticed many times. He asks him to leave them alone, and says after you did kumkum incident. Prachi says Akshay…you started again. Akshay says just now I apologized to you and we have patched up. He tells Ranbir, you didn’t apologize to me. Ranbir says I will not say sorry and asks what you will do, will you hit me? Akshay raises his hand to hit him, and not bad. He says that’s why I like you, my friend. He says I thought to scare you, but you didn’t, strong guy. He asks why you don’t trust me and says you are saying this jokingly.

Ranbir says I am not joking and says even I like you too. He says I want to come for shopping with you both. He says he might not like the clothes brought by them. Akshay says ok and asks him to take Mihika along with him. He gets a call and goes to side. Ranbir says I will not let you go with him. Akshay comes back. Ranbir apologizes to Prachi for whatever happened.

Pallavi gets worried seeing the glass broken, and tells vikram that something bad and inauspicious is going to happen. Vikram says nothing wrong will happen and asks her not to think like this. She looks for her phone. Vikram thinks she has become over sensitive since Ranbir went, and thinks even if she sees the cat, then she takes out negative meaning, and thinks Ranbir is her treatment. Pallavi calls Pandit ji and asks him to tell the solution for the inauspicious thing happened. Mihika gets a call and gets scared. She keeps her mobile on the table and sits down scared and keeps her hands on her ears. Ranbir comes there and asks what happened, are you okay? Mihika cries and hugs him. Ranbir asks what happened to you, if you are fine. Mihika asks him not to leave her alone. He asks her to say what has happened? Mihika says sorry for behaving badly with him, due to the issue between Bhai and Bhabhi. She says you have always been good with me and I blamed you wrongly. Ranbir asks her not to worry, and asks shall I ask you something, will you scold me? He asks her if she will come for shopping. They leave.

Dida asks Pallavi about Pandit ji. Pallavi says yes, she has kept puja. Vikram asks Dida not to worry and tells her that Pallavi went to that past, and again starting in night that Ranbir is in Delhi etc. Pallavi prays for Ranbir.

Ashok tells Vishaka that he is going for meeting. Vishaka asks him not to have anything outside. He says you are more strict than me, that’s why I don’t miss her much. Vishaka asks her to come soon. Akshay and Prachi come there and tell that they are going for shopping. Mihika says even we are going. Divya and Abhay insist to go for shopping too. They argue. Akshay says you can take whatever you want, we shall hurry up, as malls may get closed. They leave. Vishaka prays to God to keep everything fine.

Pandit ji tells Pallavi and Vikram that he is going to start puja for their son, and asks them to put ingredients/ahuti in the havan kund. The fire gets light up heavy twice, Pandit ji tells that something is not right, and tells that he will do puja in the temple, says surely your son is in danger. They try to stop him, but he goes away. Pallavi gets worried and asks Dida to call Ranbir. Dida recalls Ranbir asking her not to call him. A fb is shown, Ranbir asks Dida not to tell anyone that she met him, and asks her not to call him as he wants to be alone for sometime, but they are in his heart and his life. He says you shall not call me and leave me alone. Dida refuses to call Ranbir, and says I will go to temple and do puja with Pandit ji. She says he has blocked my number.

Divya tells Abhay that she should have asked something else, as she thought to shop from here like her friends and she is here. She says she should have asked guy like Ranbir. Abhay says Ranbir is awesome. Akshay asks what? Divya and Abhay tell that the store is awesome. The Manager comes there and asks what they would like to have. Akshay says traditional clothes. Manager says they have got a new collection, which is not trial by anyone till now. Abhay jokes that Divya wants old clothes like her friends had bought. Manager asks Sunita, salesgirl to show the new collection to them. Sunita misunderstands Prachi and Ranbir to be a couple, and asks Prachi if she will not come with her husband. Akshay gets angry and tells that he is her husband. He holds her and says she is my wife. Sunita says sorry and tells that she thought them as the couple. Ranbir says I am Ranbir and she is Prachi. Akshay and Mihika introduce themselves. Sunita apologizes to them. Akshay gets hyper and asks her to end her confusion. Prachi likes a dress and shows to Akshay. Akshay says it is nonsense. Abhay holds Akshay’s hand to calm him. Sunita asks if he has any problem. Akshay says no, and asks her to show some other clothes from the collection. Sunita takes Prachi with her.

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