Twist of fate update Friday 12 January 2024

Twist of fate 12 January 2024: The Episode starts with Akshay talking to Vishaka and tells her that everything is fine in his marriage. Vishaka asks him not to fool her, as she has brought him up and knows how is her marital life. She says I am not your mother to think that everything is fine between you both. She says you lie to me, but I catch it. She asks why he asks Prachi to care and love him. Akshay says he wants Prachi to love him, but not forcibly.

Vishaka asks if you was pleading for love, and tells that the woman is using you. Akshay says bua. Vishaka says I have told and says this thing will not work, she has to fulfill the marriage, you are Tandon family’s man. She says you will get many girls even now. She asks did you get what you wanted, and asks him to ask her if she is using him until her husband returns to her, if she wants to go back to her old husband. She says your sister has moved on also, and asks him to think if his wife is really his wife, or the woman who is using him and playing with his heart, until she gets the person she loves. She says you are not answering anything as you have questions in your heart now. She thinks it is good that the man inside you got woken up.

Prachi says if we are not together, and distanced then it is because of you. She says if we have misunderstanding then it is because of you, and you are acting helpless. She says you are blaming me as if mistake is just of mine. Ranbir calls Prachi and walks towards her. He asks Prachi if she saw his ring which fell down when they were taking rounds. Prachi says we took rounds 7 years back, why you are asking now. She then realizes that he is talking about the rounds taken with Mihika. Ranbir tells her that she never understood him.

He says you didn’t understand me before and even now. He says whatever wrong happened in your life is because of me earlier and now. They go in opposite ways thinking about their separation. Akshay comes infront of Prachi and asks her to come with him. He takes her with him. Ranbir thinks she feels that it is just my mistakes, and I didn’t do anything right till now. He asks Neha and Divya, if they saw Prachi. Neha says Bhai and Bhabhi went to room. Akshay takes Prachi to room angrily. Prachi asks what has happened? Akshay asks if I am the thing which is for use. He asks if you are using me? Prachi asks what you are saying? Akshay asks what do you want? He says my life is on the verge of getting destroyed and we don’t know what we want. Prachi asks him to tell clearly.

Akshay asks her if she misses her ex husband even now, if she has feelings for him even now, if she wants him to return in her life even now. He asks her to tell if she feels for him, or if I have made some place in your heart. Prachi asks him to stop it and says she don’t want to talk to him. Akshay asks why? He says I asked you a question. Prachi says this question shouldn’t have come between us. Akshay says but it came, and says I am a human and feel. Ranbir is coming there and gets a call. Akshay says we talk about him and asks what is his name? He says he tried to snatch your daughter from you and you have given your life for him. He asks who was he and asks her to tell his name. Ranbir on call says his name.

Prachi says I will tell you everything about him. Akshay asks her to choose his right hand if she has feelings for him more than that guy, and choose his left hand if she has more feelings for that guy and less for him. Prachi asks him to calm down. Akshay asks her to choose his hand, and then he will be calm down for forever. Ranbir comes there. Akshay asks if you have feelings for him, and if you miss him so much that if you get a chance then will you go back to me. Ranbir hears and smiles. Akshay asks her to choose left hand if she loves that guy more and right hand if she loves him (Akshay). Ranbir comes inside and asks if you are fine? He says I am acting bad, and tells that I have heard everything. He says if she chooses left hand that it means she is connected with her ex even now and if she holds right hand then she loves you.

He says I am your love Guru and will help. Akshay says it is our personal thing and asks him to leave them alone. Ranbir says I hope she selects right hand, and thinks she shall select left hand. Vishaka hears them and smiles. Akshay asks Prachi if Ranbir said right.

Manpreet asks Vishaka why she is so happy and peacefully. Vishaka refuses to tell her and says you will again put me in the witness box. Manpreet asks her to tell. Ranbir is smiling and going from there. Manpreet asks Ranbir to say, what is the reason for her happiness. Ranbir says I don’t know what she heard from outside. Vishaka tells Manpreet that Akshay and Prachi were fighting. Ranbir asks if nothing is fine between them and asks if she was happy seeing their fight. Vishaka says no, and tells that they were fighting like husband and wife, that means they are in love. Ranbir gets sad.

 Vishaka telling Ranbir and Manpreet that she feels that Akshay and Prachi are in love and that’s why she is happy. Manpreet asks Ranbir, why is he happy? Ranbir gets upset. Vishaka asks why he is happy. Ranbir says I felt that the business deal happened. Manpreet says Mihika is lucky for you. Vishaka thinks he is lying. Manpreet asks her to be happy. Vishaka says she is very happy. Prachi asks Akshay, who said this that I am using you and you need clarity. Akshay says this is my life and asks if I have right to know or not. Prachi says yes, and tells that he shall not ask by getting aggressive. He asks her to reply to him and asks if Ranbir was right. Prachi says my answer is not that. Ranbir is sadly walking. Mihika sees him and the song plays huyi main tumhari. She slips and Ranbir holds her. He asks if she is fine. Mihika says you are there to save me, my savior. Ranbir leaves her and goes. He sees Prachi coming there holding Akshay’s right hand and coming with him. Akshay asks Prachi if she didn’t know what answer will make her happy. Prachi says I don’t think that you know me else you wouldn’t have talked to me like this. She says I never hid anything from you and was clear to you that I can’t love you and can’t do the duty of a wife, and will not give you happiness, then also you married me and pacified me that you are okay with it. She says she has a feeling that Bua ji is asking her and not him. Akshay says sorry to her and says infact Bua ji asked me this. He says I shouldn’t have talked to you this way, and says sorry. He says I don’t want any answer now and tells that she is getting on his nerves. Prachi says Bua ji wants your betterment so we can show her. Akshay says Bua ji is very clever and tells that his mind is messed. Prachi asks him to say and says we will solve the problem together. He says he is not in a right frame to talk now. Prachi says shall I calm down Bua ji’s anger. Akshay asks how? Prachi holds his right hand and is walking there. fb ends. Ranbir looks shocked. Vishaka asks if their fight ended. Prachi asks how do you know? Vishaka says I know and tells that she was wrong about them.

Manpreet blesses their Jodi. Ranbir thinks don’t know what is their relation, sometimes he feels that Prachi is acting and sometimes she seems to have moved on and has forgotten me. He turns sad. Prachi looks at him.

In the night, door bell rings. Vikram opens the door and says you. Pallavi says who has come. They see Rhea on the door and smiling. She asks why there is so much darkness here, and why you are not celebrating Teej. Pallavi asks her to stop right there and goes. Vikram goes behind her. Rhea comes inside and hugs Dida. Dida asks why did you come here and for whom? Rhea says for Ranbir, who else. Ranbir is angry and frustrated and thinks why he is feeling so much frustrated. He says why I think that Prachi has feelings for me, then I feel good and when I feel that she has moved on, I get hurt. He says why did she hold Akshay’s hand, and thinks what to do, he can’t see her with Akshay. Mihika comes there and asks Ranbir, when she fell on her, he was upset. She says sorry for that. Ranbir says sorry for reacting strangely, and tells that time he missed the girl whom he loves. Mihika says who has left you. She thanks him for everything and for saving her from the rasam. Ranbir says I have fulfilled my promise and goes. Mihika thinks he is good. Divya teases her and says she wishes to get guy like Ranbir. Mihika thinks she hopes that he becomes hers. Divya asks her to get ready to meet his parents and family. Mihika thinks if his family is fun loving like him.

Pallavi packs the bag. Vikram asks what is she doing? Pallavi says she is doing what she didn’t do before. She says she should have handled her son’s heart and should have stopped from breaking it. She says I want to tell that Rhea that we know everything, whatever she has done with us. Vikram asks what will benefit and asks her not to tell anything to her. Pallavi asks him to leave her hand and tells that they have bear Rhea so much. She says that girl did wrong with us, and we shall make her realize her mistakes. She says I shall tell her that I know all her conspiracies by looking in her eyes. Vikram asks her to stop until Ranbir returns. Pallavi goes.

Ranbir thinks of Prachi. Akshay apologizes to her. Ranbir thinks why is he angry, and thinks he couldn’t accept that she has moved on. He thinks she has not moved on. Prachi tells Akshay that they shall move on from this topic. She says she is tired. Akshay asks her to rest and thinks he has feelings for her, and wants her to feel for him and love him the same way as he loves her. He thinks Bua is not wrong, you shall love me too. Ranbir thinks of Prachi. Prachi thinks of Ranbir and says his relation with Mihika is fake. Ranbir thinks Prachi and Akshay’s relation is fake. Prachi says he is just showing off. Ranbir thinks the same.

Prachi says how he will act for feelings, and says your feelings for Mihika is not truth. Ranbir says I know your feelings for Akshay is not truth, I saw your true feelings and lived it. Prachi says if you had loved Mihika truly then I would have felt it. Ranbir thinks Prachi is hiding something and he shall find out. Prachi thinks he is hiding something and she shall find out. He thinks he will be lost if he don’t find out. Prachi thinks she shall find out for herself. Ranbir says he will find Prachi’s truth anyhow. Prachi says I am coming to know about your truth. Ranbir says I am coming to know your truth even if you hide anyhow.

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