To die for love Update Friday 15 October 2021

To die for love 15 October 2021: Arohi sees someone’s shadow in dilip’s room. She opens the door and sees him on his chair. Arohi brings in an axe. She says do you know what it is? Its very sharp. I haven’t killed anyone for quite some time. He looks here and there. Arohi says no one will come here to help you. She pretends to be Tara. arohi says what will happen at 12 tonight? He shakes his head. Arohi says I know you everything. She is about to slit his stomach he stands up in fear. Arohi is dazed. Arohi says oh.. So you stood. You were pretending all this time. I know who has the ace car. He shakes his head.
Deep is out. He says why is Arohi’s phone off. Someone comes near him with a knife. Its dany. Police man comes and says we have fast tracked the case. Dany sits on the chair. He puts his knife inside.

Arohi says you are the who is the major player. You are doing all this drama. Tell me what plan have you made against deep. He shakes his head. She says let me call police. He says no on please don’t.. Arohi says so you can speak. He says please don’t call police.Virat looks for Tara. He says kill me. If roma gets to know she will kill me. Deep helped me in my treatment. Virat comes in the room. Dilip sits on his chair. Virat says what are you doing here tara? She says I brought this plant here. Virat leaves.

Arohi takes out the axe again and says tell me who are you saving. What will happen tonight? He says I just want to save deep. I don’t know whats the plan. deep wasn’t picked as a child like they told you. He came here when he was an adult. He lost his memory. He didn’t even know his name.Deep says to dany why are you not speaking? He says sometimes you have to work more and say less.Dilip says only Roma knows deep’s reality. I try to save deep. She will kill me. So I pretend to sit here. arohi says what do you know about dany?? He says I don’t know. But I know you are Arohi not Tara. Tara is in jail. She is my daughter but she can’t live with people here. I could tell everyone but I didn’t because you love deep. My prayers are with you. Go and save deep. She leaves.Dilip smirks and says she is so stupid. She can’t even understand this game.

Roma calls Arohi. she says I am in toy shop. Arohi calls the nurse and says where is mom? She says no Roma is in hospital.
Arohi calls deep and says where are you? Dany.. deep says dany is with me. Arohi says he is after your life. Arohi screams. deep rushes home. he sees Arohi bruised. He says how did this happenn? She says I slipped from the stairs. deep dresses her wound. He says let me dress it. Arohi says in heart I had to do this to bring you home and away from dany.Police arrest dany. They say will tell you when you come to police station why.Deep says what is this? You don’t have any bruises? She says I am hurt inside. Arohi says I can hurt myself if you want. She cuts her wrist. Deep says are you crazy. Its bleeding. He ices her cut. Deep comes close to her. Arohi faints. He mixed tranquilizer in the ice. He leaves. Arohi sleeps on the bed.

Arohi wakes up. she says its almost 7l. WHere is deep? She looks everywhere. Arohi says why is his phone off? Has dany done something?Arohi comes to inspector and says where is dany? Inspector says deep came and took dany from here. We only have his phone. Arohi says please give me his phone we will know who is he with. Dany is calling on his number. He says I forgot my phone there. arohi says please trace this number.Arohi comes to the place inspector told her. DAny says to a guy boss you are amazing. You have given me all the money. I am tearing this proof as well. I am going boss. See you in court. ARohi points gun at him and says who is your boss? She puts light on his face. Its deep. Arooi is dazed. sHe says what are you doing here with him? You have given him 8 crore? WHat are you upto? Arohi recalls meeting DAny. arohi says where you behind all that? He says I wont give you clarifications.

Arohi says was everything a lie? Why did you do this? Dany says I will tell you. Arohi says no I want an answer from deep. I was so scared. I was wanted to know who wants to kill you but it was you. You didn’t even think about me. Deeo says how did you get here? DAny says I left my phone so Arohi can come here. Its about time she comes here. Deep says I didn’t give you money for that. DAny says you gave me money to get Tara in jail and arohi scared so she goes from here. He did all this so you go away from here. He wants you to live a free house. He said everyone doubts Arohi. You have to prove that tara is Arohi and Arohi is tara. DAny says I kidnapped Chaawni as well to scare you but you were steadfast. I pretended to be with tara. Deep knew tara was upto something big os he asked me to be with her. Deep saved eeryone in the party as well by diffusing the explosives.

Tara is tied. SHe says I will kill you all. Virat comes there. Tara says Virat I will kill you as well. Police puts cloth on her mouth. He says we are writing her prisoner number on jher back so we neever get confused.
DAny says arohi should know why you want tot save her. Deep says dany go from here. Arohi puts gun on her head. She says you want to send me away right? This is one place. Deep says are you crazy? I wont let you do this. She says you played so many games. Why did you do all this. DEep says I did this because I can’t see you in trouble. Arohi says so for that you would send me away. I thought you wanted to be with me. I was living a lie all this time.
Why did you do this deep. she leaves. Dany says she is going deep stop her.Arohi comes home and recalls everything. Deep comes. ARohi says what are you here for now? He says you are my responsibility till you are here. Tomorrow Tara will be convicted in the court. Till then I have to protect you.

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