Timeless love update Tuesday 4 July 2023

Timeless love 4 July 2023: Vidhi informs Hariprasad that Dev Sir wants to meet Pratap uncle. Hariprasad says it is good that you told me truly and says I will never refuse you for anything related to Dev Saheb. He says if you are getting a chance to help Dev Saheb then I will not stop you. Vidhi thanks him. Later she goes to office. Bimla says it is good that you let her go to Neeli’s house. Hariprasad says just because of Dev Saheb.

Timeless love 3 July 2023

He says you was about to meet Dev Saheb yesterday, what did he tell? Bimla recalls Dev telling her that Vidhi is honest as Hari ji and you are honest. She tells Hariprasad that she has burden on herself, tells that she used to go to saree shop to work, on the pretext of going to sadsang. She asks if he will forgive her. He recalls lying to her and tells that he will forgive her, if she forgives him. Bimla says I didn’t understand. Hariprasad tells that he had lost the job when the roof repair work was going on and Jagrata was scheduled.

He says now I got the job, I am not accountant there, but a job of a cleaner. He says no work is small, I have learnt this. Bimla cries and hugs him.Dev and Vidhi come to Pratap and Neeli’s house. Neeli opens the door and asks them to come inside. Dev gets inside and sees Pratap. He gets emotional. Pratap hugs him and says once I thought that Shantanu came infront of me. Dev gives him envelope and says it is a gift for you. Pratap asks what is in it? Dev says when Papa was in hospital, he had written this letter for you,

but couldn’t post. Vidhi gets call from home, but rejects it. Pratap reads the letter and tells Dev that Shantanu and his thoughts never matched, but our hearts were matched and that’s why their friendship was strong. He says then Neeli came in my life, but Pratap’s thinking was old and he didn’t want to marry her as she was half of my age. He says after few years, even Shantanu had to marry Satyavati who was half his age. He says then after some years, Shantanu became a big name.

He says when he came to know about Shantanu being in hospital, I went to meet him, but he turned his face and didn’t talk to me. He says then I heard that he was angry at me and left this world. He says I was upset with him before reading this letter, but not now after reading the letter. He asks Dev to read the last lines of the letter.Dev reads I came behind you to Indore from village, as you used to call me as your tail, but I am ahead of you to leave this world. He says I will close the heaven door, so that you don’t come behind me, as you have to stay with Neeli, as there is a heaven on the earth whose life partner is like Neeli. Neeli gets emotional and smiles. Vidhi comes to Neeli.

Neeli’s phone rings and she checks the call. She says it is Bimla’s call. Vidhi takes the call. Seema says I am on call. Vidhi ays I will talk to you later. Seema says your friend Pallavi was searching you to tell you that you have become graduate. Vidhi gets teary eyes and says I have passed. Bimla takes the call and congrats her. Vidhi says I will tell this to Papa.Dev tells Pratap that he couldn’t spend time with Papa, as he was studying in UK. He says I want to know about him from you. Pratap asks him to come whenever he wants. Dev invites him to his house, and says Maa wants to meet Vidhi’s Mom and Dad.

He says if we can meet at Vidhi’s place, your house and in my house. Neeli says we will make a plan. Dev touches his feet and goes out. Vidhi also goes. Dev tells Vidhi that he is really happy and finally met Pratap uncle due to her. He asks if she will come to the 5 star hotel to have coffee with him. Vidhi thanks him. She tells him that she wants to give him party, as she has passed in the exam. She says if you will come this Sunday in the evening.

Dev says I will not try, but promise that I will come. Vidhi thanks him.Seema makes congratulations card. Bimla likes it and says she didn’t think that Vidhi will pass. Seema says yes, with good marks. Bimla gives credit to Dev for showing her the way. She says Vidhi will achieve something. Vidhi thinks of Hariprasad telling that her graduation will fulfill his incomplete dream.

She comes to the jewellery store and sees Hariprasad sweeping the floor. The staff member asks him to bend down and clean the floor properly. Vidhi cries seeing him. She says Devimaa, how can this happen when you are here? She says Papa is bearing so much without telling anyone, I want to help Papa somehow, but he will not take my help. She cries thinking how to help him.

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