Imlie Starlife update Sunday 5 May 2024

Imlie 5 May 2024: Noyonika and Imlie discuss how difficult it is to be a woman. Sonali joins them and says sometimes she feels being a woman is a problem, people distribute sweets when a son is born and mourn when a daughter is born; they consider it wrong if a girl is born and same girl gives birth to another girl.

Imlie says they shall teach good morales to their son and to be strong to their daughter. Noyonika leaves.

Imlie tells Sonali that she felt today as if they are not nanad and bhabhi, but sisters. Sonali says she shouldn’t be in a delusion, today she supported her as she fought for a woman; she is a hypocrite who was fighting for woman’s right and snatching her right on the other hand and giving it to Agastya; though Agastya shut Chintamani’s mouth with money and hide Imlie’s truth, but she will find some way out to expose Imlie’s truth and take back her business from Agastya.

Imlie thinks Sonali is right that she is helping Agastya snatch Sonali’s right as business belongs to both of them. Amrit blocks her way and flirts with her. She warns him to stop eyeing on her as he is already married. He says even she is married, Agastya and Sonali just like money and nothing else, they both can marry and elope from here. He touches her. She frees herself and warns him to dare not touch her. She gets doctor’s call and runs away. Doctor informs her that she needs to pay 1.5 lakh rs extra for Ashu’s tests. She agrees and asks him to make arrangements for the test. She asks god why he gives her trouble always.

Agastya walks in and asks why she is talking to a lizard. He apologizes her for letting her go alone in jungle and promises to support her always. She says if he has done a mistake, he should pay for it and demands him 1.5 lakh rs. He is shocked to hear that and asks if she is joking. She says he mean that. He pays her 1.5 lakhs tongue lashing her for her materialistic behavior. Imlie feels guilty and thinks she had to do this to fund Ashu’s treatment.

Sonali cries recalling Amrit’s casanova nature. Amrit walks to her and asks why she is sitting there. Sonali asks if he really loves her and what she likes in her. He asks why is she asking this. Sonali says he used to love her self-reliant nature and her business mind, but now she lost her business to Agastya and he may not like her anymore. He says he still loves her with or without her business. She shows him his bar video where he is dancing with women and walks away from there. He gets tensed.

Agastya wears his shirt. Imlie notices him bleeding and asks him to remove his shirt and let her nurse his wound. Agastya says he doesn’t need her help as she will seek money even for that; she is a bazaru/market woman who just needs money. Imlie says being bazaru is due to her helpness nature, but he is snatching his sister’s right and took over family business. Agastya says Sonali is corrupt. Imlie says she is seeing since her childhood that when a woman does a simple mistake, her rights are snatched away; asks if Sonali was a boy, would her right be snatched.

Next morning, Agastya gives legal documents to Sonali and tells Daadi that their family business is their father’s dream and only he can’t have right on it, so he is transferring company’s 50% shares to Sonali as they equally have right on it. Daadi praises his thinking and asks Sonali if she is happy now. Sonali tears papers and throws them on his face. She asks Imlie to tell her husband’s name. Imlie says Agastya Singh. Sonali says Chaudhry surname is given by Daadi, Agastya’s real identity is via her mother who as a bar dancer.

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