Titli Starlife update Sunday 5 May 2024

Garv asking why did you pull off this stunt. She says I thought you like girls wearing heels like Ishani did. He says no, your innocence matters to me, I don’t see this in anyone else. He removes her heels. Chintu hears Dhrishti and offers help.

She taunts him. He sees Dhara in the car. She says sorry, I didn’t know this is your car, I m hungry, so I m hiding from people. He says its okay, I will take you somewhere, you can eat well. Dhrishti sits in the car. She asks Chintu to just drive. She says you both have nothing that I get jealous. Paresh keeps the gold ring. Monica says its very beautiful. Koel says yes. The man says Manikant ji, their ring is better than yours ring. Garv ties a black thread to Titli’s hand and says now we are in each other’s heart. Titli also ties the black thread to him. He says I promise, I won’t let anything happen to our relation.

Ishani comes and says promise, I will not let this happen. Dhara eats the food at Chintu’s home. She thanks him. Dhrishti asks her to hurry up. Dhara gets up and says my dress got torn. Dhrishti laughs and makes fun of her. Chintu asks her to cover it with a dupatta. She rushes. He goes to get safety pin for Dhara.

Garv and Titli come for engagement. Monica says they already got engaged, what’s the need of these rings. Baa says Paresh got the costly ring, we will make Garv wear it. The girls tease Garv. Titli and Garv get engaged. Hiral stops Ishani and says you came home on Gordhana day also, what are you doing here. Dada ji praises Koel and asks Titli to keep the family united. Maina says right.

Alpa taunts her. Garv asks waiter to get cold drinks. Ishani asks waiter to get orange juice for Titli. She thinks Garv dislikes orange juice. He gets angry on the waiter. He asks waiter to change it. Titli says I like orange juice. Waiter says I also like it, its healthy. Garv gets angry. He says if Titli likes it, I will also like it. Monica compliments Titli. Garv goes and serves the orange juice in the glasses. He asks him to relax and drink the juice. Waiter takes a glass and says I m done. Garv says you like it, right, drink it now. He angrily feeds him and scolds him.

Ishani says I will show your avatar to Titli today. She gets shocked seeing Garv. He asks her to get out. Titli looks for them. Garv threatens Ishani. He says Titli is my life, my everything, I love her a lot, stay away from us. Baa comes there. Jaishri asks Titli where are the shagun envelopes. Titli says Baa took it from me. Ishani says you have seen it, how he spoke to me angrily, he will treat Titli like that, he gets too angry, he can kill anyone in anger.

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