Unfortunate Love July 2023 teasers

Unfortunate love July teasers 2023: 

Saturday 1st July 2023
Rano tries to get Neha to take care of Aayush. Rishi and Lakshmi share a moment together and she feels overjoyed hearing his words. Rano and Neha drop Aayush home. Neelam and Karishma insult Rano, but she rebukes them well and says that it is Lakshmi’s destiny to be in their family.

Sunday 2nd July 2023
Inspector Durga Devi’s questions worry Malishka. Neelam and Karishma insult Lakshmi, but Virendra and Rishi defend her. Durga suspects Malishka, who vandalises the room. Rishi saves Lakshmi from falling. Balwinder calls up Malishka.

Monday 3rd July 2023
Neelam tells Malishka to win Rishi back, and Soniya motivates her further. Balwinder dons a disguise but almost runs into Inspector Durga. Malishka tries to execute her plan and spends time with Rishi, but he rejects her advances. Rishi pushes Malishka away, astonishing her. Lakshmi and Rishi get close to each other. Malishka cries in her room over Rishi.

Tuesday 4th July 2023
Kiran tells Malishka her plan and says that Lakshmi’s death would be beneficial for them. Harleen shouts at Karishma over her behaviour. Malishka feels elated as Balwinder agrees to their plan. Rishi tells Harleen that he wants to give Lakshmi a gift.

Wednesday 5th July 2023
Karishma vents her anger out to Neelam and speaks ill of Lakshmi. Rishi brings a gift for Lakshmi, but Malishka feels that it is for her. Malishka plans a surprise for Harleen but ends up embarrassing herself. Inspector Durga Devi comes to the puja.

Thursday 6th July 2023
Neelam and Karishma’s plan to ruin Lakshmi comes to fruition and they insult Lakshmi. Balwinder executes Malishka’s plan and hides in a room. However, Lakshmi’s life is saved. Later, Inspector Durga Devi looks for Balwinder.

Friday 7th July 2023
Rishi expresses his anger over the attack on Lakshmi. Aayush has a doubt and tells Lakshmi that it was Malishka who is behind everything. Aayush’s doubt is confirmed when Malishka comes in the guest room. Rishi finds proof and tells Inspector Durga Devi about it.

Saturday 8th July 2023
Balwinder escapes from the Oberoi House. When Aayush questions Malishka and Kiran about the attack on Lakshmi, Neelam reprimands him. Aayush warns Malishka about her antics and mentions that she will never be able to separate Lakshmi and Rishi. Balwinder vows to get back at the Oberois. Rishi leaves the town for work but calls Lakshmi, who calms him down.

Sunday 9th July 2023
Malishka gets irked with Rishi and Lakshmi’s growing closeness and determines to break them apart. Rishi wonders if Lakshmi is all right and worries about the hotel. Balwinder executes Malishka’s plan, and the guests start falling sick, one by one.

Monday 10th July 2023
Malishka feels elated as her plan succeeds, and she tells Kiran about it. Neelam blames Lakshmi for the problems and tells Virendra not to support her. Neelam and Karishma berate Lakshmi. Malishka talks to a reporter pretending to be Neelam and speaks ill about Lakshmi.

Tuesday 11th July 2023
Malishka taunts Lakshmi and says that she ruined Rishi’s reputation. Lakshmi rebukes Malishka and says that she knows her true nature. Rishi learns about the incident. The police take Lakshmi away, and Virendra tries to help her. Neelam’s words worry Virendra.

Wednesday 12th July 2023
Lakshmi is locked up in jail and Rishi meets with an accident. Shalu defends Lakshmi and questions the Oberois. Karishma slaps Aayush. Kiran and Malishka celebrate their victory. Rishi regains consciousness in the hospital. Neelam decides to file a case against Lakshmi.

Thursday 13th July 2023
Aayush decides to help Lakshmi and tells Rishi about her being in jail. Balwinder demands money from Malishka. Aayush argues with Kiran, while Neelam reprimands Aayush. Lakshmi tells Malishka that Rishi will save her. Rishi chides Neelam for not helping Lakshmi and essays his trust in her. Neelam and Malishka feel shocked over Rishi’s behaviour.

Friday 14th July 2023
Rishi meets Lakshmi and tells her that he will help her. Malishka vents her anger out. Lakshmi feels elated over Rishi’s presence. Kiran tells Malishka about Neelam’s promise. Later, Shalu and Aayush bring food for Lakshmi, and she notices that Aayush likes Shalu.

Saturday 15 July 2023
Rishi and Lakshmi miss each other. Later, Malishka’s father comes to her aid. Rishi discusses Lakshmi’s case with the lawyer, Mr Basu, who suggests interviewing the staff of the hotel. Rishi learns about the disappearance of Mukesh, the chef from the hotel. Virendra apologises to Lakshmi.

Sunday 16th July 2023
Neelam feels astonished over Rishi’s behaviour. A dreaded criminal, Monish, comes to the court. The court proceedings begin but Lakshmi tells the truth. Malishka feels that now Lakshmi will be prosecuted.

Monday 17th July 2023
Rishi makes a promise to Lakshmi. Shalu notices Balwinder, but he manages to slip away. Mukesh, the chef, arrives to testify. Malishka and her father pay Mukesh to lie and accuse Lakshmi of poisoning the food in court.

Tuesday 18th July 2023
The terrorists take everyone hostage in the court. Rishi intervenes as Lakshmi tries to save Neelam. Despite his best efforts. Lakshmi and a few others manage to get out, but Monish points a gun at Rishi.

Wednesday 19th July 2023
Monish shoots at Neelam and she falls unconscious. Lakshmi tells Balwinder that Rishi will save her. Lakshmi saves Rishi from getting shot. Aayush enters the courtroom, and all the family members beat the terrorists.

Thursday 20th July 2023
Rishi takes care of Lakshmi, as she feels weak. Balwinder follows Lakshmi and comes in front of Rishi. Balwinder fights with Rishi. Lakshmi saves a hostage in the court. Malishka tells everyone about the deal her father and Neelam made with the thug. Aayush and Shalu raise their concerns over it.

Friday 21st July 2023
A scary thought frightens Harleen. Later, Rishi arrives in time to save Lakshmi from Monish, who threatens to kill Rishi. Harleen breaks down after seeing Rishi’s picture. Lakshmi does something to save Rishi.

Saturday 22nd July 2023
A fight ensues and Rishi and Monish point guns at each other. Lakshmi holds a gun at Monish as well but the police arrive. Rishi convinces the judge to keep Lakshmi’s hearing the same day. The judge agrees, and later in the witness box, Rishi takes the blame upon himself.

Sunday 23rd July 2023
Rishi tells the judge that he was responsible for everything. The judge announces his decision and frees Lakshmi, but gets Rishi in custody. Rishi wonders if he really loves Lakshmi after his conversation with Malishka.

Monday 24th July 2023
Sonia insults Shalu, who gives a befitting reply to her and Karishma. Aayush comes up with an idea to help Lakshmi and helps her sneak into the jail to meet Rishi.

Tuesday 25th July 2023
Aayush helps Lakshmi meet with Rishi in jail and she makes him a promise. Lakshmi and Shalu decide to investigate the case. Aayush stands up for Lakshmi in front of Karishma. Aayush rebukes Soniya when she insults Shalu.

Wednesday 26th July 2023
Rishi tells Malishka that Lakshmi has found a way to get him released. A hermit tells Balwinder his future. An inmate wants to kill Rishi. Lakshmi and Aayush request Mukesh to tell them the truth. Meanwhile, Shalu sees Malishka with Balwinder.


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