Timeless love update Monday 3 July 2023

Timeless love 3 July 2023: Vidhi tells Dev that 1 crore is going waste from 1 office, they have 30 offices so 30 crores are getting wasted. Dev claps and says brilliant. He says you didn’t tell only the problem, but also told solution. He says I didn’t see such a fabulous presentation before, simple and effective.He says I feel that we shall implement Vidhi’s suggestions at the earliest. He says good job. Vidhi thanks him.

Timeless love 2 July 2023

He is about to take tissue, but stops and then takes his handkerchief and wipes his face.Amba comes to Yogesh and Kanika. Yogesh says we need your help. Kanika says this situation s strange, don’t know why Dev is impressed with the new girl Vidhi. Yogesh says your file will go to Vidhi, and she can approve or reject it. Amba thinks I can reach Dev through them.

Vidhi comes to the office. Urmila calls her and asks her to talk to Dev about Golden’s job. Vidhi asks her to ask Golden to submit the CV in the office. Urmila scolds her. Vidhi says she is in office and ends the call. Dev asks Vidhi about Pratap. Vidhi says you can meet him whenever you want. Dev thanks her. Vidhi asks shall I tell you one more personal thing. She says her mother wants to meet him. Dev says today in Balghar at 5 pm. Vidhi thanks him. Dev goes. Vidhi calls Bimla and asks her to come to Balghar at 5 pm.

Bimla tells Peeli that she will go early today. Amba brings her file to Vidhi. Vidhi calls her Mehta Ma’am and asks her to sit. Amba sits on the chair. Vidhi recalls Dev’s advice to her and checks the file. Amba asks what do you think? Vidhi says there is no problem. Amba asks her to check and says there will be some problem, else approve it. Vidhi says I don’t see any problem here.

Amba asks her to see through her lens. Vidhi says I don’t see any problem here and says our office is beautiful and don’t need any change. She says everything is good here and needs no repair so it doesn’t need renovation. She says this is my opinion. Amba gets up and says this is corporate world and not your kitchen, and asks her to keep her ideas limited to herself, says everyone gets bored seeing the same thing again and again, and then the focus gets diverted. She humiliates Vidhi and calls all the employees.

She says everyone will wear the same clothes from now onwards and doesn’t need to change the clothes. Rishabh asks why? Amba says if someone is in small house, then shall not dream of having a big house. She says this is Vidhi’s idea. Anaya asks Vidhi to rethink about Amba’s proposal. Vidhi says ok Mehta Maam, I will think again.In the balghar, Vidhi is in tension. Dev asks what happened? Vidhi says Maa haven’t come, so I am tensed. Dev says if you don’t want to say then don’t say. Bimla comes there and says sorry to Dev for coming late.

She asks Vidhi to go and play with kids, and says we will leave together. Vidhi says ok and goes. Bimla tells Dev that she wanted to thank him. She says I was tired of hearing people jokes for Vidhi, says I was always worried that how she will marry, how her life will be after marriage, but you have changed everything. She says Vidhi’s Papa believes the same. Dev says thank you for giving me the credit, but it all the credit goes to you, for the values which you have given to Vidhi.

He says all the employees are not honest, as their parents are not Hari ji and you. Bimla says you have seen our house, we couldn’t sit for even 5 mins and talk, don’t know when did we give her good values. Dev says Vidhi is honest as you are honest, Hari ji is honest. He says I gave him 1 lakh Rs Cheque, but he didn’t take being honest. Bimla thanks him for everything. Vidhi comes back.

Bimla says we will leave and greets him. They leave.Dev comes back home and tells Satyavati that Vidhi talked to Pratap uncle, and tomorrow I am going to meet him. Satyavati gives him letter which his Papa had written for Pratap. She says he had written this in his last days. Dev says it must be important. Satyavati says this is his safe keeping, make it reach him. Priya asks what about my rights. She says Raichand woman don’t do work and I have just one daughter, so who will handle business in future.

She says who can give answer for this. Satyavati asks Dev to go and rest. She tells Priya that she still have the same decision and asks her to plan second child. Priya says what, if I have the girl again then will you ask me to have third child. She asks if you think me as machine and goes.

Vidhi tells Hariprasad that she wants to talk to him. She says Maa had brought the gift back home given by Neeli. She says Maa asked me to keep it in office. She says when I opened the gift, it was lens of objectivity. She says Dev Sir wants to meet Pratap uncle.

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