Timeless love update Wednesday 5 July 2023

Timeless love 5 July 2023: Vidhi reaches home and cries hugging Bimla. Bimla asks what happened? Vidhi says I had gone to Papa’s shop to tell my result and saw him sweeping the floor. Bimla asks her to calm down and says your Papa had told me. She says few days back, he had lost his job but didn’t tell anyone about it. She says he didn’t lose the courage and talked to Seth ji’s son, and he gave him this job. She says Dev Sir gave him the courage to fight, just like he gave you courage to write your exam well. Seema asks didn’t you tell mama ji about your results.

Timeless love 4 July 2023

Vidhi holds his hand. Bimla nods her head, signing her not to tell him. Vidhi tells him that today his dream is fulfilled, her graduation result came. Hariprasad says you have passed. Vidhi nods her head. Hariprasad hugs her and gets emotional. He thanked Mata Rani and asks Vidhi why she was crying? He says I got worried. Bimla says it is happy tears. Hariprasad says you have made me proud today and fulfilled my dream, what I couldn’t do, you have done. He says I have a feeling that I am completed graduation.

Vidhi touches his feet. Hariprasad says daughters like you, gets with Mannat. He says he always pray for his family safety and thank her for choosing him to become Vidhi’s Papa. He says I am really proud of you. Vidhi hugs him. Hariprasad asks her to make something special. Bimla says she has made. Seema gives congratulations card to Vidhi. Vidhi thanks her. Hariprasad asks did you tell dev Saheb, as he has a big hand in your success. Seema says there are only two names in the house,

Dev Saheb and Mata Rani. She pretends to make a call to Vidhi and asks him to adopt the family. She then gives the call to Vidhi. Vidhi says it is not like that and realizes that she is just pretending.Amba comes to Dev’s house and invites them for house warming party. She says it is first function after Chitra’s marriage and says they don’t give him a chance to refuse. Dev recalls promising Vidhi about Sunday party and tells Amba that he has a commitment.

Amba asks him to adjust and says Chitra will feel good if he comes. Dev says I will try.Vidhi tells Hariprasad that she is going to give party to Dev Sir in Khao Gali and he happily agreed. Hari Prasad says Dev Saheb in Khao Gali. Amba asks what they would like to have in food? Priya says simple food for Mummy ji. Amba asks about Abhimanyu. Priya says Chinese or Italian. Abhimanyu says Mexican. Amba asks about her choice. Priya says I have forgotten it since I came here, says will tell later. Amba says ok. She says I know Dev likes badam halwa, but your choices have changed or not after so many years.

Abhimanyu says I will send you a list of everyone’s choices. Amba says she will leave. Abhimanyu says he will drop her. Amba leaves.Satyavati tells Dev that she couldn’t refuse, and says we go to daughter’s sasural to congratulate her on godh bharayi, but I couldn’t say anything as Priya and Abhimanyu was excited. Priya comes there and reminds Satyavati that she had asked her parents to bring some stuff when Simmy was about to born.

Satyavati says your parents have followed our customs. She appreciates them. Dev asks Priya to arrange same stuff to take to Chitra’s house.Simar tells Vidhi that rich people used to have food with spoon and fork and asks her to take water from home. Vidhi says she will write what to take. Next day, Bimla asks her to go. Vidhi says ok, I will leave. Seema asks her to think if dev Sir doesn’t come,

then she will be alone in Khao Gali. Vidhi asks her to choose her hand and says Dev Sir will come.Dev is in his car and asks Manoj to take him to Khao galli and park the car before reaching there. Vidhi looks at the shop and likes a shirt for Dev. She waits for Dev and sees Anaya there. Anaya tells that she came with her friends to have food. Vidhi says she has passed her graduation and came for party here.

Anaya asks her to enjoy and goes. Seema calls Vidhi and asks if Dev sir came. urmila asks with whom she is talking to? Seema ends the call. Vidhi sees Dev coming and gets happy.

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