Timeless love update Thursday 13 July 2023

Timeless love 13 July 2023: Dev sends Rocky inside the factory and then asks Vidhi to go inside. Vidhi walks inside calling Rocky. The goon says this is private property and asks her to leave. Vidhi says help me find Rocky. The goon goes calling Rocky. Dev signs Vidhi to go inside and sees the little kids doing some work. A boy asks the goons to give him water. The goon asks him to drink water after having food after 30 mins. Dev is shocked and records everything in his mobile.

Timeless love 12 July 2023

He signs Vidhi to come and shows her the plight of the kids. Vidhi gets sad too. Dev asks Vidhi to go and divert them, till he makes a call. He asks if you trust me. Vidhi nods and goes. She calls Rocky. The goons ask who is Rocky? Vidhi says Rocky is my dog. They walk towards her asking her to go. Vidhi says she is going. Dev comes there and says our dog came here. The goon thinks something is fishy and asks other goons to teach them a lesson. Dev whistles to call Rocky. He tells Vidhi if she had learnt to whistle then would have called Rocky. The goon gets scared seeing Rocky’s teeth. Dev tells that he suppliers workers to the factories,

depending on the work. They ask who are they? Dev says I am her uncle ji and Rocky is of her.Vidhi says Rocky is my uncle ji etc. The goon asks why she is scared of rocky. Dev says she loves Rocky a lot and makes her keep her hand on Rocky. Vidhi’s fear goes and she tells Rocky that now she understood that when it used to bark, it means that it wants to befriend her. Dev asks her to hug. Vidhi hugs Dev and thanks him. Dev asks her to hug Rocky. Vidhi hugs Rocky. The goon asks Dev if he has child labors. Dev says yes and says he needs to see what they shall do. The goons ask them to come inside. Vidhi sees Kanika’s call and switches off her phone.

Yogesh and Kanika get worried. Dev and Vidhi see the distressed kids. Rocky barks. Vidhi asks Rocky to calm down. Dev tells the goons that the factory shall be closed and tells that he has offer for them. He says lets go out and talk. The kids get scared. Vidhi asks them not to get scared. The kids tell her about their plight. Vidhi says Rocky will help us to leave from here.Dev offers to give jobs to the goons. The goon asks who are you? Dev says he is Dev Raichand, owner of Raichand group of companies. Other goon says if we kidnapped him, then we will get crores of Rs. Dev says you all are foolish and tells that he is offering them job and they are thinking to kidnap him. The goon says you will lose 50, 60 crores. Dev says you said less amount. He starts beating them.

Dev asks Vidhi to beat the goon. The goon pushes Vidhi. Dev again asks her to beat the goon. Vidhi hits the goon with the stick. Police comes there with media, arrests the goons. The media takes their pics. Dev tells the kids that they shall go to their home. The kids tell that they don’t have home. Dev says you all have a house, balghar, you will stay there. The kids thank him and then thank Rocky.

Dev and Vidhi come back to balghar. The warden sees Vidhi with Rocky. Vidhi says she has befriends Rocky. The guard says now I don’t have to tie Rocky. Vidhi says Rocky saved her, and thanks it. Dev comes back after changing his clothes. He asks the caretaker to make arrangements for factory kids here. She says ok. Dev tells Vidhi that they shall leave, as he don’t wants kids to see him. Vidhi says the kids will be glad to meet you.

Dev says Maa doesn’t know about this, and if she comes to know then will feel bad. Vidhi says she will feel proud of you and asks him to trust his mother and share with her. He says if you meet them, then will be very happy.She says let the people know about it, and may be people will get inspiration from you, if people opens their hearts and locker then can make many lives better. Dev says you are right, next time I will spend time with the kids.

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