The Rules of Love update Saturday 18 May 2024

The rules of love 18 May 2024: Harsh’s attempted suicide was prevented by Maitree. She tells Harsh the truth about Jhumki and promises to bring the shiv ling to solve Jhumki’s issue. Jhumki listens in on everything. She believes she will prevent Maitree from obtaining the Shiv Ling. Harsh is forced to break his hypnosis by Jhumki. He exits the well and descends. Maitree hugs the man.

Maitree is informed by Nandini that she would go with her to look for a shiv ling. Maitree claims that Jhumki discovered our knowledge of her secret and that she will now take action to prevent me from leaving alone and putting an end to Jhumki’s tale. Maitree informs Harsh that she must go to ensure the security of their family. Harsh concurs.

Arriving at Shiv Ling is Maitree. She considers how she led Jhumki astray and directed her to the incorrect Shiv ling location. When Jhumki arrives at the address Maitree gave, she realises that Maitree had deceived her. Maitree muses on her next course of action.

harsh hopes that Maitree won’t be in risk for her life. Jhumki approaches Maitree while taking the guise of a snake. Maitree becomes frightened when Jhumki assumes her half-snake appearance. Jhumki claims that this is her true form and invites Maitree to take a look. Jhumki confesses to Maitree that she is an Ichadari Nagin and that she came here to get revenge. She also promises that she won’t stop fuming until she exacts her retribution.

Dogs are barking, and Harsh hears them and hopes Maitree is safe. Jhumki assumes human form and queries Maitree about her state of fear. Jhumki mockingly compliments Maitree and informs Maitree that she overlooked the fact that Jhumki is an Ichadari Naagin. Jhumki promises to confront her foe shortly.

It is depicted Where is the Shivling, Jhumki asks Trikaal’s student while threatening him. The follower of Trikaal claims to know nothing about it. Jhumki ends his life. Maitree should know at this point, Jhumki tells her, that an Ichadari Naagin will stop at nothing to exact her vengeance. Maitree queries Jhumki as to what she did to deserve this treatment from Jhumki for her and her family. Jhumki accuses Maitree of stealing her spouse. When Harsh travelled to Rampur for job, Jhumki informs Maitree.

Harsh’s automobile is seen breaking down in the middle of the street. harsh inspects the vehicle. Harsh receives a snake bite. Harsh is poisoned and dies as a result. Thereafter, the snake moves on.

If Harsh is no longer alive, Maitree asks Jhumki who is the person living with her and acting like Harsh. This Harsh is not Jhumki’s husband, she claims. Many individuals, according to Jhumki, were present when Harsh was killed. Jhumki claims that one of the individuals took an action that caused her fate and Maitree’s fate to become intertwined. Jhumki asks Maitree: “Who is it?”

Maitree presses Jhumki to identify the person she is referring to. To save Harsh, Naageshwar and Trikaal coerced the snake into taking back the poison, as Jhumki explains to Maitree. Maitree asserts that she will not trust Maitree’s made-up narrative and that it did not occur with Harsh. Jhumki claims she has a purpose for being here.

She claims that after your Harsh was bitten by her husband, who then died after consuming poison from Harsh’s body, I am coming to exact retribution. Maitree queries what Harsh did wrong in the situation. Harsh is my husband, Jhumki claims, because my husband saved him. She says she came to bring Harsh back with her.

When Harsh sees Maitree, his picture frame is knocked to the ground. He is concerned for Maitree’s security. No one can stop Maitree from obtaining Harsh, according to Jhumki. Jhumki is reminded by Maitree to always have faith in her spouse and family. She claims that Ichhadari Nagin will never be able to take her husband and family away. Jhumki began abusing Maitree after claiming she would witness it. Maitree cowers on the ground in terror. In terror, she flees the area.

Jhumki claims that she will murder Maitree today. In pursuit of Maitree. Harsh asks Nandini to provide the location of Maitree. Nandini does not speak. Harsh demands that she tell him where Maitree went because she claims that keeping quiet is endangering Maitree’s life. Harsh learns from Nandini about Ichhadari Naagin and Maitree’s efforts to protect him and their family.

Maitree hears the toll of a temple bell. She goes into the temple and begs the goddess to keep Naagin away from her family. Harsh enters the woods to look for Maitree. When Jhumki approaches the temple, he informs Maitree that nobody—not even god—can deliver her from her. She attempts to enter the temple but is unsuccessful.

Jhumki is informed by Maitree that a deity is on her side. If Maitree stays within the temple, Jhumki threatens to kill every member of Triveni Sadan’s family and take Harsh away. Maitree consents to go public.


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