Vani Rani update Saturday 18 May 2024

Vani Rani 18 May 2024: Scene 1Vidi laughs. Adi comes to a house and goes in.Inspector comes to Adi and says you didn’t eat rapist? No one can save. The last lawyer said no to your case as well. You will be in jail all your life. Spoilt brat.Niki calls Vidi and says you played so well. We will win this case. Vidi says I paid that lawyer enough. No one will fight this case for Sid.

Nandani says what does she think of herself? She says can buy everyone. I have decided I will fight this case. I will do anything for my husband. I will get my husband out of jail. Adi says will you be able to handle? She says as a wife I wont give up. Prabha says good luck. Adi says we are all with you. Nandani says vidi should never know this.

Sartak is with Vidisha. She says they are planning something against us. Sartak says they can’t fight you not matter what.

Scene 2Nandani is sitting in her room. SHe recalls her moments with Sid and cries. Sid is crying in jail as well. Everyone is worried for Sid. Anjali comes to Adi. he says don’t worry. This all will be okay. They come to Nandani. Anjali says please stay strong.Anjali and Nandani meet someone. The woman guides them what to do.

Vidi sees Nandani and adi coming home. She says where are they coming from? I will ruin this family.They all come to meet Sid. Sid hugs Adi. Adi sayd don’t worry. We will get you out of here. Adi says we wanted to know some things related to the case. Sid says but I don’t even know her. Kaviya says these are the questions they will ask you tomorrow is the court day. Sid reads everything.Sid and everyone is preparing for the hearing with Nandani.

Inspector comes to Sid and says you will be announced sentence tomorrow. No lawyer will take your case. Sid says a lie can never sustain. Truth prevails. See what happens in the case.

Vidi comes to court with Sartak. She says it will be fun to see Sartak. She says to Adi you brother will go to jail forever. Vidi says you brother is gone forever. No one can save him now. Adi says you will see.Nandani comes to court as a lawyer. Vidi is shocked to see her. Nandani says I will fight this case. I will do anything to get sid out. you will lose. See i am here. Prabha says good luck. You will win this case.

Sid is crying in the court room. He recalls his moments with Anjali and his family. A constable comes and says I have seen Vani madam very closely. Her son can never do this. Sid says thanks for your kind words. I believe in law. I know truth will prevail.

Scene 2The hearing starts. Sid is brought to witness box. Judge says who is from defendant side? Nandani says me. Sid is dazed to see her. Vidi’s lawyer says its a straight case. Sid is a good lawyer. He had power. He called the girl for interview and then raped her. He blackmailed her as well. Nandani says objection. She says Shrivastav is to explain his case not accuse people.Shrivastav says I want to ask Sid a few question. He says do you know Niti? Sid says I never saw her before. I saw her first time when she attacked me. He says the second evidence is this DNA report. Judge sees the report. Shritvastv says give him a tough punishment.



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