Timeless love update Friday 14 July 2023

Timeless love 14 July 2023: Dev asks Vidhi to take off from office tomorrow and take rest. He finds her sleeping. She rests her head on his shoulder while sleeping. Dev drives the car and smiles, thinking of Vidhi’s words that he loves his mother so much, shall trust too. He says you are young, but told a big thing just for me, recalls Baba’s words and says you have brought a change in world which I was ignoring always. Vidhi is about to fall, he keeps her head on his shoulder. A beggar comes there and asks for some money. Vidhi wakes up and says sorry to Dev.

Timeless love 13 July 2023

She tells Dev that she will give, and says you will get insulted infront of beggar and will ask me. Dev gives him money surprising Vidhi. Vidhi says you started keeping the money. Dev says to get saved from your taunts. He asks what is the calculation of sorry land thankful. She calculates and tells that the scores are settled. She thanks him for dropping her home. Dev says you are special and says bye. Vidhi says bye. They wave hand at each other. Dev leaves. Vidhi thinks she can make fun of herself to make Dev laugh.

Kanika is tired after visiting the factories. Yogesh tells her that she has handled everything and now nothing can happen. Vidhi tells Bimla about befriending Rocky and asks can we get a small puppy in the house. Bimla says no. She asks her to go. Vidhi goes. Bimla prays to Milapni Devi.Vidhi thinks of Dev and smiles, recalling her moments with him. She talks to Milapni Devi and says you have done mistake or didn’t tell me, else there would be no struggle in heart, and says ear pulling idea is not working either.

Dev feels pain in his hand and recalls how Vidhi fought with the goons. He recalls Vidhi asking him to meet the kids, and they will be happy, and you will also be happy. Dev thinks they know each other since few months, but so much changed in him because of Vidhi. He says you are magic.Vidhi says I never thought that you have changed me so much. She says this feeling is that which Maa feels for Papa. She recalls Sangeeta’s words and thinks if this is love, then if she said right.

Next day, Satyavati sees Dev and Vidhi’s pic in the newspaper and reads the news, that they have saved the child laborers from illegal factory and got them shelter in Balghar. She thinks Dev didn’t tell me this big thing. She comes to Dev and sees his hand injured. She asks what happened to you. Dev says he has a small injury and will be fine. Satyavati bandages his hand and says you will not go to office, until you recover. Dev says I have to go to work. Satyavati asks why did you get involved there, should have called the Police.

Dev says I have to involved accidentally. Satyavati says you want to tell that everything happened accidentally. Dev recalls Vidhi’s words, asking him to trust his Maa. Satyavati goes outside. Dev goes behind her and asks her to stop. He says I want to tell you something.Bimla asks Vidhi, why is she going to office. Vidhi says she has much work. Bimla says she will bring tiffin. Urmila comes there and tells Bimla that now Vidhi will not marry as her photo is published in the newspaper.

Bimla says even we get the newspapers. Kalumal and other neighbors come there and praise Vidhi for saving the kids. Urmila says but. Her husband asks her not to say. Bimla thanks Milapni Devi. Kalumal blesses Vidhi.Satyavati asks why did you think this Dev, that I will feel bad knowing you have opened orphanage for the kids, in your mother’s memory. She says it is a proud moment for me, and says I am proud about this always, you have a heart to do things for others. Dev says I felt that you might think that your love was less for me, which is not true. Satyavati says since I married you, when you was 8 years old,

I regarded you as my son and that love and feeling didn’t change,and will never change. She says there was 4-5 years gap when you was alone after your mother’s left and when I came. She says my God knows that I tried to fulfill the gap, but don’t think that I will come between you and your mother’s memories. Dev apologizes to her for telling this to her. Satyavati says always remember that you are the heir and my first son, though I gave birth to Chitra and Abhi. She says nobody can take place in my heart and house, which is yours.

Yogesh and Kanika read the news and wonders what Dev and Vidhi were doing this. Arjun comes there and tells that he is a bit doubtful on Vidhi. Anaya keeps password for Vidhi’s laptop and asks her to secure her work. Dev asks Vidhi what is she doing here? Vidhi says she is fine, and have to work on overtime proposal. Dev says which you opposed. He says there is exciting announcement for everyone. He asks Vidhi to ask everyone to write on the paper, what is love for them. Vidhi asks again. He explains. Vidhi says we shall start with you. He says only staff.Sangeeta smiles. Vidhi prays to Milapni Devi. Sangeeta comes to Dev and gives coffee. Dev asks her to write on the paper about love. Sangeeta says ok. She says Vidhi was right, even you shall write. Dev looks on.

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