Timeless love update Wednesday 12 July 2023

Timeless love 12 July 2023: Vidhi checks old and new manufacturing unit accounts and thinks there is something wrong for surely, whom to ask. Kanika comes to Arjun and says your attention shall be on Vidhi. Arjun asks her to relax. He comes to Vidhi and gives her chocolate. He says lets start with three S, sorry, sweet and smile. Vidhi smiles. He says perfect Indian smile, and asks her to fix it on her face.

Timeless love 11 July 2023

Vidhi says I don’t like chocolates. Anaya says everyone likes it. Arjun says he has brought it for everyone, but these chocolates are just for Vidhi. Dev tells Yogesh that they shall give a new responsibility to Arjun. Yogesh and Kanika dismiss his idea, saying it would be unfair with other interns. Dev appreciates them and says I respect your decision.

Arjun asks Vidhi to explain the accounts and asks what is highlighted in red, danger. Vidhi asks him to understand well, else she will scold him. She tells him that their old manufacturing unit was in loss, so they closed it and opened new Maya manufacturing unit. She says but Maya Manufacturing unit expenses are more than the old one, so I want this with yogesh sir and kanika maan. She calls Yogesh and asks if she can come to discuss about the manufacturing units. Yogesh ends the call. Vidhi says he said he is busy and ended the call. Arjun says he cut your call, how rude, it seems so wrong?

Vidhi says no, your thoughts are wrong and says we shall think from his perception. She says we just handle one dept, but he handles all the depts and units, how to get profit, how to handle staff, and handles all the issues. She says he is our senior in age, experience and post, so we shall learn from him, rather than talking bad about him. Dev hears and says very good Ms. Vidhi. Arjun says hi Dev. Vidhi says Dev Sir. She asks when did you come sir? Dev says at the right time and tells Arjun that anyone can teach him work, but vidhi can teach him work ethics.

Dev asks her to get Nathani group files. Vidhi seems to be lost. Dev asks her to bring it.Priya tells Satyavati that she is very ashamed of breaking the family customs, and hopes she will give her a chance to repent her mistake. Satyavati asks her to forget whatever happened, and start her relation afresh with Abhi. She asks Abhi to stay lovingly with Priya. Priya asks shall I go to club to meet my friends. Satyavati asks her to go. Priya thinks this was needed so that she can do work.

Dev appreciates Vidhi for the work which she is doing. She says I thought we will say this. She is about to tell him about the problems in the manufacturing unit accounts. Just then Dev gets a call from balghar and asks Vidhi if she will come with him. Vidhi says ok. He asks her to take her bag and come.Yogesh tells Kanika that they got old units closed, and tells that they want the lamb to be sacrificed and thinks of Rishabh. He says we had done a big fraud in that company and sought out everything. He says I will talk to him. Arjun comes there and asks them to give file of the closed manufacturing unit.

Kanika asks who asked you to work on it. Arjun says Vidhi is working on it and tells that she is good and honest, and genuinely care for the company. Yogesh says you are hurried to give her a clean chit. Arjun says Vidhi is not the culprit. Dev asks Vidhi to come and sit on the front seat. Vidhi sits in the front seat beside him. He says door is not locked. He locks the door and asks her to wear the seat belt. Vidhi doesn’t know how to wear it and tells Dev.

Dev makes her wear the seat belt. Vidhi smiles.Yogesh asks Rishabh to meet him at Sunny café. Kanika asks Sangeeta about Dev. Sangeeta says Dev sir has left. Kanika says there is something wrong. Dev and Vidhi come to the balghar. Vidhi asks guard about Rocky. The guard says he has tied Rocky. Dev meets the warden who tells that factory worker wants the kids to do the work there for some time. She says they had kidnapped a boy, but we saved him. Vidhi worries for the kids. Dev says he has a plan, and goes inside to change her clothes. He says he will look as a peon.

Vidhi asks shall I change my clothes. Dev says no, your clothes are fine. He asks her not to feel bad. Vidhi asks I don’t know for what I shall not feel bad. Dev says its good. He gets Kanika and Yogesh’s call. Kanika asks where are you? The warden gives the factory address. Kanika hears on call and panics. Dev says he will talk later and asks Vidhi to come, before ending the call. Kanika and Yogesh hear and think that Dev and Vidhi went to the factory.

Dev asks watchman to keep Rocky in car. Vidhi gets scared and panics. Dev keeps hand on her lips. They sit in car. Dev says if Rocky could talk then it would have filed Police case against you. Yogesh and Kanika ask Arjun where is Vidhi? Arjun says Vidhi has personal life after office. He says I will ask her tomorrow. yogesh says it will be too late then.Dev and Vidhi come to the factory. Vidhi says she is more scared of Rocky than the goons. Kanika asks Yogesh to call all the factories and ask if Dev has come there. Dev asks rocky to attack the goons and asks Vidhi to go inside following Rocky.The goon asks Vidhi who is she, and tells that this is a private property. Vidhi tells that her dog went inside. The goon asks her to wait there and goes inside. Vidhi looks on.

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