Timeless Love starlife update Tuesday 2 January 2024

Timeless Love 2 January 2024: The Episode starts with Vidhi telling Dev that she woke up late, and will make breakfast for everyone. Satyavati says I made the breakfast and asks her to prepare for court proceedings. She says today I made kheer with my hand and for the first time, I didn’t ask from God, and kept bhog with calm mind. She says God gave me Vidhi and you. Vidhi says thanks you Maa, for the first. Satyavati says I took 5 years to adjust and become Raichand, but you have handled everything in few days.

Timeless Love 1 January 2024

She asks her to save Abhi and pins all her hopes on her. Vidhi says I can’t see my mother sad. Mausi ji asks Priya to go to court and see what Vidhi does. Satyavati says everything will be fine.The defence lawyer asks Raichands to be calm. Abhi asks Vidhi to save him. Vidhi assures him. Rakesh’s lawyer tells that Abhi Raichand killed his client and says it is open and shut case. He says Abhi had a motive, and came to know about his wife’s affair with Rakesh. He says I accept that no husband can bear it,

and says Abhi brutally killed him. Abhi’s lawyer says it is nor proved yet that he has murdered him. He tells that they are reputed family and their record is clean. Rakesh’s lawyer calls Inspector and shows the FIR which Rakesh had filed against Abhi. He says Abhi had attacked Rakesh outside the gym. Amba is watching everything in her mobile, and tells yogesh that they will go out and celebrate. Yogesh asks if we will fast till the judgement comes. Amba says it a short film by Amba Mehta. Rakesh’s lawyer calls Vidhi to give her statement. Vidhi goes to give the statement.

Amba acts and says I am Harishchandra’s father. Yogesh says she says truth and wins. Amba says her truthfulness will become her enemy. The lawyer asks if you saw Abhi beating Rakesh. Vidhi says that day I had gone to pick Simmy and says just as I turned. The lawyer says we don’t have time to hear your story. Vidhi says if I don’t say then how the court will know. The lawyer says the court is already having the FIR in which everything is written and asks if Abhi was beating Rakesh or not.

He asks her to say if she saw him beating Rakesh or not. He asks her to say yes or no. Abhi’s lawyer objects. Amba laughs and says there is weight in yes or no.The lawyer asks Vidhi to say yes or no. Vidhi says when I picked Simmy. The lawyer says I don’t care how you went there, I just want to know if you saw him beating Rakesh or not. Abhi’s lawyer says Vidhi shall tell all the incident and says we can’t find out in yes or no. Rakesh’s lawyer says she is bhabhi and can lie. He says motive is Rakesh and Priya’s affair.

Yogesh tells Amba that she has played a good game, and says I am impressed. He shows Rakesh and Priya’s photos to the judge. The judge asks prosecution to continue. The lawyer asks her if she saw him beating Rakesh. Vidhi says yes. Everyone gets shocked. Vidhi says he didn’t beat him that lead him to his death. Lawyer says but he beaten him. He reminds the judge about the wife and husband’s case, to make the judge believe that abhi killed Rakesh.

Rakesh’s mother asks Judge to give justice. The Judge gives life imprisonment to Rakesh, holding him guilty for Rakesh’s murder. Abhi says I didn’t do anything, it is not my mistake. Yogesh appreciates Amba. Amba says we have to put the last nail to the coffin.

In the house, Satyavati asks Vidhi why did you say yes? She says I was hopeful that everything will be fine. Priya says she did this, as she has problem with Abhi and me, and did this intentionally, and gave wrong statement to trap him. She blames Vidhi. Vidhi says I wanted to tell everything, but he was not letting me say, and was forcing me to say yes or no. Priya says why you didn’t say no. Vidhi says how can I lie. Mausi ji scolds Vidhi and taunts Satyavati.Satyavati says it is not Vidhi’s mistake. Priya says I knew Vidhi will do something against us. Dev comes there and says it is not Vidhi’s mistake, she just said truth.

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