Timeless Love starlife update 3 January 2023

Timeless Love 3 January 2023: The Episode starts with Satyavati telling that it is not Vidhi’s mistake, I was hopeful that due to Vidhi’s statement, Abhi will be freed. Priya says I knew that she will do something against us. Dev says it is not Vidhi’s mistake and asks why you are saying like this, she just said truth, it was lawyer’s mistake and you are scolding her. He says Vidhi couldn’t understand that how lawyer was trapping her, if she had said no, then it would be a lie. Priya gets a call and switches on the TV.

Timeless Love 2 January 2023

Amba and Yogesh are on the TV. Amba says they have no place for criminals and that’s why they have decided that Dev and Abhi will be thrown out of the company, and they will not be even employees. She says Mehta Industries will be crime free or criminal free company.Vidhi cries recalling everything. Dev comes to her. Vidhi says everything is finished, I disappointed everyone.

Dev says nobody knows than me that you are honest, and says everyone saw that lawyer tricking you, and says if Hariprasad ji was on Abhi’s place then you would have done the same. He says he don’t want her to change or lie due to him or his family, and says he likes her quality and asks her to stop blaming her. He says we will go to higher court.

He says everything will be fine. Vidhi says not just that, but Amba called my family as criminal, so I will enquire the truth and will go to any length. She says she will prove Amba wrong and will prove Abhi innocent.Vidhi and Dev write on the board. Vidhi says Dr. Tiwari..we can get some info from him. She says Rakesh was fine and not injured, and tells that he got up and ran himself. Dev says we shall go there. Vidhi says she will go there alone.

Mausi ji tries to instigate Satyavati against Dev and Vidhi, and says they will loot all business and house. Satyavati gets angry on her, and says Abhi and Dev are same for her. She asks her to let her family happy. She tells that Vidhi has given in written that she don’t want anything from them, and Dev has named everything on Abhi’s name.

She says Vidhi tried to say in court, but the lawyer didn’t let her speak. She says Dev and Vidhi are the shield of the house and you are harming my house peace. She goes.Dev and Vidhi are in the car. Vidhi is in disguise of Nurse. Dev asks Vidhi if she wants to do this. She says yes. Vidhi comes inside. The receptionist asks who is she? Vidhi says she is Preeti from Dr. Trehan’s clinic and says he has sent her to get a patient’s file.

Receptionist says he didn’t tell me. Vidhi saves Dev’s number as Dr. Trehan and asks him to talk to receptionist, as she is refusing to give her file. Dev acts as Dr.Trehan and asks Receptionist to give her file. Receptionist says ok. She asks Vidhi to come with her to Dr. Trehan’s cabin. Vidhi thinks she has to go to Dr. Tiwari’s cabin. Receptionist takes her to Dr. Trehan’s cabin and gives her file. They come out and are stopped by the patients.

Rakesh’s wife is also there and asks receptionist about Dr. Tiwari. Vidhi goes to Dr. Tiwari’s cabin and gets Rakesh’s file. Dev asks Vidhi and tells her that Rakesh’s wife is there, and asks her to come out fast. Vidhi says she got the file and coming out. Dev says surely she must have come to meet Dr. Trehan. Rakesh’s wife comes there and asks if Dr. Tiwari is here. She says I am asking you. Vidhi takes the mask kept there and wears it. She says Doctor is not here, please wait, I will go and check when he will come.

She goes out and collides with Doctor Tiwari. He says I will help you to pick up the file. Vidhi says she will pick it. Dr. Tiwari picks up the file and sees his visiting card also. Just then Rakesh’s wife comes there and asks him to give her husband’s file. Dr. Tiwari asks her to wait. Vidhi starts walking and thinks she can’t get caught. She hears Receptionist talking to Dr. Trehan and telling that nurse had come from his clinic. He says he didn’t send anyone. Vidhi hears them.

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