Timeless love starlife update Thursday 8 February 2024

Timeless love 8 February 2024: Vidhi wakes up with the alarm and sees Dev. She thinks he didn’t hear the alarm sound, he is in deep sleep. She gets ready, sticks notes for the family breakfast. She then makes breakfast for Dev and keeps on his bedside. She thinks she couldn’t spend time with him due to work.

She comes out of the house. Jai stops the car suddenly outside her house and asks her to drive the car. Vidhi says lets talk about work, I don’t know how to drive. He says I got your learning licence using the documents which you have given in office, and got L sign on the car. Dev wakes up and thinks to drop Vidhi. He sees his clothes kept on the bed and also his breakfast plate. Vidhi says she can’t drive.

Jai says Rao ji used to say that everyone shall know it. He says you would have done something for the first time. Vidhi thinks of Dev offering her job. He says you are Dev Raichand’s wife and asks her not to worry. Dev comes out of his room holding his breakfast. Servant tells that Vidhi went at 5:15, but has done all her work before going. Dev says she has made breakfast for me. Priya says so sweet of Vidhi. She says Vidhi went early today. Abhi says Jai is strange and feels that his employees work for 24 hours.

Dev calls Vidhi. Jai is teaching car driving to Vidhi. Dev calls her. Vidhi asks him to give her phone. Jai says no calls while driving. Vidhi sees Dev’s call and turns her face. Jai tries to reject the call, but the call gets picked up as he shouts seeing the truck coming. Vidhi shouts. Dev panics. The truck driver stops the truck at the right time. Vidhi says I can’t drive the car. Jai says I will drop you home. Dev is leaving from home in a hurry. Vidhi comes there and tells him everything. Dev asks if she is hurt. Vidhi says suddenly truck came infront of the car. Dev asks if someone’s accident is done. Vidhi says Jai has put the brakes. Dev says I have to go to office and goes. Vidhi says sorry.

Amba thinks of Dev. Dev comes infront of her. Amba says I have done wrong with you, but you are good and asks him to give one support to her. She says it will be good, if you leave from here. Amba says I will return your everything to you, just give me one thing. The guy turns out to be Yogesh, and he asks what happened to her. He asks if she has gone mad? She says he came at the wrong time. Vidhi comes to officer and sees the note of her colleagues. They bring cake and tells that she has become part of their lives. Vidhi cuts the cake and make them have it. One of her colleague asks her to make Jai have it. Vidhi hesitantly takes cake piece in his hand, when he holds her hand and eats the cake. Tu hai meri kiran plays….

The board of directors tell Amba that the company is in loss. Dev comes there. Amba looks at him. Dev gets Vidhi’s apology message. Vidhi then message him that Jai’s intention was not bad and he said that Dev Raichand’s wife doesn’t know how to drive the car. He messages that he will talk to her later and switches off his phone. The board of director tells Dev that the company is in loss. Dev says we shall think that how to cover up the loss.

Suddenly Amba asks Dev why you are not talking to me, Dev. She says she needs to talk to him personally. Dev asks her to tell infront of everyone. Amba insists to talk to him alone. The board of director are shocked and tell that they shall end the meeting here and in next meeting, they shall decide if Amba shall continue to be the head or not.

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