Lost in love starlife update Wednesday 7 February 2024

Lost in love 7 February 2024: Savi during the class tells Ishan sir that girls have a natural talent of taking care of things, the won’t be any war when there would be women’s rule in the world. Ishan asks if she is relaying social media messages.

Savi says she is speaking her experience, her mother was a doctor and she has seen her mother handling both professional and personal life perfectly, even Isha madam manages everything perfectly and proves that women can organize manage things better than men. Ishan says let him see what she learnt from Dr Isha Bhosale, he will give her responsibility of organizing college’s Ganesh Chaturthi festival event. Savi says she is new and doesn’t know how it’s organized here, but if it’s a challenge, she accepts it. Ayush says he is the cultural event head. Ishan says let him see what Savi learnt from her Isha madam.

Durva mops the floor frowning and gets anxious to know what is happening at the college. She takes servant’s mobile and calls her friend Sara. Sara informs her that Ishan made Savi as cultural event head to manage Ganesh chaturti festival, Savi won the battle again. Durva fumes that she is the cultural secretary, then how can Savi head the event. Asmita snatches phone from her and scolds servant for disobeying orders and giving phone to Durva. She gives washed clothes to Durva and orders her to iron them. Durva frowns.

Nishikanth informs Yashwant that education board is sending a special team for college inspection tomorrow. Yashwant says it never happened in 11 years. Surekha says it’s all because of Isha and her puppet Savi’s drama in media. Yashwant asks Nishikanh to change donation students poor marksheets with fake ones and not let inspection know about the irregularities and to hide it from Ishan. Ishan joins them. Nishikanth informs him about the inspection and says it never happened in 11 years. Ishan says whatever didn’t happen in 11 years doesn’t mean it will not happen now.

Next day, Savi fixes a notice on board with a request for students’ suggestion regarding Ganapati festival organization. She then fixes Isha’s article on motherhood and reads how a mother has to manage both her personal life and professional life giving an example of Devaki mata. Ishan passes by and seeing the student gathering asks what is happening. He fume seeing Isha’s article and asks who fixed it. Savi says she did as it’s a good article.

He tears it angrily and says only HOD has right to fix notices here and scolds Savi. He orders students to gather into conference hall. Yashwant announces about inspection and asks students to do as he says to avoid any confusion. Savi asks if management did anything wrong that they are afraid. Students discuss she is right. Yashwant warns them to maintain silence. Peon informs that the inspecting officer has arrived.

Yashwant and Ishan ask student to welcome the officer with a loud round of applause. Isha walks in. Savi is surprised to see her while Yashwant and Ishan frown. Ishan asks what is she doing here. Isha says she came to do her duty and shows her appointment letter to Yashwant. Drama continues..

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