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Timeless Love 15 December 2023: The Episode starts with Amba telling them that their honest daughter and daughter in law will give reply to everyone. Dev holds her hand and asks her to tell. Vidhi asks him not to touch her. Dev asks Amba if you have given drugs to her. Vidhi says Amba ji didn’t do anything, I went with her with my wish, she didn’t kidnap me. Amba says she was walking on the highway, I saved her. She was walking as if she is in trauma, I took her with me being Chitra’s saas and you all are scolding me.

Timeless Love 14 December 2023

Satyavati asks Vidhi why did you go to Amba, rather than coming to me. Amba says if Victim goes to the guilty person. She tells Dev that his disgusted truth came infront of Vidhi, which you have hidden since all these years, that you have an illegitimate child. Satyavati, Hariprasad and others are shocked.

Dev asks her to shut up and calls her liar. Amba says I am obliged, but you are truthful, why did you hide from Vidhi about your illegitimate child. Dev asks Vidhi not to trust Amba. Vidhi recalls Divya’s words. He says nothing exist like this. Amba says ofcourse it exist and says it is not my plot, but the result of your romance. Dev gets angry to slap Amba, when Divya comes ther and holds his hand. Dev says Divya? Divya says Divya Devrath Raichand. Dev asks what? Divya says Amba ji is saying truth.

She says you are my father. Dev asks have you gone mad? Divya says you are my father and Yamini is my mother.Dev asks who is yamini? Divya says the same yamini who was with you in college. Dev asks if you are Yamini Roy’s daughter. Divya says yes. Satyavati asks what nonsense. Abhi says Bhai can’t do this. Hariprasad asks Dev if this is lie. Amba says film climax came, and says when Dev remembers who is yamini then everything is clear, and says Divya is Dev’s daughter. She hugs Satyavati and say congrats. She says Divya is elder than Vidhi, and says don’t tell that you didn’t know what dev was doing when he went to study abroad.

She tells satyavati that she is promoted to be Dadi. Vidhi tells Dev that you lied to me about this again and again. Dev says I know Yamini, but I didn’t know about Divya. He says if there was something wrong then I wouldn’t have given you my diary to read. He says I told you that I didn’t know about those two days. Vidhi asks so if this is the truth about those 2 days. Dev says I didn’t know Divya from before, but I knew about her mother who was in my class.

Amba says people don’t remember their wrong doings. Dev says lets go and talk Vidhi. Vidhi asks which house and asks can you tell me one truth and says if I don’t deserve to know this. She says everyone knew about it, but betrayed me. Satyavati says this is not truth, else I would have told you. She asks Abhi and Priya to tell. Abhi and Priya say this is not truth. Amba says all the family doesn’t know about it, and tells Dev that his habit is of scorpion. She says why nobody thought that Super rich and handsome Dev Raichand can’t have any girl in his life. She tells Dev that he is on the field since 1998. She says first you cheated yamini, then trapped me and betrayed me, and now Vidhi.

She says girls are toys for you. Satyavati says my Dev can’t do this. Divya says you all have misunderstanding and it will be cleared soon, and says my Mom and Dev was close to each other in 1998.Dev recalls his friends forcing him to drink, and then yamini giving him coffee. Divya asks if I am lying. Dev says that night, all of us were drunk, yamini was there. He says yamini gave me coffee when I woke up in the morning. Bimla asks if Yamini was with you all night. She cries. Hariprasad is about to fall down. Amba asks Hariprasad to handle himself. Dev says Amba is lying. Divya says I got my DNA test done and its report will come in few days. Dev asks her to call yamini from London.

Divya says she is here only. Bimla says that’s why yamini’s husband left her, as he came to know that Divya is yamini and dev’s daughter. She says if she had told me then my daughter’s life would have been saved. Dev says this is not true. Bimla scolds him and says what you said when I asked you to elope with Vidhi.

She says I used to regard me as my God, and today you betrayed me. Hariprasad says we thought you as an angel, but we did a big mistake.He says we thought you as Narayan, but you are Ravan. Vidhi asks him to calm down. She says this truth was destined to be out one day.

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