Destined by fate starlife update Saturday 16 December 2023

Destined by fate 16 December 2023: Rashmi continues to manipulate Nakul against Kanha and says she will be happy with whatever decision he takes. Kanha calls Yash who informs that he is still hiding outside Vikrant’s house and spying on his each move. He asks Yash to keep him updated. Nakul hears Kanha speaking to Yash and thinks he needs to patch up with Nakul before its too late.

Destined by fate 15 December 2023

He joins family for breakfast and sits next to Kanha. Dhanraj feels happy. Nakul says he wants to discuss about a business deal with Kanha and then take a decision. Kanha, Saroj, and whole family feel happy hearing that while Rashmi fumes seeing her plan failing. She informs Kanha that her friend Vidya is coming to meet him as has agreed to move on in life.

Sayuri tries to wake up Kuku and thinks she should let her sleep for some more time. She walks to living room and finds Vikrant decorating house for their wedding. She reminds him that he had to visit Mithu/her daughter for her treatment today. Vikrant asks her not to worry as he is going there itself from here. He leaves house. Yash calls Kanha and informs that Vikrant left home and he will follow Vikrant. Kanha asks him to do one task before leaving from there. Kuku walks to Sayuri crying.

Sayuri comforts her and asks if she saw a nightmare. She hopes she hides from CCTV cameras and get into a secret room which Kuku is afraid of. Yash disconnects Vikrant’s house’s power and follows Vikrant.Rashmi calls Vidya home and introduces her to Kanha. Kanha says she didn’t inform her about Vidya’s visit. Rashmi says Vidya was free and hence she called her home, he should have a chat with her. Kanha says she should have informed him beforehand, he needs to go somewhere now. Rashmi says it its regarding business, Nakul will handle it. Kanha says its regarding vlogging and leaves. Rashmi thinks if he went to meet Sayuri’s doppelganger. Sayuri thinks with power cut, its a good chance to check whats in a closed room. Yash informs Kanha that Vikrant is at his clinic.

Faiba calls Vikrant and asks him to come and see Mithu as she can’t handle her anymore. Vikrant says he will after finishing his work. She says Sayuri will leave her and police will punish him if something happens to Mithu. Vikrant says Sayuri loves him now and will not leave him. Faiba says Sayuri is just with him for her daughter, he will understand it later. Vikrant notices CCTV cameras off and rushes towards home. Sayuri opens closed room and is shocked to see a dead woman in a bridal dress sitting on a chair. She runs out shouting.

Kanha asks why is she afraid, he will go and check. She stops him and asks why did he come here, he should go before her husband comes. Kanha says she need not worry and reveal what is bothering her, cameras as off and Vikrant can’t see them.

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