Lost in love starlife update Saturday 16 December 2023

Lost in love 16 December 2023: Bhavani shows a boy’s photo to Harini and seeks her opinion. Harini says he is fine. Savi asks whose photo she is showing hiding. Bhavani says she doesn’t do anything hiding, shows boy’s pic, and asks how is he. Savi says he is fine, but too young for Bhavani. Bhavani says its for Savi. Savi says she told her many times that she doesn’t want to marry and intends to become an IAS officer.

Bhavani says she wants her to forget all that and become a housewife. Savi tries to confront more, but stops on Ashwini’s request. Bhavani says Shantabai has fixed this alliance with great difficulty and boy’s family is coming to see her tomorrow, so she should be at home tomorrow.

Riva feels good recalling her interaction with Ishan. He parents call her. Ashutosh asks if she saw Bhosale Institute. Riva says she already got an admission. Swati says she had already applied in a London institute, what about that. Ashutosh says Bhosale Institute is world famous and London institute’s lectures come here as guest lecturers. Swati says there is a difference between guest lectures and proper lectures and says if Riva gets admission in London institute,

she needs to attend it. Riva nods yes. Ashutosh says he shall call Rao Saheb and inform him that his daughter got an admission in his institute without any recommendation. He wishes Riva all the best.At Bhosale house, Ishan’s evil cousin sisters Durva and Avni play their SIL Shikha’s old dance video on TV. Shikha shivers in fear and pleads to switch off TV. Durva and Avni hide their mobile and remote cells. Their mother scold them and ask Shikha to switch off TV before her MIL Surekha comes. Sikha fails to switch off TV. Surekha enters and humiliates Surekha.

She says she got a poor girl married to her son Chinmay expecting obediency, but Sikha is dancing shamelessly on stage. Sikha says it’s an old video. Durva and Avni read comments on video and Sikha’s reply to the comments. Her husband Rao Saheb walks in. She complains him that their DIL sold their dignity for 501 rs. Sikha says its an old video.

Durva asks Sikha to delete it if it’s old. Sikha hesitates. Rao asks her if it’s her old memory, she can keep it. Surekha continues to shout.Ashwini walks into Savi’s room and tries to calm her down. Savi fumes over Ashwini’s decision. Ashwini requests her to meet the boy once. Once she leaves, Harini walks in and asks Savi why she looks so calm, what is she up to. Savi agrees that she is going to Pune for her entrance exam and requests to help her. Harini reacts at first but then agrees.

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