Timeless love starlife update Saturday 27 January 2024

Dev thinks about Satyavati and Chitra’s words. He thinks just hope was left, that too ended after hearing about house auction. He sees his father there. Vidhi gets Jai’s call and she rejects the call. Jai messages her to pick the call. She picks his call and tells that she can’t come today (for job) due to her family problems.

The manager comes there and says Rao ji is calling you. Jai asks him to say that he is dead. Dev tells his father that he feels hopeless and blames himself for the auction, all his hopes are over. Dev’s father asks him to be thankful to God as the family is together and there is no value of a building without family. He asks him to try always to succeed, and tells that if you try then one door opens from where you have never thought. Dev says you said right, I shall try and thanks him.

Rao ji comes to Jai and asks what did you say? Jai tells him that it is good that we don’t used to talk and tells that he called Vidhi for job, but she refused citing family’s problem. He says he don’t want such a girl in my office. Rao ji says may be she had some problem. Jai says I don’t want typical middle class girl in my office. He thinks about Vidhi’s words.

Dev and Vidhi come to Milapni Devi temple. Vidhi asks Goddess to succeed Priya. Dev prays to Goddess to save his father’s respect and home. Jai thinks to break Vidhi from her house limitations. Priya shows Amba that she has arranged the auction. Amba gets happy. Vidhi prays to God. Dev asks Satyavati about the bond which his parents made on his birth. Satyavati thinks what is going on? Dev says I will tell you later and goes. Vidhi thinks tomorrow will be fine. She talks to Priya. Priya says this is the last chance for me so that they all accept me. Vidhi says I am with you.

In the morning, Satyavati prays to God to do some miracle so that they save the house. Dev calls Satyavati and asks her to reach Raichand Mansion, says they have a hope. They get happy and reach there. The media tells that Shantanu Raichand made this house after completing England’s order. Satyavati comes there with the family. Amba taunts her and asks her to see her dreams and family breaking. She says if I was part of your family then you wouldn’t have seen this day. Satyavati says don’t know what worse we could see if you was our family member.

Amba tells that she is connected to this house, but she has to sell the house. She tells that whoever buys it, shall get all the happiness as Shantanu Raichand. Priya says I want to clear one thing, and tells that she has some share in Raichand Mansion even now. Amba asks what is this drama. Priya tells that she don’t want to give masala to Media and don’t want Raichand to play the victim card. Abhi is shocked.

Priya asks Amba to sign the papers for the ownership fully. Amba signs on the papers. Priya and Vidhi smiles. Priya says the bidding amount is 85 crore. The people start bidding. Dev comes there and says 90 crores. Vidhi, Satyavati, Abhi and Chitra get up surprised. Dev walks inside.

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