This is Fate update Wednesday 13 December 2023

This is Fate 13 December 2023: In the night Anjali is really worried trying to call Arjun, Snedha requests her to not be so worried s she cannot understand the reason and he will come back, Anjali asks why she can not be tensed as she needs to talk with him, she in anger calls him stupid when Snedha replies she must not call him s stupid because he is really smart. There is someone at the door when Anjali opening asks if he is fine, Arjun replies to no one can harm him when Anjali questions if he has done something big like the last time when he filled the Mang of Preeta, Arjun leaves mentioning they would talk in the morning.

This is fate 12 December 2023

Preeta is packing the clothes when Shristhi suddenly opens the door, Preeta is stunned so she apologizes for scaring her, she asks Preeta if there is something because of which she is tensed but  Preeta mentions they cannot be scared from Arjun, Shristhi replies she never took his name when Preeta tries to assures she is fine, Shristhi replies she knows her since childhood but Preeta needs to share what is going on, Preeta accepts she is even hurt in her heart as she tends to get scared, Preeta explains she sometimes feels what if Arjun wins and they tend to lose, she accepts she doesn’t care for money as everyone is hardworking in this family but what about his other threats, as she cares the most for their self-respect and care,

but what if because of Arjun they lose everything. Preeta mentions there is something strange as she feels scared whenever he looks her in the eyes, she believes that everything which he is saying might come true which is why she is really scared from her soul. Arjuns standing in the room thinks when he asked Preeta to marry him, she also expressed that she loves Rishab jee most in this world which is greater then any sort of feelings of love which she had for anyone, Arjun in frustration goes to the wardrobe and taking out her photo thinks he promised to forget her but Bhagwan jee once again gave him all the memories of her so if Bhagwan is on his side then how can he let her forget him,

Arjun exclaims he would not her forget him so easily while their marriage would be because of the revenge. Arjun vows to marry Preeta while Rishab would not be able to do anything to stop him.Rishab is sitting in a very tensed manner when Sameer comes with the file, he asks if Rishab bhai is tensed who explains he is furious.Rishab and Arjun both start hitting the punching bags in their own house while Anjali and Sameer both stand to watch either Rishab or Arjun. Sameer and Anjali, both offer them towels to wipe off the sweat which they take,

Arjun recalls when he asked Rishab why is he coming between them both when Rishab explained there is nothing which would cause anyone to come between them and then Arjun threatened to ruin the Luthra empire in seven days.Mahesh is really tensed in the room, Rakhi asks what the matter is and what is he thinking about, Mahesh informs he is tensed but is cared a lot more, for Rishab and Arjun. Rakhi asks what happened. Mahesh mentions that Rakhi sees them both as different, but they are alike, Karina entering the room asks how can he compare them both because Rishab is really calm and composed while Arjun is egoistic. Mahesh asks if she knows when Rishab joined the business, Karina replies how can she forget because he had suffered a heart attack,

so Rishab took over the entire business and grew up before time. Mahesh mentions they both are right because Rishab took over the business in a calm and composed manner, but he has tow sides and when he is aggressive, he can either ruin the competitor or be ruined himself, Karina refuses to accept arjun is mature but Mahesh explains that Arjun is really mature and there is something going on in his mind in which they are enemies. Rishab coming explains that he is the enemy and even when he has not started this fight, he is going to fight it till the end. Rishab asks if they trust him and so assures that he is going to fight till the last and surely win,

Karina is glad to see this winning desire of Rishab. Mahesh mentions he is scared because Rishab is also aggressive and even Arjun has the same feelings but when they both would collide it will create a blast which he fears might ruin everything. Rishab and Arjun both are walking in their houses when Rishab tries to close the windows because of the rain, he thinks that no storm would come again. Arjun mentions the storm has arrived and everyone would think that it will ruin everything but in reality, it will cause the truth to be revealed. Shristhi mentions even she feels something is weird and why is Arjun obsessed with Preeta because she ahs never seen it before and whatever he is doing now is only to attain Preeta,

she thinks when Arjun threatened that he would marry her after seven days. Preeta replies she has seen it a lot of times before in his eyes, she ignored it every time in the past, Shristhi asks why did she not say anything when Preeta assures she would be fine until they are together, Preeta apologizes for also causing her tension when Shristhi thanks her for sharing these tensions but why is she like this, Shristhi accepts that Preeta is strong but she knows that Shristhi would always be there for her, Preeta replies she tends to make her emotional assuring there is no time to give up, so there would not be any crying. Shristhi agrees to leave, Preeta walks over to the window because of the window and is tensed, she picks the clothes which she places in the wardrove. Preeta receives a video call from an unknown person,

she is shocked to see Arjun calling her, he explains he purposefully not called her from his own number as he knew she would not pick up or get scared and is the reason he sued this private number which no one hs, she ends the call which causes him to be tensed. Arjun answers the call on his own number when he questions if it got disconnected, Preeta replies se herself called him on his own number to make him believe they are not scared of him and can he see any sign of distress on her face, Arjun explains they would now come on the real topic, Arjun explains the first day has ended and even the shares of Rahab’s Pharma company have plummeted,

Preeta replies they all know he is someone who can go to any means in order to ruin someone, Arjun replies this is where she is wrong as he is a nice person and he is going to take everything which belong to Rishab, Preeta might say it is wrong however he assures that kavya belongs to him which means she must also be with him, Preeta in frustration ends the call when Arjun exclaims that tomorrow is going to be a new day which would be a new challenge. In the morning Preeta reaches the school with Kavya when she immediately seeing the balloon demands it but Preeta refuses explaining that she is going to the school, Arjun also is excited to see Kavya, she then demands an ice cream which Preeta refuses due to the changing weather,

Preeta then buys her a balloon, but she rushes angrily into the school. Arjun wonders what Preeta is doing, he goes to the ice cream vendor asking if he will come inside the school when the person replies they would not allow it however Arjun assures nothing will happen until he is present, he thinks that if his daughter desires something then no one can stop him from giving it to her. Arjun smiles.

The guards stops arjun questioning why is he going inside, Arjun explains this his daughter is really angry so he decided to bring this cart inside so she can cheer up, the guard agrees to call her outside when Arjun points to Kavya explaining she is his daughter, the guard informs her that someone is here to meet her, she in excitement rushes to Arjun asking where was he all this time, Arjun mentions he was a little busy when Kavya explains they have to take out the time, Arjun apologizes explaining that he has brought something to make up for it, she gets excited seeing the cart so quickly demands a chocolate flavor,

arjun explains it looks really yummy when the guard explains he must leave the school so Arjun agrees, kavya rushes in with the ice cream when Arjun feels tensed as he still has her water bottle, Arjun enters the school to give Kavya her water bottle. Kavya eating the ice cream sees Preeta talking with a teacher when she exclaims her mother would take away the ice cream, she therefor runs and hides in the electrical room, Preeta asks why is she behaving like this and must come out of here, Kavya asks her to go back home when Preeta threatens to call the Principal however Kavya runs and falls causing the wires to break,

she explains that she is feeling scared seeing the wires and it is like a musical show, Preeta getting scared calls for help, arjun asks what happened when she explains that kavya is in danger, Arjun informs Kavya must not touch the wires as she would get electrocuted when Arjun manages to enter the room, he rushes to Kavya and then assures he is going to keep her safe, Preeta leaves explaining that she is will send Kavya to school tomorrow, Preeta reaches the car with kavya when Arjun coming snatches Kavya from Preeta explaining they both are not worthy of Kavya so he is going to take her away from them, Arjun leaves with kavya. Preeta wakes up screaming the name of Kavya,

Rishab is also tensed hearing this so rushes to sit beside her assuring that it was just a bad dream, Shristhi and Rakhi also enter the room explaining that nothing has happened, and Kavya is sleeping peacefully in the room. Preeta explains that she saw Arjun was taking kavya away from them, Rishab assures no one would be able to do anything wrong with them, he explains that Preeta will always stay away from kavya.In the morning Rishab is sitting with Mahesh when there is someone at the door an the inspector enters the house, Preeta asks why have they come back when they were advised to first formalize their investigation and then come to any conclusion, the inspector explains that Arjun has saved the life of their daughter, which they saw in the footage of the school and now the Luthra family does not have any reason to file the restraining order,

Rishab receives a call when he informs Sahil he would not be able to come, Preeta asks what happened he replies it is just relating tok the an deal to which Preeta mentions she will handle this situation, Mahesh asks Sameer to go with Rishab assuring he is here with the family. Arjun is sitting when he receives a call from an unknown number and it is Kavya, she is really excited to talk with him and even thanks him for buying her an ice cream otherwise her mother would never buy her the ice cream. Preeta is shocked to hear Kavya talking with Arjun, Rishab also reaches the meeting where he notices Arjun talking with Kavya.

Rishab sits down when Arjun explains it is not the right thing because Rishab will surely lose everything, Rishab replies that he is going to prove Arjun wrong, the bidding starts with one hundred crores, both Rishab and Arjun quickly get into a battle in which Rishab manages to be victorious by bidding three hundred crores, due to which he is able to win the bidding. Rishab shakes the hand of Arjun mentioning he believes the mis understandings between them would end, Sameer asks what his problem to which Rishab mentions he is just of a heated mind, Sameer asks how they are going to arrange the amount when Rishab informs he had thought about it before coming to the bidding, he calls Preeta to reveal the good news that they have won the bidding. Rishab asks where Preeta is, she informs she is near his business plaza, he gets excitement explaining he is going to send Sameer downstairs. Preeta sees Arjun so explains she is going to meet him as he tends to come to their house unannounced,

she feels they must also share the good news. Preeta asks how did he like after losing, Arjun replied she would have listened to the quote, Arjun asks if she did not understand, he explains he purposefully wanted to lose the bid, Preeta replies that he should have heard an idiom which is as follows, ; the monkey says the grapes were sour”. Arjun asks how many times he would have to say that he wants her, Rishab warns him to be careful of what he speaks, Preeta is also furious saying that he must not even think that she is going to ever marry him. Arjun mentions he is really furious of Rishab getting in his way and the land belongs to the Municipal water source and half of it is going to be taken away, arjun exclaims Rishab lost the biggest deal of his life due to the rage,

he explains they say that one should not be personal in the business however Rishab got personal.Sameer asks why they not got this information when Rishab says he must go to the office while he will meet him there, Rishab informs Preeta he will meet her in the house.Anjali is shocked asking how did arjun manage to do this, and the Luthra’s were not able to find about this. Arjun replies he tends to find all the details about the deals, he sent the police to the Luthra Mansion which caused Rishab to lose his focus and he was not able to find out everything which caused him to make this mistake. He mentions that he feels Rishab is becoming the older version of himself, Arjun explains he just wants to spend time with kavya and see her grow up, while he will play with her.

Arjun reveals that Rishab and Preeta have failed to take care of her three times in front of him, he vows to not let it happen again, explaining his daughter will not stay away from him anymore. Arjun is adamant.In the night Preeta is really worried thinking about Arjun who promised Kavya that he will very soon stay with her, Rishab comes asking if he disturbed her, she is tensed when he explains that he got the ownership of the land for which he won the bidding but he must take some loans from the market,

she does not have to be worried. Preeta mentions she trusts he would handle everything however is worried since Arjun is getting really close tok their family but he even sent the police to their house so he puts pressure on them to take back the case filed against him, Preeta informs sh told him about the incident at the school after which she is really scared, Arjun also mentioned he will stay with Kavya very soon because of which she is tensed. Rishab explains that he is just trying to stay two steps

ahead from them but they do not have to be scared, Rishab mentions he started thinking about it so he desires that thy all should g to New Zealand to his cousin along with Dadi, Karina bua and Kritika. Preeta replies she doensot know if it is the right plan but she feels Rishab would have thought about it, Preeta informs that she will stay back with him, and send Kavya with the family. Preeta refuses to accept the decision to leave him alone, informing they are a family so must stay together in all the problems when they were together in the time of happiness, Rishab replies she needs to stay safe because once he is sure they all are protected, Arjun would face the real Rishab Luthra.

Arjun is furious reading the files, the employee enters when Arjun questions what is the file because he has a lot more financial information regarding the Luthra’s but that he needs his personal details, the person explains that his private investigator has arrived and wants to meet him when Arjun replies if he thinks that he has any time to spare. The Private Investigator insists on meeting Arjun so rushes into the cabin, explaining that the Luthra’s have planned to shift Kavya to New Zealand so she cannot meet him any more. Arjun is furious thinking that they cannot snatch Kavya away from them.

Kavya is excite after reaching the air port and so rushes to bring the trolley for them, Shristhi follows to]k help her. Karina exclaims that Kavya has become really naughty, Rkahi with a smile replies just like Karan, karina explains he would also get excited after reaching the airport, Karina replies she will check the luggage, Preeta bumps into a person accidentally dropping the milk bottle when he apologizes so she takes it before walking away, the person quickly fixes something in the shoe. The airport security asks what he is hiding when the person reveals that there is a rod fitted in his leg. Anjali calls Arjun asking where is he since she found out everything about Rishab including the banks with which he is connected and they might give him any sort of loan but where is he because she cannot find him anywhere in the office,

Arjun reveals that he is going to the airport as the Luthra’s have planned to take Kavya away from him to New Zealand, he asks her to fix a ticket for him, Anjali is tensed thinking why did he not think about it before leaving, Arjun informs he was in a different mental state at that moment, Anjali asks him to end the call, Arjun is not able to see due to the immense light which causes him to be in an accident.Shristhi wonders what is everyone watching at the television when they listen that it is being reported that their agencies have been able to foil a terrorist attack planned on the event in January, but they would not be able to do it anymore so their agencies should be praised for their heroic performance, Kavya in excitement goes to salute while standing in front of their national flag which causes Preeta and Rkahi to feel really proud. Preeta calls her back, she sits at the trolley.

Preeta is once again about to bump into the same person, he stares at her with immense anger seeing which she feels scared. Shristhi asks what happened, Preeta replies that she felt scared of that person, she looked into his eyes and was able to see the frustration, she prays that he should not come on their flight since he is not a nice person.Rakhi exclaims they are forced to leave their house and nation because of that Arjun, had he not done these things they would be living in peace, kavya exclaims she also felt nice after playing with Dada, Karina assures they all would also play a lot with her, Kavya gets excited.

Preeta hears the announcement for the flight and they all decide to board the flight.Rishab is really tensed asking why they cannot give their brands the loan as they have worked with sok many years in the past, Sameer also enters the office and is really tensed. Rishab tries to clarify that they have also given profits over projects which were deemed unprofitable, Mr Verma explains that no bank is ready to work with them anymore as they know this project would only lead to loss, Rishab turns to Sameer asking him to tell them when Sameer also agrees with them, informing that all the banks have backed out of the project.

Rishab standing explains they have a working relation so they must ask their higher authorities to reconsider it, Mr Verma replies therefore they came to talk with Rishab personally and apologize as there is nothing which they can do about it. Sameer and Rishab both are really tensed.The people request Arjun to have water, but he says he has to go, they offer to take him there but Arjun explains he has to go to the airport, he runs away without even listening to them.

Rishab is really tensed and explains he has done a lot for this project but why is everything happening to him, Sameer replies that he knows it is the work of Arjun who is the only one who knew the details about this land. Rishab gets a call from Preeta je, kavya mentions he really misses her when Shristhi insists on talking with Sameer so also explains that she misses him. Rakhi takes the phone wishing Rishab, she advises him to take care of Dadi and Kritika. Preeta informs that she will talk with him after they have landed. Rishab replies he will do to Arjun what he has never done to anyone in his entire life, only after he finds out they all are safe.

Dadi is talking when she hears the doorbell, Anjali enters in a tense manner when Dadi questions what happened, she explains that Arjun asked her to book the tickets to New Zealand as he found out the Luthra’s have decided to take Kavya abroad, Dadi tries to calm her down explaining he can take the other flight to which Anjali mentions if he is not able to reach on the flight then would get really mad, she is thinking of an excuse. Dadi asks Anjali what the relation between Arjun and Kavya is, hearing this Anjali is tensed. Arjun runs into the airport with even stopping at the security, they run after him and then manage to stop Arjun, he requests them to let him go as he was supposed to be on the flight for New Zealand as his entire family is on that flight. The guards inform he is late as the flight might have already taken off, Arjun is stunned.

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