The Rules of Love update Tuesday 21 May 2024

The rules of love 21 may 2024: Jhumki threatens Nandini with death if she does not support her. Nandini is terrified when she sees Jhumki in her Naagin form. She accepts to be her friend and asks her to take on human form. Jhumki appears in human form and embraces Nandini. She decides that everyone must join her team.

Harsh is forced to wear a Naag headband by Jhumki. She begins the rite by dancing around Harsh. Snakes come there, transmit their energy to Harsh, and then leave. Harsh collapses and passes out. Jhumki sits next to Harsh and tells the unconscious Harsh that he must withstand this anguish in order to become a Naag.

Jhumki thereafter sleeps happily with Harsh. She comes out after hearing some shattering sounds. One of the mirrors is broken, she notices. She considers what happened. Jhumki hears someone chuckle and wonders who it is. Maitree’s Soul appears in front of Jhumki and informs her that she has returned to murder her. Jhumki claims it can’t be true and that it’s all in my head. Maitree smiles and walks away from the scene. Jhumki approaches a broken window and notices Maitree’s soul in a white saree outside their home. Jhumki recognises the truth rather than her fantasies.

Jhumki enters the room again. She notices the portrait of Maitree and Harsh in the room. Jhumki wonders how that shot came to be. She notices Maitree’s smile and wonders where she has gone. Harsh arrives and asks Jhumki what happened. Jhumki takes care of the situation. Jhumki is alarmed when she notices the warning sign on the wall. She shuts the door. Jhumki will die, according to Maitree’s soul.

Harsh brings Jhumki c offee the next day. Jhumki is overjoyed. The mirror in the room breaks. Jhumki notices a broken mirror and declares it unlucky. Harsh promises to acquire a new mirror and asks her to cook for him. Jhumki concurs. Jhumki opens the fridge door and sees Maitree while making supper. Maitree urges Jhumki that if she wants to live, she must leave her spouse. Jhumki appears and informs Harsh that she spotted Maitree in the kitchen. Nandini claims Maitee is no longer alive. Maitree’s cremains tumble to the ground. Nandini thinks it might come down owing to the air and sets it down on the table.

Harsh, Jhumki, and Nandini make their way in to the kitchen. Harsh opens the fridge and informs Jhumki that no one is inside.They come out when they hear a noise. They notice some Agori collecting Maitree’s cremains.

Harsh, Jhumki, and Nandini witness Agori fleeing with Maitree’s Ashes. Harsh apprehends Agori and inquires as to why he is stealing Maitree’s Ashes. Agori claims he came to encase Maitree’s spirit in cremains because she had come to exact her revenge. He requests that Harsh understand that he came to help them. Harsh is sceptical of Agori. He takes Maitree’s ashes and requests that he go. Agori reminds them that Maitree will be back to get her retribution.

Jhumki considers whom she must believe. She notices several flashing lights. Jhumki summons Maitree to stand in front of her and fight her. Jhumki is approached by Maitree’s soul. She claims you summoned me, so I came. Let’s battle, says Jhumki, because you’re a ghost and I’m Icchadari Naagin.

Jhumki transforms into a snake and bites Maitree. Maitree laughs and adds that Naagin can only scare humans, not spirits. Jhumki is surprised to discover that her poison had no effect on Maitree. Maitree informs Jhumki that she cannot harm her because she is a spirit. Jhumki puts her hands over her ears. Harsh appears there. He inquires of Jhumki as to what transpired. Jhumki informs him that Maitree has arrived. They notice Maitree is missing.

Jhumki notices a white saree lady approaching from behind. She displays it to Harsh. Harsh approaches the person and notices Nandini is possessed. Harsh inquires of Nandini as to what transpired. Possessed Nandini informs Harsh that he must learn what Jhumki did to her and that Jhumki must be punished. She collapses unconscious. Harsh is concerned. Jhumki informs Harsh that they must meet the Baba.

Harsh, Maitree, and Nandini meet Baba the next day. They request that he save them from Maitree’s spirit. Baba promises to save them with a rite he performs in their presence at night. Baba forms a protective circle around them at night. He begins the procedure by summoning Maitree in front of them. The Maitree spirit appears. Jhumki claims Maitree arrived. According to Nandini and Harsh, Maitree is not visible to them.

Baba instructs Maitree to enter the Ashes Pot. Maitree says that she will not depart until she has killed Jhumki. She tries to approach Jhumki but is stopped by the protection circle. Harsh advises Jhumki not to be afraid. Jhumki expresses concern that Maitree wishes to murder her. Harsh claims, “I’m not sure why Maitree wants to kill you.” Baba imprisons Maitree’s spirit in the Ashes pot. He instructs Jhumki not to drop the pot until she has buried it in Maitree’s body. Harsh informs Jhumki that he will accompany her on her journey. Jhumki is told by Baba that she must travel alone. Jhumki concurs. After burying the Ashes pot, Baba gives Jhumki water to drink.

Harsh informs Jhumki that he cannot leave her alone. Jhumki assures him that she is capable of doing so for her family. Harsh embraces her. Nandini reminds Jhumki to drink water after burying the Ashes pot. Jhumki spills the Ashes pot on the way.

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