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Ruhaan shouts at Dua that he has no relationship with Haider anymore, that man is shameless and having an affair. Dua says Gazal is making you see all that, she is fooling you. Ruhaan shouts that I can see everything, I thought Haider was a good brother but he is shameless, a cheater and a characterless man.

Dua slaps him and says how dare you say all that for Haider? how can you think about Haider like this? Ruhaan says you can’t stop me, the truth will come out.

Kaynaat comes to Haider and Gazal, she says this Gazal is responsible for fooling everyone, she tells Haider that this girl is shameless and Dua is right about her, this girl is cruel. Haider asks her to stop it. Ravi says listen to her, he says stay away from the family matters. Kaynaat asks why is he not believing them over her? Haider asks her to go, she leaves. Gazal cries and says if Dua tells Ruhaan everything then he might go against you and me. Haider says that will never happen, he can never think wrong of me. He leaves. Gazal smirks and says now its time to destroy Ruhaan’s remaining peace.

Ruhaan tells Dua that at least Rahat was clear about marrying another woman but your husband is having an affair behind our backs, I can’t believe you are still defending him.. maybe you don’t want to lose your status in the family that’s why you are bearing all this. Dua says you have to listen to me. Ruhaan asks her to leave, she doesn’t so Ruhaan pushes her out of the room.

Dua hits her head and it starts bleeding. She says if Haider sees it then he won’t spare Ruhaan. She rushes to her room and tries to clean her wound. Haider is coming there so Dua goes to the washroom. He says come out, I want to talk to you.

Gazal comes to Ruhaan’s room and sees things broken around. Ruhaan comes behind her and grabs her, he starts strangling her and says I will kill you. I will do what you did with my love. Gazal struggles against him and panics for breathing.

Haider is waiting for Dua and asks her to come out, he says we need to talk about Ruhaan and Gazal.

Ruhaan is strangling Gazal but leaves her. He says I want to kill you for cheating on me. He asks why did you cheat on me? I loved you so much and always stood up for you but what did you do? why? Gazal cries and thinks he is going crazy, he might kill me for real. Ruhaan says when you confessed your love for me, my life changed for better. Dua kept telling me that you don’t love me but I went against my whole family for you but you lied to me, you cheated on me.

I asked you if you want to marry but you kept playing with my feelings. Gazal thinks I have to trap him. She starts crying and says I didn’t do anything deliberately. Ruhaan says wow.. get lost and go to your lover. Gazal says I did a mistake, Haider was just a friend but he fell in love with me, I never gave him any hint but I didn’t know what he really wanted from me.

One day he.. Ruhaan asks what did he do? Gazal says he confessed love for me and I told him that I want to marry you only, I didn’t want to have any relationship with him but I didn’t want brothers to fight that’s why I wanted to leave the house but Haider stopped me, he said that he can’t live without me. I started melting for him so he gave me a suggestion to marry you so I could stay with Haider in the house.

Gazal tells Ruhaan that Haider suggested that I get married to you so I can stay close to him, I saw so much love in his eyes that I got mesmerized. Ruhaan says Haider made you do all this. Gazal smirks and thinks I want him to hate Haider. She cries and says don’t think Haider is wrong. I am responsible for too. Ruhaan says you both are shameless, he asks if she loves Haider? did he try to snatch her from him? Gazal thinks I have to fool him fully.

She says Haider is not only responsible, I don’t what’s right or wrong but my heart is with him, when I hugged him I felt peace, he hugged me with love and I forgot about the world, I couldn’t stop myself and did a mistake that is a sin.. Ruhaan is angry and asks her to shut up. Gazal smirks and thinks my plan is working.

Gazal says when he hugged me, I forgot everything right and just wanted him. Ruhaan shouts at her to stop it. She says I tried to stop myself but Haider convinced me.. I don’t deserve you and Dua is right that I shouldn’t be with you, I wanted to leave the house before engagement but Dua brought me back. I am ashamed. Ruhaan says you are so shameless and that man is a shameless brother, he asks her to get lost. He pushes her out of the room. Gazal laughs and says I did well. Gulnaz comes there. She says Ruhaan has said no to the wedding, you should be happy now. I fulfilled my promise, I saved him from me and he hates Haider now. Gulnaz says I am happy for Ruhaan but I am sad for Dua’s marriage.

Gazal says I saved your son and you are thankless? get lost from there. Gulnaz slaps her hard and says this is separating my husband, she slaps her again and says this is for separating my kids from me. Gazal laughs and says I am so happy that I don’t care, you want your husband and kids right? Once I marry Haider then I will reunite them with you.

Gulnaz says you think you can marry Haider? Haider will find out what you have done and he will never accept you. Gazal smirks and says Haider won’t talk to Ruhaan clearly. Gulnaz says Haider will ask Ruhaan what you told him and he will tell him everything. Gazal says don’t you remember what you did in anger and no one believed you? Gulnaz says I am still angry at you. Gazal says you can take out your anger on me. She hits her head on the wall and laughs crazily. Gulnaz says you are crazy. Gazal keeps hitting herself and starts bleeding. She ties a noose around her neck and strangles herself. Gulnaz panics and stops her. Gazal laughs hysterically and says I just need to do one thing and Haider will be mine.

Dua is cleaning her wound in the washroom. Haider knocks on the door and asks her to come out. She says I am coming out. Gazal calls Haider and cries, she ends the call. He goes to check. Dua comes out and sees Haider gone.

Haider comes to Gazal’s room and its dark. He turns on the lights and is shocked to see Gazal beaten up. He gives her water and asks what happened? Gazal cries and says Ruhaan raised hands on me.

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