This is fate 14 Thursday December 2023

This is Fate 14 December 2023: In the night, Dadi asks Anjali if she is going to tell the truth, she asks what relation Arjun has with Kavya, she is shocked when Dadi explains she has lived a long life so her experience says that someone cannot love a child unless they are the parents, she questions what the quarrel between Arjun and the Luthra’s. Anjali tries to assure there is nothing like that, Dadi demands Anjali should tell her the truth because she knows what the difference between a business and personal rivalry is,

This is fate 13 December 2023

she only wants to hear the truth and if Anjali cannot tell it then must not say anything at all, Anjali agrees asking if she really wants to hear the truth.The flight crew is showing the people to their seats, a couple is enjoying standing on the plane when a person gets furious instructing them to move ahead, he is not even interested in their jokes, a young girl comes asking Rakhi and Karina to let her pass to her seat.Kavya insists to play with the ball, Preeta informs she has placed it in the bag and would take it out once the plane takes off, Rakhi asks Preeta to give Kavya as the ball as she knows Kavya needs everything at the same moment, Shristhi also requests Preeta who stands up to take out the balm she bumps into a bearded person and is stunned, she apologizes giving him way when he smiles staring at Kavya before walking to his seats.

Preeta hands Kavya the ball, she starts playing with it on the seat which falls over to the corner of the seat, Preeta stops Kavya from going but she runs to pick it and notices the knife hanging out from the shoe of the person, she feels angered so runs back when the person thinks if he is hiding the knife or revealing it in his shoe. Kavya informs Preeta he saw a weird man, Preeta explains they should not talk about anyone in such a manner, Preeta advises her to get some sleep as she needs to rest, a person asks Kavya if she would like to see magic, he reveals he is going to make the cards disappear from his hands seeing which Kavya along with Preeta and everyone clap for him, Preeta wishes she should be able to make Arjun disappear like this, she wonders why is she thinking about him.

Dadi sits down in shock asking if Anjali is telling the truth or just making stories, Anjali assures everything is the truth, Dadi replies she is feeling sorry for him, Anjali kneels explaining there is no need to feel sorry as he is Arjun like the Vardhan of Bhagwan so nothing wrong would happen to him, the manager comes revealing the news in excitement that the ticket was received from the counter meaning Arjun sir is on the same flight, Dadi gets excited so she raises his salary with fifty percent when Anjali replies that it cannot happen like this as Dadi is just really excited when he also agrees that his salary cannot be raised over such a small news, Dadi suggests they should at least give him the current salary with fifty percent increase, he starts arguing but finally agrees. Anjali is glad that Arjun got onto the flight.

Shristhi asks Preeta to see how happy Kavya is, she replies she really liked the magic, Rakhi asks Kavya to come to her as she is going to show her another trick, Shristhi gets excited asking if Rakhi’s mom knows magic to, she assures she knows it turning to Karina di inquiring if she remembers her magic trick, Karina replies to Rakhi should not do it otherwise the children might get scared. The magician mentions he has a cat which is like a monkey, Kavya insists on seeing it right now when he replies he would show it to her once they reach New Zealand, Preeta smiles mentioning the person is just teasing her, the air hostess announces that the boarding process is complete so now they all must fasten their seat belts, they even give instructions which everyone must follow on the flight. A passenger gets irritated requesting them to make sure the flight takes off quickly.

The child sitting beside Karina Luthra mentions she is scared, Karina asks where her parents are when the girl reveals she is travelling alone, Shristhi is shocked wondering why such a young child is travelling alone, Karina asks her to hold her hand and pray to god after which she will not be scared.Kavya mentions she wants to go and attend the loo before the flight takes off, she falls when Arjun immediately picks her up, Preeta thanks him when he just keeps staring at her, Preeta leaves thinking how such strange people are on this flight.

Anjali instructs them to give the manager his salary after an increase of fifty percent, Dadi sitting asks Anjali if Arjun married her sister Neha, but even then has returned to take revenge from Preeta, she exclaims that now only one things can bring him back to life which is true love, Anjali replies that sometimes they are not able to attain true love and if it happens then everything would be sorted, Dadi asks what might happen if Rishab finds out about Arjun, Anjali replies she is sure it will not happen but in case he does find out even then Rishab would not be able to do anything.

Rishab is really frustrated when Sameer comes asking what happened, Rishab furiously replies that he has worked a lot on this project, so he is not going to let it go to waste. The Private detector comes informing that they have found out arjun went into the airport and he feels Arjun might be going after Kavya. Rishab starts calling Arjun but then even tries to contact Anjali, she is shocked wondering what the reason is he is calling her, Dadi replies that Rishab might have also hired a private detective as now both Rishab and Arjun are fighting each other. Anjali requests Dadi to not say anything and then she takes out even her mobile, acting as if Arjun is in the bathroom, Rishab is relieved thinking that now his plan is successful because Arjun would not be able to reach his family.

Preeta is standing outside the bathroom when the air hostess comes explaining the plane is about to take off so she must sit down on her seat, in the closest seat. Preeta quickly after sitting down think of tying the seat belt, she is not able to do it properly in a hurry and blames it for being faulty, Arjun replies it is perfectly fine, he even ties it which amazes Preeta. She starts reciting the Mantar, Kavya reveals her mother gets scared during the takeoff. Shristhi wonders where Preeta is as they are on the run way.

Rakhi informs Karina that she knows she is not scared easily but she is just saying that if she feels scared then can recite the Hanuman Chalisa, as it would give them strength. Preeta is scared, she holds the arm of Arjun and feels a strange connection.The plane takes off, Preeta is still holding the arm of Arjun without noticing it, she turns to see it and is shocked, Preeta stares at him with amazement while he also stares back at her, she feels something weird without realizing what it is, yet she still feels something, Preeta then takes off her hand slowly placing it on her lap, Preeta quickly unlocks the belt.

Rakhi is still praying to Hanuman when Karina assures nothing wrong would happen, but Rakhi replies she must not disturb her.The newly wed couple starts singing a song to start their new journey.Preeta sits back on her seat when the person walks in the front of the plane signaling another passenger, they both get up.Rakhi is glad that the flight has taken off without any problem, Karina exclaims she is cute to which Rakhi also smiles.The air hostess is sorting the food when both the men stand in front of her, one of them demands to get the water right away while the other rushes in demanding the food, she keeps requesting them to go back to their seats, but the men get furious and one of them purposefully drops the food tray, they then complain to the air hostess,

so she is forced to go and call the cleaner. The men smile and quickly lift the seats to pull out the parts of their guns after which they prepare it, when the air hostess returns seeing which, both take her hostage at gun point revealing that they are terrorists and their plane has been hijacked, they both warn her to not do anything wrong otherwise they will start killing the passengers.Kavya notices the person is stabbing his feet against the plan, she asks why is he so tensed when the person replies there is nothing of the sort and why does she think he is tensed, she replies because he is stabbing his feet. Karina leaves to attend the washroom. Shristhi notices the girl sitting in front of her so going to sit beside her asks if she travels alone all the time,

the girl replies that she indeed travels alone hearing which Shristhi is amazed by how courageous she is. Kavya mentions she must go to the bathroom, she leaves alone.Kavya going to Arjun calls him as Mr Handsome, he at first tries to explain that he is not her Mr Handsome but she threatens to remove his beard, he replies they are bad manners when she explains that if he tells her the truth then she would not do anything wrong, Arjun making her sit beside him explains that he is indeed Mr Handsome, he requests her to not tell her mother otherwise she would get angry with him, Kavya gets worried asking why is everyone afraid of her mother when she is such a nice hearted women who is always ready to help others, Arjun agrees explaining he also saw her helping the orphans, Kavya agrees with a smile. She asks if she can go back otherwise her mother would get angry,

Arjun replies it means she is also scared of Preeta, Kavya leaves smiling.Shristhi asks the girl if this is her favorite toy, she starts playing with it. Rakhi asks the girl if she likes Shristhi hearing which Kavya gets jealous and refuses to even eat the fruits.The newlywed couple start a cute argument over who would eat the chocolate first hearing which another passengers gets furious so instructs them to sort it out quietly as he wants to end the flight without any problem, Karina asks what problem he has if they both are enjoying their time as a couple. The person still wants to spend some time alone, he leaves so the couple still argue over who would eat chocolate first, Shristhi advises Minni to eat it as after that they would only hear complaints.

Shristhi coming back asks Kavya what has happened, Kavya asks Shristhi to go and befriend that girl with whom she was sitting, Shristhi explains the girl was travelling alone so she just went to befriend her, kavya asks her grandmother to tell Shristhi that she should only be her friend, Rakhi also instructs Shristhi after which Kavya agrees to be her friend. Rakhi explains Kavya is just like their Karan who does not have the capability to share anyone whom she loves.Arjun hearing this stands up, he while walking to their seat removes the beard and wig from his head, Arjun taking the hand of Preeta makes her stand, places his head against it explaining he should be furious with her after what she has done to him but he still love her even after all that has happened, he does not know why he is also attracted to her.

Arjun questions what this is and why is he forced to come to her. Arjun suddenly wakes up only to realize he is daydreaming so wonders if there is something wrong with this airplane.Rishab while driving the car recalls of how Anjali was talking, he immediately takes a uturn explaining he needs to meet someone.The air hostess is crying when they both warn her to remain quiet otherwise, she would be thrown out of the plane, he explains that his name is Sudesh and his mother says he looks like a hero but his father thinks he is just a lazy person, his accomplice explains that he must start searching for the diamonds.

Karina while sitting starts getting hiccups, she is left stunned about it when Preeta asks her to get water however she realizes that it is finished, Rakhi explains that mom would be remembering her, Shristhi mentions it might even be Mahesh dad, Rakhi replies she knows who is thinking about her because if there is a long gap between the hiccups then it is someone who cares for them like their mother while in the other case it is the person who is not interested for their wellbeing. Shristhi asks if there is someone like this in her life, she asks if Karina bua as a boyfriend hearing this Karina turns to stare at her in anger while Rkahi starts smiling. Vinni and Minni also start laughing at her, they then apologize to them, Vinni explains that Minni would also lie when they were still in a relationship. Karina is furious at them,

she once again stares at Shristhi asking why she not think before speaking anything.Anjali is really tensed explaining that this is the last bank which she needs to talk and if they also refuse to partner with Rishab then he will surely suffer immense losses. The door bell rings when Anjali goes to check it, she is shocked to see Rishab and Sameer standing there, they both greet Dadi who is not at all happy to see them, Rishab explains that he feels she is not happy with them coming when Dadi replies she is just a little irritated, Sameer with a smile explains they both have arrived so she would now cheer up. Anjali asks who they have come here to meet, Rishab replies he would tell them himself, they have come to meet Arjun. Dadi replies they cannot meet Arjun, Rishab asks the reason, Dadi replies he has gone outside, Anjali explains he will come back late at night.

Rishab inquires if Sameer is free, he replies he indeed is so they both agree to sit and wait for him. Anjali asks why they in such a hurry are and can meet Arjun tomorrow, Rishab getting furious asks why is she saying this when they know she is lying.The terrorist warns the air hostess to remain quiet otherwise they would slit her throat, she requests them to let her go which starts to irritate them, they continue their search for the bullets. Preeta enters the cabin which shocks, she tries to run away however they manage to catch her and plan to introduce themselves to the passengers,as they still have a knife to use. Preeta is terrified.

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