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Ruhaan sees Gazal hugging Haider and angrily leaves. Gazal smirks and recalls how she asked Haider to bring a watch for Ruhaan as she wants to gift him. Haider leaves from there.

Dua tells Gulnaz that I will tell everything to Haider, this is about our relationship now, I have to end this wedding even if I have to expose Hina’s secret, no secret is bigger than this family. Gulnaz tries to stop her but Dua leaves.

Gazal comes to her mehndi ceremony. Gulnaz, Kaynaat and Ravi come there. Gulnaz says I hope Dua can convince Haider.

Ruhaan is sitting alone in his room and recalls all Haider and Gazal’s moments together. He screams in anger and says Haider loves Dua so he can never do this but what I saw.. I should talk with Haider and clarify.

Dua is looking around for Haider. Ruhaan is searching for him too, he asks Hina if she saw Haider? she says no. He goes to find him. Dua comes there and asks for Haider but no one has seen him. Dua says where did he go? Gazal sees her talking with Gulnaz and thinks its time to play my last game. She goes to Hina and says no one is paying attention to my ceremony, you should ask Dua to change clothes and become part of the ceremony.

Hina asks Dua to go and get ready. Dua nods and leaves. Ruhaan comes there so Hina asks him to go and get ready. Ruhaan says I am looking for Haider, Hina asks him to go and just get ready. Gazal thinks I have to stop them from telling anything to Haider. She goes from there.

Dua is looking around for Haider but Hina comes there and says you have to get ready for the ceremony. Dua thinks I have to tell Haider everything, she leaves from there.

Ruhaan is looking for Haider, Noor comes there and says he is back but I don’t know where he is.

Dua says I have to inform Haider what is going to happen. she goes to her room and takes her clothes to change. Gazal comes outside her room and looks at her dupatta. She says this dupatta will help me today.

Haider comes home and tells Rahat that I have finalized the catering. Noor says Ruhaan and Dua are looking for you. Haider says I will go and check on them. Rahat asks him to go to his wife first, he says sure and leaves.

Gazal opens Dua’s bathroom window and sees her getting ready. She finds her clothes hanging there and the color is same as her dupatta. She puts her dupatta on a stick and hangs it with Dua’s clothes. She tries to take Dua’s dupatta away. She pulls it and takes it out.

Ravi comes to Haider and says Dua is looking for you, he says I am going to her.

Dua comes back to the bathroom and finds her dupatta hanging, she takes it and leaves. Gazal thinks Dua will remember this dupatta and today our lives are going to change, I will get her happiness, I have right on Haider, he is mine and I will snatch him from Dua.

Dua gets ready, Haider comes outside the room and knocks on the door. Gazal is inside the room too. Dua is in the washroom and says I am coming out. Gazal is scared and thinks I can’t go anywhere. Dua is about to enter the room where Gazal is. Dua comes out but doesn’t find Gazal there. Dua says how did this door get locked. She opens it and Haider says you were looking for me? Haider says we can talk later on, Dua says we have to talk. Haider says I have to check on the decorations, he leaves. Dua tries to leave but hears some noise. Gazal is hiding under the bed. Dua looks around.

Ruhaan asks Noor where is Haider? she says he is in his room, Ruhaan leaves from there.

Dua looks around the room and Gazal is hiding under the bed but Dua leaves before seeing her.

The mehndi ceremony starts, Haider comes there and Ruhaan tries to talk to him but the music is playing so he can’t hear him. Dua comes to Haider and says I have to talk to you, he says we can do it later on, she says its important. Ruhaan doesn’t see her face and thinks Gazal is talking with Haider as Dua is wearing Gazal’s dupatta. Dua takes Haider from there.

Gazal is hiding in Dua and Haider’s room. Dua brings Haider there so she hides. Dua tells Haider that I have to tell you something. Ruhaan comes outside their room and watches from the window. She can’t see Dua’s face and thinks its Gazal with him. Gazal sees him and thinks my plan is working. Haider asks Dua what is it? Dua is crying so Haider holds her hands and Dua hugs him. Ruhaan is angry seeing all that. Gazal sees that and thinks everything is going in my favor. Haider asks Dua why is she crying? Dua says we have to stop this wedding. He says what? everything is planned, why are you saying? Dua says this marriage can’t happen. Ruhaan hears that and is fuming with anger. He recalls all Gazal and Haider’s moments, he says I was right about them, how can Haider.. he should be ashamed, he has to answer for all this. He starts going towards their room. Gazal says he can’t find out that its Dua in the room. She sees Hina coming there and goes to her, she says Ruhaan is here so call him to the ceremony. Hina says you are missing him already?

Haider tells Dua why she wants to stop the wedding? Dua says she wants to destroy this family. Ruhaan opens the door and calls out to Haider. Dua is looking away. Hina comes there and drags Ruhaan from there. Dua tells Haider that she will talk to Haider but he stops her, he says I don’t want another drama. Dua says I am trying to save the family. She says its about our relationship also, he says you won’t talk to Ruhaan and that’s final. Hina tells Ruhaan that she will call Gazal, she goes from there. Ruhaan says she is fooling around with Haider. He angrily leaves. Hina finds Gazal and says I will take you to Ruhaan, she says I will go to him myself. Hina says I will take you to the ceremony. She goes with her. Gulnaz sees all that and says I am sure Gazal is fooling Ruhaan.

Haider stops Dua from talking to Ruhaan and says you prepred for this wedding, then why all this? Dua says I was doing drama as I couldn’t tell you the truth about Gazal. Haider says what truth? Dua says Gazal wants to marry you and not Ruhaan. Haider is shocked. She says Gazal loves you, she never liked Ruhaan and just using him. Haider asks her to shut up. Dua says you don’t know but she fell in love with you when you saved her life. Haider recalls all the moments Gazal showed affection to her. Dua says I am telling the truth, trust me.

Hina brings Gazal to the ceremony, she thinks I wanted Dua to tell Haider about my want, this is my plan.

Haider says Gazal can’t even think that way for me. I am just her friend and Ruhan’s brother for her. The mehndi artists asks Gazal for groom’s name. She thinks about Haider. She says Haider Akhter. Everyone is shocked. Hina says what? Gazal says sorry I meant where are Haider and Dua? She says to Mehndi artist his name is Ruhaan. She’s about to write, Gazal takes off her hand and says i can’t let this name be on my hand. Everyone is choked. Dua says Haider please trust me.

Haider says you have a misunderstanding no one would trust you. Gulnaaz comes in and says she is right. This is the truth. She’s only playing with Ruhan. She’s doing all this to get you. Haider says I dont’ trust you at all. Haider says now I know why Dua is saying all this. You provoked her poisoned all of this. Have some shame. He says Dua you fell for her plans? Dua says I know it on my own. Haider says she can say anything for her plans. See who you’re siding with Gulnaaz says yes I am a bad person, bad wife, bad woman. but i am not a bad mother. No mother is bad. Ruhan’s life would be ruoend. Please stop this nikkah. Haider says enough. Stop using your card, and Dua you stop it too. No one would come between this house’s happiness. Dua says you think I don’t want hapoines of this house? I didn’t epcect this form you. You don’t trust me at all? Haider says its is what this woman is doing. She wants us to fight. You’re speaking her words. Dua says Gazal has a plan behind all this. He says this nikkah will happen. Take out of these misunderstandings from your mind. He leaves. Dua cries.

Hina says why don’t you want Ruhan’s name on your hand? She says I want Dua to write his name on my had. She brought us together. Hina says you are another blessing to this house like Dua. We are very lucky. Akhter says yes we are very lucky. She says let me call Dua. Gulnaaz says to Dua I am so worried. We’ve to do something. We can’t lose like this. Hina comes upstairs. Dua says yes we can’t let Ruhan’s life be ruined. We’ve to stop this nikkah somehow. Gulnaaz says thank you for caring for him. Please forgive me. I was always evil to you. Please forgive me. Dua says I will save Ruhan’s life. Hina comes and says what’s happening here? Gulnaaz says I wnt to tell you something. She says Dua Gazal is saying she wants you to write Ruhan’s name on her hand. Dua says I need to tell you something. She says it’s time for rituals all guests are here. Gulnaaz sas please listen to her. Hina says leave my hand. And go downstairs. Poeple will talk. She says Dua she might be trapping you in some new plan. She takes Dua downstairs.

Dua says ammi I need to talk. Hina asks what happened? Haider says I will tell you. Dua says this means Haider has trusted me and he will tell everyone the truth. Haider says Dua and I had a fight over mehndi. I apologized. Let it go now dua. I am sorry. She says but.. He says for me. Stop it. Akhter says that’s common. Hina says let’s start the mehndi. She says my DILs have always been friends. They will stay friends. She says Dua write Ruhan’s name on your friend’s hand. Gazal says I am so happy. Dua says your dreams won’t come true. Gazal says time will tell. Now write Haider’s name on my palm. Dua says you don’t deserve anyone. I will make sure this nikkah doesn’t happen.

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