Twist of fate update Wednesday 13 December 2023

Twist of fate 13 December 2023:  Khushi holding Ranbir’s hand as they get out of the car. Ranbir says you held my hand, and asks her to hold his hand always and not to leave his hand. She says never and asks him to come. They come and buy icecream.

Akshay and Prachi also come there. Akshay asks Prachi to have some icecream. Prachi says she don’t want to have icecream. Ranbir says I just want to see you always, and says my little daughter. Khushi says if you cry now and if I wipe your tears, then my icecream will melt. Ranbir says ok and asks her to eat icecream. Akshay asks Prachi to come down the car, and asks her to have something else if not icecream. Prachi says I am coming as you are saying, but don’t forget that I am angry with you.

Rhea thinks of Khushi and says she is a pure soul, lovely child and praises her. Pallavi hears her and says yes. Rhea says I didn’t think that I will see her again. Pallavi says it is a miracle that God has given us a chance to relive the moments again. She says khushi has bear so much, she will compensate for it and will give her so much love. Rhea hugs her. Pallavi gets a call and goes. Rhea tells that even Prachi has right on Khushi, she has given her birth, Khushi is her ansh, it is a miracle and it is not just for us, but for Prachi also. She says how to tell you all, that when I see Khushi, I miss Prachi and my heart says that she shall know about Khushi, she deserves to know the truth.

She says I will call Prachi and will tell her the truth, I have to tell her. She then recalls Ranbir giving her swear and says why you gave me swear, I have to tell Prachi. She says I am sorry Ranbir and calls Prachi. Prachi doesn’t pick the call. Rhea calls her again. Prachi and Akshay are coming near the same icecream stall. Khushi sees Balloon and runs to get it. Akshay asks Prachi to pick the call. Prachi says she will talk to her later. Akshay and Prachi come to the same icecream stall.

Akshay asks icecream seller to give icecream which calms down the mind. Icecream seller says they have icecream which will sweeten her mouth. Khushi takes balloons and tells Ranbir that they shall play the game. She runs holding the balloon. Prachi doesn’t see her face, but senses her presence. Khushi runs. Ranbir also runs, and sits in his car. Khushi also sits in the car. Shahana and Dadi come in the car. They don’t see Ranbir and Khushi as his car starts. They see Prachi and come to her. Akshay gets call again and tells Prachi that Dad is unwell. Prachi asks him to go there and says Dadi and Shahana are with her. Akshay leaves.

Prachi, Dadi and Shahana come to PS. Prachi tells that she knows that Ranbir will help her, if she calls him and says if he comes to know that she is his daughter, then he will do everything, but will save Khushi. Dadi says you trust Ranbir so much. Prachi recalls Ranbir fighting with goons to save Khushi, and recalls his emotional side when Khushi was shot. Dadi asks do you really trust Ranbir so much. Prachi says I trust him a lot, but will not take his help until I can’t manage.

She says I have the burden of hiding the truth from him, and says I have to hide from him, as I didn’t have the strength to tell him the truth. Inspector comes there and tells Prachi that whoever has taken Khushi, will not be saved. He says they have circulated Khushi’s photo and tells that whoever has kidnapped her, will be caught.

Ranbir stops his car, seeing Police checking the car. Khushi asks why they are checking the car. Ranbir says sometimes Police checks for bad uncles. Khushi asks if they come to know that I ran away from the orphanage. Ranbir says they will not know so soon. Khushi says I will hide, and says I am good at hiding. She hides on the backseat. Constable asks Ranbir to keep the window down. Ranbir asks why are they checking the cars. The constable says a girl is missing. He asks Ranbir to open the decky. Ranbir opens the decky. The constable checks and asks him to go. He then asks Ranbir why he is taking balloons? Ranbir says it is for my daughter who is waiting for me at home. The constable asks him to go, and says why will you kidnap a girl being a father already.

The lady comes to the PS and apologizes to Prachi. Prachi says you are good and that’s why I didn’t take your name here. The lady praises Meera and tells that she wanted to send Khushi to a good house in a right way. Prachi says I shall get Khushi as I am her mother. Meera asks what? She says everyone claims to be Khushi’s biological parent. Prachi asks who is claiming? Meera says info is confidential.

Shahana and Dadi asks her to say. Prachi requests her to say as this info is necessary for him. Meera asks do you really want to hear and says he is Ranbir Kohli, whose house we had gone to take Khushi. Prachi is shocked.

Door bell ringing. Rhea says it seems Khushi came. She goes to open the door. Vikram tells Dida that he loves Khushi more than Ranbir, as you say that interest is more dear than the principal. Pallavi laughs and asks where I will go. Dida says you are my Lado. Rhea opens the door. Khushi asks Ranbir to lock the door. Vikram and Pallavi ask what happened? Ranbir says orphanage people came to know that Khushi had ran away from there. Vikram says how did you know? Pallavi asks if anyone called you. Dida says did you go there. Ranbir says FIR is lodged as Khushi is missing. Rhea says if there is a slightest chance that they come here, then they will arrest everyone of us for keeping Khushi illegally and then who will save us.

She tells that they shall tell the truth to someone, to whom they thought to tell the truth later. Ranbir asks Khushi to return to orphanage for now and promises that he will not let her locked in the dark room again. Khushi runs and hugs Pallavi, says I don’t want to go anywhere. Ranbir tells that Rhea is saying right. Dida asks Ranbir to call lawyer and get anticipatory bail. Khushi asks them to send her to Parvati’s house and says even she had come to adopt me. Prachi asks Meera if you are sure, that he is Ranbir Kohli.

Meera says just like I rejected your form, I rejected his form too, but he got mad and angry and insisted to take Khushi from there. She says I could understand your anger, but Ranbir Kohli threatened to sue us, and says if you are not eligible to adopt the child then what we could do. She says his Mother took him out and he was shouting while going. She says it is lie of his limit that he said that Khushi is his daughter and he got the DNA test done and can bring it. She tells that if they wanted to give Khushi to single parent then prachi is the perfect choice.

Ranbir asks if Prachi came to adopt you. Khushi says yes, and tells that she works in a big office and says if you are scared that Police will come here then..Ranbir asks what did you say that Parvati. Prachi is walking on the road and thinks Ranbir knew that Khushi is our daughter, but he didn’t tell me and I am feeling guilty. Ranbir tells that she is steps ahead of me, I am feeling guilty that I have hidden this from her. Dida asks him not to think much. He asks if Prachi knows about full or half truth. Rhea says she didn’t tell you, as she was not aware of it, she is my sister and would have told me.

Prachi says Rhea would have told me, but she didn’t tell me. She sits in taxi and goes. The warden asks taxi driver to follow her. Ranbir tells Rhea that Prachi would have discussed with me. Rhea asks when you both have met and says whenever you meet, you couldn’t speak. He says just few seconds are needed to say. Rhea says your relation with Prachi is like before. Ranbir says it is same as before.

Rhea says you change your statement, and asks him not to think Prachi bad, and not to get angry on her. Khushi asks him not to get angry on Parvati. Ranbir says you don’t know how is she? Khushi says I love her and I cried a lot when she left me in the afternoon. Door bell rings. Khushi asks Pallavi and Dida to hide her. Dida asks her to come with her.

She takes Khushi inside. Ranbir says we shall act normal. Pallavi asks Ranbir to act as working. Vikram says I will also act to work. Pallavi asks Rhea to do something in the temple and says she will also work. Ranbir says then who will open the door. Rhea says she will open the door. She opens the door. Prachi walks inside shocking them. Ranbir and Vikram get up from the sofa. He recalls Khushi’s words. Prachi recalls Meera’s words. Dida takes Khushi to the room and locks the door. She says nobody shall know that you are here. Khushi tells that she will hide behind the door. Dida says I will not open the door. Khushi says they will be doubtful seeing the door closed. Dida says they will keep the door open, when they peep inside the room, they will see me and think that she is sleeping. She keeps the door open and they cover themselves with blanket. Khushi asks Dadi to switch off phone’s torch.

Shahana and Dadi are looking for Prachi. The warden calls Meera and tells that she was doubtful and followed Prachi, says she came to Ranbir Kohli’s house. Meera asks if you are sure? The warden asks if they are together and if Khushi is inside the house. She says may be Ranbir kept her here and Prachi got doubtful. She says I am going inside. Meera asks her to wait and says I will come there. She tells Shahana and Dida that Prachi is in Ranbir’s house. Dadi says we will also come.

Prachi tells Ranbir that Khushi is missing. Ranbir says everyone don’t get all the happiness, we shall be happy with what we have. Prachi asks if you are innocent or trying to fool me. Ranbir says you think me wrong and says neither I am innocent nor you are foolish. Prachi says if you was innocent then would have done what is right and wouldn’t have betrayed.


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