This is Fate update Tuesday 12 December 2023

This is Fate 12 December 2023: Rakhi accepts she has made a big mistake by accepting him as her son, Rakhi promise to Rishab that she would never make the same mistake again but he will also promise that they would not be the first one to attack, Rishab promises Rakhi, Dadi exclaims Rakhi has still not been able to remove Arjun from her heart even after what he has done, Rakhi replies she wishes that she would have been able to do it, as Arjun has really wronged their family and Preeta but even then when she sees him she always feels that her Karan is standing in front of her, the entire family is stunned when Rakhi leaves apologizing.

This is fate 11 December 2023

Mahesh asks Rishab that they must leave for the office.The worker explains he has reached but Anjali mam said someone else is about to come, the car stops, and Arjun walks out of it, the person goes to him but before he can introduce himself, Arjun explains Sandeep must do the work for which eh is being paid. Arjun wonders where Rishab is because he should have been on the road, he knows this is the mistake in Rishab as he would be taking precautions,

but had he come half an hour earlier, he would have managed to protect himself from this attack.Rakhi standing in the room thinks how Karan would bring tea for her explaining it tends to remove all the worries, she thinks that Arjun did the same for her. Preeta enters the room with tea for her, she notices Rakhi standing in the corner so asks her to drink as it is her favorite, Rakhi not being able to control herself hugs Preeta, she asks if Rakhi remembers that she is forgetting the promise which she made, Rakhi does not understand when Preeta asks her to remember, she recalls when Karan advised them all to always remember him with a smile on their face.

Preeta also smiles seeing Rakhi smiling, she replies she doesn’t why she feels that Karan is standing in front of her when she sees Arjun as he would also bring tea for her. Preeta mentions that it happens because she loves Karan the most, she therefor wants to see his habits in other people, but she must know that Karan resides in their heart and would remain there till the end of life however Arjun is not like Karan at all. Preeta reveals Arjun is a bad person because he is being personal with them so is fighting, which is wrong,

the image which Rakhi maa had for Arjun is of his acting during the initial days but he is bad and would always remain wrong so Rakhi must take him out of her mind.Rakhi accepts she has made a mistake, but it would take her some time to remove him from her mind as she had made the relation of a mother and son, but she is surely going to forget him, in some time.

Preeta once again hugs Rakhi requesting her to take the time but for now, she must drink the tea.Arjun standing notices Rishab reaching in his car, he thinks the game is about to start in which Rishab would run but would not be able to save himself from the attack of Arjun.Rishab is driving when he receives the call of Rahul who is the manager off their Godown, Rahul immediately asks Rishab to come as soon as possible, Rishab questions what is wrong and why are there so many voices,

Rahul replies the media is following them, but Rishab must come as soon as possible, Rishab gets worried so takes a u turn, Rishab reveals someone is trying to destroy them and it is none other than Arjun.Rishab drives towards the Godown, Arjun seeing it thinks that the game has started, he gets a call from Anjali who assures that all the work has been done and she is going to the office while the news would also be telecasted on the news channels. Anjali driving the car thinks when Priyanka warned her to not get Arjun marry her, as they might fall in love,

she recalls when Arjun also explained he wants to marry her no matter the situation, she stopping the car thinks there is no need to think about it because he was already engaged to her sister and even today his heart belongs to Preeta because he is going to take revenge from the Luthra’s but why does he still have feeling for Preeta and she is not able to bear it. Anjali notices a person walking to him, he reveals he has placed the fake medicine in the Godown and as soon as the work starts then the team would arrive, she sends him away.

Rakhi drinking tea explains it is very nice, Preeta replies she just makes it as Rakhi maa instructs when she replies she was talking about her because ever since she came into her life all the problems have been sorted, Preeta mentions she is very nice because she always loved her like a daughter, Rakhi explains that the mother of a son is worried how the daughter in law would be but she is glad that even her daughter in law is consoling her, Rakhi reveals that she really liked Preeta but for Rishab however she got married to Karan but no one can change the Bhagya,

Shristhi rushes revealing there is something wrong because their Pharma department has been raided and the police might get an arrest warrant against Rishab.Rishab reaches the Godown with Mahesh when Rahul explains that their factory has been raised and the team has also taken a sample for testing, Rishab questions how they can say this when the Luthra family is the owner of this agency and they have never done anything when e of the reporter warns them to be money minded, Rishab asks if Arjun send him, so they get into an argument when Mahesh takes Rishab inside the Godown.

Shristhi asks Preeta who is she calling, she reveals she is trying to reach Mr Malkani as he is the only one who knows the details about their company and he can help them, Preeta mentions she does not want anything wrong to happen, Rakhi mentions they all were right because Arjun is really an evil person and would do anything to ruin them but Preeta needs to handle the situation, she replies they all must believe in her. Preeta gets a call from Mr Malkani so explains that he has realized they cannot be successful if they are not together and he also lost the case after going against them but if he helps them today, she will make sure he is re hired in their company.

Mr Malkani asks what he would have to do, Preeta replies they need to have the prearrest bail for anyone who is arrested from their family. Mr Malkani mentions it would take some time, Preeta informs he can take his time but must try to do it as soon as possible. Preeta decides to go to the Pharma Godown, Rakhi and Shristhi also decide to go with her.

Preeta calls the driver, she is informed he went outside. Preeta agrees to drive however Shristhi explains that Preeta is tensed so she would drive, Rakhi asks them both to argue in the car while she will drive, Shristhi is shocked however Rakhi reveals she is the one who taught Mahesh je. Arjun wonders where they are going and why is Mom driving the car, he exclaims she always tends to become a super woman whenever Rishab is in a problem. Arjun mentions he came here to argue with Preeta, but she has left, he is glad that now she would be humiliated by the entire media, however he must reach there before them, he must see them suffer.

Mahesh informs Sameer they cannot harm the reporters, they exclaim that Sameer Luthra has also started fighting with them, so they are money minded, Rishab returns with Rishab explaining the reporters have not come here for the truth but are here just by the orders of someone because they want to ruin them, Arjun sitting in the car thinks that Mahesh is really smart, and he is actually behind it all. Rishab questions who have given the right to them as they all are just fighting and blaming the Luthra family, the reporter gets a call from Arjun who asks why he is misbehaving with Mr Mahesh Luthra so he should apologize and leave, the reporters turns back to leave.

Preeta along with Rakhi and Shristhi reach the Godown when Mahesh and Rishab ask why have they come here since they should have stayed in the house, the lady reporter explains that now even the women of Luthra family have come to support them, Preeta argues with them questioning why are they acting as the court as they do not have any proof, the police arrive in the jeep explaining they need to arrest Rishab Luthra for harming the lives of innocent people,

Rakhi asks how can they arrest Rishab because they would not have found any proof against the Luthra family in their Pharma Godown, Mahesh also explains he is not going to corporate with them this time as they are ready to come at any moment to create a scene, Mahesh vows to not let them take Arrest Rishab.

Preeta also asks them why they are doing this even when they don’t have any proof against them. Arjun walks out of his car towards the Luthra family when the reporters question if he is the one behind it, Preeta asks if he is glad after doing this, arjun replies that she must be glad as he is not attacking from behind a girl, Mahesh inquires if he is not ashamed to coming before them even after doing anything of the sort, Arjun replies he is glad they all are a part of their family and he would be ready to help them in any situation.

Preeta mentions they can arrest Rishab but only after getting the proof, the inspector replies they have indeed found the proof.Preeta is shocked when Mr Malkani comes with the anticipatory bail papers which he hands to the inspector, Preeta stands in front of Arjun explaining that his plans would not be successful all the time and they managed to prove the truth, Arjun asks does she really think he did it all to cause their Pharma industry to be closed. Preeta questions then why he do it, Arjun leaves explaining he wanted her attention.

Rishab informs Preeta she can talk anyone whom she likes but not this person, Preeta is really tensed explaining that Arjun is surely planning something, and it is dangerous, Rishab assures there is nothing to be worried about as long as they are together, Mahesh explains they all have to go back home when Rishab insists on working however is forced to leave.Mahesh sitting in the Luthra Mansion explains they have still not gotten the news but would surely get it after some time and they all have to bee ready for this shock and suffer the financial loss as their company position would not remain the same.

Anjali is checking the news when Arjun comes asking if the result has occurred when h instructs her to turn on the business news, she shows him the file which contains the names of the companies who would buy the shares of their Pharma company on their behalf, Arjun leaves angry without saying anything to her.Mahesh mentions they need to be ready for a severe financial loss, Rishab asks why he is talking like this when they all are really tensed, Sameer turning off the television explains they must work and would surely reach the same position once again, Rishab replies they must not sit here and make speech but must work.

Anjali explains to Dadi that the world doesn’t know Arjun and he is the same Arjun s the one in Mahabharat and his aim would surely be completed, and he will finish the war, Dadi asks who has started this war with the Luthra’s when Anjali mentions that they had started it when he is going to end it.The Luthra’s are checking the news while Rishab is busy working, they explain that the Pharma industry of Luthra has suffered a major shock and their share price is going down very fast, Sameer gets a call when he explains the good news is that a lot of different companies have bought their shares due to which they still have the majority.

Arjun reaches the Luthra Mansion when Anjali calls him explaining that the companies have bought the shares of their Pharma industry, Arjun asks how much shares do they have, she replies they control seventeen percent while the proxy company has bought thirty four percent, Arjun is delighted so asks her to transfer the entire shares to their company name, he is glad to take over explaining would have no idea he is the new owner.Rishab in the house explains there is nothing to worry about as Arjun tried his best but was not able to do anything and they still are the owner of the company while he just has seventeen percent, Arjuns standing at the door who said that he lost as they are neither safe nor the owner of that Pharma company, Arjun mentions he controls fifty one percent and is now the owner of that company, the entire family is shocked. Arjun reveals he has bought all the shares from those companies, so he wanted to share the good news as soon as possible, he also came to explain that one day has passed from his limit. Preeta asks if his bullshit has needed so he must get out, Arjun requests her to not talk like this with him as then he wants to make this family his own even more.

Arjun calls the employee instructing her to take photos of the house as they must change the interior, they all are shocked. She tries taking photos, but Shristhi stops her asking what is she doing, she says that she must leave from the same door. Rishab asks if he has the papers, but he came without anything, Rishab explains even if he controls fifty one percent even then it doesn’t give home the right to enter his premise, as it would not mean anything even if they lose one of their companies. Arjun replies this is what he came here to see, the fear in eyes of Rishab. Arjun leaves with the interior decorator while Preeta is tensed.

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